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What to do with a seasonal water gully?

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    I currently moved into 1/2 acre at Ipswich and we are currently working out our plans to make it a productive garden. (I can’t believe there isn’t a single fruiting tree on the property!).

    Anyway about 2/3 of the way down the property (it is a long narrow block) there is a gully that seems to make it’s way down to a large storm water drain 2 doors down the street. (I have attached a picture)

    The part in the photo seems to catch and hold the water it spans most of the width of the property bar about 2-3 metres. It is stagnant when it isn’t raining, but we have seem a number of birds using the water inc Herons.

    One of my first steps for the property is rain water harvesting and I am trying to figure out the best way to utilise this gully to do just that. Any advise would be great.

    Judi B

    What did you want to do with the water? if it was for gardens and watering trees first I’d check to see if it was clear of pesticides and pollutants, then check salinity don’t think just because you see birds using it means it is fresh and gambusia/mossie fish can survive in brackish water.

    If it holds water you could dig it out a bit more and have it as a waterhole in the gully, which is what we did years ago.


    :cheer: Thanks Judi B

    Yes I am thinking of mainly using it for trees and plants – I will check out the freshness for sure. I am thinking of diverting some water from a drain half way up the property to it and also building a Swale on the slope behind it.


    We had something very similar on our property when we bought it. DH has a friend who has a huge excavator and we now have a dam. A storm water drain fills the dam when it rains and it is also fed by a seasonal creek. We had no rain and there was always water in the gully, when we dug the dam we had 6 foot of water in it from an underground spring before it even rained. If you have water in the gully with no rain then look for an underground spring if you do any excavations, if you notice water seeping through the ground stick a pipe in and watch it fill up :laugh: . Best find ever at our place!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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