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What to do with a water tank that has a collapsed top?

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    The top of my poly water tank has collapsed. My first thought was to buy a new one. But what to do with the old one? It is a 2000 gallon one. The firm I bought it from is no more. I have asked another firm if they could repair it and they don’t.If I could sell it for a swimming pool or a large pond but you would need a crane to move it. My latest thought is to leave it and cover the top with shade cloth, even putting in some small fish in case mosquito’s get in! It is only used for the garden, I have another tank for the house. Any other suggestions?


    Maybe its possible to place a couple of pieces of 50mm angle iron across the top and pull it back up with some bolts (thread bar) and large washers




    Is it possible to get inside and prop the top up with piece of storm water pipe cut to the right length, we have a few aquaplated zinc tanks and that is how the tops are supported, the pipe is forced in placed in the middle of the tank.


    I agree with Lavman’s idea if at all possible. Do you use it for drinking water or for the garden? we have 4 old gal tanks that are covered with shade cloth and haven’t had a mossie problem however they are only used for the garden.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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