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what to do with a naked bunny …

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    Anybody have any good wild bunny recipes? Something simple and delish? :tup:


    Hi GL, my ex DH cut up and crumbed a bunny, I cant quite remember how he actually cooked it, would have been probably deep fried, the boys who where small at the time thought it was delish, I think they were told it was kfc chicken. 😆 I am sure you will get some good replies with your title, no doubt someone will tell you to dress it. 😉

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    Thanks busylizzie … yes, I can see how crumbed and fried might be a very tasty way to do it. I would not have thought of that!


    Look up a recipe for Hungarian Goulash – that’s what our neighbours cooked it in – YUM!


    If it’s young it will fry well but a bit iffy if it is mature.

    We love to fricassee rabbit. Veg and white sauce cooked slow. Delicious!

    If you want to bake it, cover it with strips of bacon which stop it from drying out.



    Little bit of bacon, mushroom, an onion and jointed bunny fried in butter together until a little browned. Add a tablespoon of flour and cook for a minute or so. Add a glug of red wine, and a glug of white wine, a tiny dash of balsamic vinegar and water to just cover then simmer gently until tender (an hour or so) and the meat is falling off the bones. Serve with rice and home-grown green beans.

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    mmm, thank you. Some nice suggestions there. I couldn’t help noticing from some of the recipes I found on-line that bunny seems to be tres compatible with alcohol – found recipes that variously included red wine, white wine, cider, beer, pernot … who woulda thunk it???


    I like very young wild bunny. Barely more than a kitten. Then it’s quickly pan-fried with some onion, garlic, butter and white wine. The meat will be pure white and tender.

    Older rabbit (near full grown but still young) I will slow cook. Cut rabbit into the legs, saddle and forequarters. Brown the joints in some oil and toss in the slow cooker with a glass of white wine, a tin of apricots sans liquid, a few dried apricots or prunes and a teaspoon of chicken stock powder. Cook until the meat falls off the bones.

    I find really old rabbit, particularly old males completely tough and inedible. The dog and the cat usually get them. They seem to thoroughly enjoy a skinned rabbit. The cat would even jump up onto the ute and try to steal one!


    and here’s silly me, thinking you have a little pet with the fur falling out! 😆 but my first instinct to the question, “what to do with a naked bunny/” was…. 😀 Eat IT! 😆 Can’t however give you a recipe, as I have never cooked or eaten one? 😀

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    Thank you Nex, Shadowdancer and Robyne! I cooked my bunny but I have to say he was very tough. I think I needed to slow cook it for longer, or maybe it was an old tough bunny I got Nex. I want to persevere though, so all these recipes and links will be useful – thanks so much.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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