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What to do with stevia?

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    I grew some stevia this year.  I grew it in pots as I did not know
    where to plant it.  It did well and died down and is now growing back as
    I have it is a nice sunny spot.  Anyway, I was wondering what people do
    with it? 

    I tried to put some in my tea and could not taste any
    sweetness.  Trying to crush the leaves a bit with a spoon did not make a
    lot of difference.  Another day I tried to pour boiling water over a
    leaf and then make tea as normal and it was terribly bitter.

    sometimes munch the leaves and my kids seem to like this, but other than
    an occasional nibble am at a loss as to what to do with it?  I would
    love to hear what other people do with stevia.


    Hi Mukluk,   Have you tried drying the leaves and then crushing them into a powder.



    I tried putting leaves in vodca but not a great deal of success


    I have dried the leaves and crushed them but then have tiny pieces of dry leaf in my tea and can not taste any sweetness.  Surely it is easier to use than this and I am doing something wrong.


    I dont know?……If you chew them they are sweet, you put them in tea and they don’t seem as sweet????
    Commercially they do seem to put them through alcohol to extract the sweetness then dehydrate the alcohol.
    My attempt with Vodka was to make a sweet syrup to use in baking or deserts…I add alcohol to most baked things and even custards and ice-creams and creams so it was no biggy but the results didn’t excite me so I gave up…My plant died a few years back and I haven’t bothered replacing it…I would if someon had a clue on how to use it properly though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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