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What You Cooking For Dinner Tonight?

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    My sister works for a bulk frozen food Company and regularly gives me frozen 10cm blocks of fish, I never know what to do with them so went hunting for a “fish hotpot”. Its old and in pounds so you will have to convert.



    1 lb of white fish cut in 1 inch chunks, tossed in seasond flower.

    1 1/2 lbs boiled potatoes cut into thin slices.

    1 tbsn lemon juice,

    4 oz sliced mushroom.

    1 onion finely chopped

    1/4 pint of of white sauce- I am using Parsley White Sce mix pkt.

    4 oz grated cheese,

    chopped parslely or chives for decoration.

    Layer sliced potatoes, then fish sprinkled with lemon,then mushrooms, onions and seasoning. Sprinkly 1/2 the cheese on top, then rest of potatoes fowwed by rest of cheese.

    Bake uncovered for 40 mins,about 180 degrees. Sprinkle with chopped parsley just before serving. Serves 4.


    Cant see it taking that long as potatoes are cooked. Picked some snow peas, bok choy, baby carrots and broccolini to have with it.

    Anyway thats what we are going to have.



    We are having our very first, homegrown, paddock reared, rarebreed, Large Black pig roast :metal::metal::metal:


    *xxxx*ing halleluyah Tully!!


    I know! :p

    We were short one .22. We were very tempted to kill one with the nail gun when Shamus and Barry were here :jawdrop:


    I’m afraid mine is a bought precooked chook from the local IGA. I hope to improve on this once the Bakers Oven is in place and the stuff finally gets off the docks in Melbourne and up to my place. I have a few boxes specially marked so I know where my cookware is!!


    Chicken and parsley meatballs in a creamy celery sauce, rice and some roasted turnip,parsnip, carrot and pumpkin.


    hey that cool love to it fish!!

    but havent tried any in sydney !!

    can i join you:tongue: just kidding


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    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Dh is cooking chicken -free range breasts. I am going out!


    i have made a batter, peter is going to put some corn meat and bacon in it and make fritters. Let me know if anyone wants the batter recipe. I love recipes.


    I have had a casserole cooked on the top of the Bakers Oven today. Beef with veges in a thick sauce – served with buttery mash.


    Home made gnocchi with a Leggos stir through sauce.

    I make gnocchi once a week and it is Gus and Damian’s fav meal.

    So easy to make and so cheap as well!!


    cfswombat, I made drop scones the other day and was told by a bushy daughter of a drover to leave out the sugar and dip corned meat in it and fry it, meant to be awesome. Corned meat is a staple out here ;)What’s your recipe???

    We’re having lamb steaks, homegrown spud wedges and beans. :metal:


    Lamb shanks

    4 shanks brown with a bit of oil while cooking dice 1 onion 1 sweed turnit 2 carrots 2 potatoes and 3 rashes bacon

    then put them in with the shanks aand cook the lot till onions become opake[spelling ]

    Then add 2 large spoons tomato paste 3\4 cup worcester sauce 3/4 cup of red wine

    Place in caserroll cover with foil and cook for 1,3/4 hrs at 200; uncover for a further 1/2 hr and serv on mash


    Another favourite

    chops in sauces 3 bbq lamb chops flowered and put in caserroll mix i cup of tomato sauce with1/8 cup of wostershire 1/8 cup soy 1 cup water1 onion diced put all in casserroll and stir a little lift chops to get mix under cover and cook 190 for 1 hr uncover for a firther 30 min meanwhile cook spirel paster and drain then serv chops on mash stir paster in sauce and then put over the dish

    real good tucker


    Just treated ourselves to a bit of asian BBQ pork and had pork in green-onion (rice flour) pancakes.

    The pancakes were just a basic crepe mix with lots of sliced shallots added (and using glutenous rice flour due to allergies). We put the roast pork, mint, parsley, steamed chinese cabbage, kale, pak choy, mushrooms and snowpeas, grated carrot and beetroot mix and some kecap manis on the pancakes and wrapped them up. Yummy


    Love fresh veges from garden for this, makes a huge difference

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 186 total)
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