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    Hiya Bullseye :wave:

    We had a great day.. and Blosson was just delightful 🙂

    Herb robert is amazing according to the experts. I have been eating a leaf most days for quite sometime now and I haven’t caught any nasties that have been going around for many years. Now this could also be contributed to a lot of things that I do of course.. but here are a few links for you to peruse … 🙂


    Humbug, sounds like a very interesting herb, it certainly is good for alot of things if what they say is correct.


    Hey humbug :wave: great to hear someone using this herb- I discovered recently that I have LOADS here, grows like a pretty weed.

    I had no idea what it was til I did some research… but I have been a bit scared of using it (just because its not a ‘mainstream’ type of herb I suppose) So hey, cheers! Now I (kind of) know someone who eats it and is still alive !! :laugh: So there’s another objective for you- spreading the word!

    My objective for today- we FINALLY bought 3 apple trees – YAY! :woohoo: We’ve wanted them for years but only recently bought another home after a couple of years not knowing where we were going… so yay! We’re here, we’re staying, we’re planting an orchard!!! :tup:

    Got loads of other fruits too, but the apple were the biggies. Means we are staying put. :tup:


    Hey Humbug, herb rob looks a useful plant to have around. It’s a temperate species, I wonder how it would go in the subtropics.


    Hi Mountainmum, happy to have been a guinea pig for you .. and one that is still living too. I trust the words of Isabella Shippard. It was after reading her words that I began eating it :tup:

    Bullseye, it would have to be planted in shade I would think.. or at least in an area where it gets mottled morning sun 🙂


    Ive made banana bread


    I took the chance to use my old videos (which I should be burning onto disc.. )to show my 13 and 10 year old how their big brothers were when they were 4 and 6… They are now 23 and almost 21…. I have to tell you it has been a lovely afternoon, with lots of laughs, and lots of reminiscing… ( a few tears on the side for Mum)… I have great kids…. :tup:


    Had a very productive day. Made a fruit cake,baked Naan bread,

    showed some one spinning,felting and explained a few things about fibre for spinning.

    picked the first flowers from our garden for a small vase.Joy.

    very pleased with my day.


    Planted out some seedlings, got more chook food for out hungry girls and continued on my “no spending money on tosh for self” campaign which currently stands at $2 for just over a week (a hot chip craving got the better of me.


    Baked some onion bread.

    Put in some snowpea seeds, tended my happy little pak choi sprouts, planted some spinach seeds as well.


    We all have the flu and I spent half the day flat on my back, so watering the cuttings in the pots on the deck was the most I did today. I bought some herb robert seeds recently, think I’ll wander out and stick them in some dirt tomorrow if I feel better. Could probably do with some right now!

    veggie boy

    Raining in South East Queensland so will not be able to dig some gardens this weekend as I’d hoped – but I’m not complaining (happy for the rain).

    A couple of weeks back we got a walk in pantry built to backing onto our tiny kitchen, so I’ve been able to drag out all the gear that’s been stuffed away in cupboards. Came across my pasta roller so decided I’d make some fresh pasta to use in dinner tonight. So far have only kneaded the dough – which is now resting before I roll and cut it. Haven’t made fresh pasta for about 10 years I reckon, and had forgot what good exercise the kneading is – much harder than pizza of course because of the dryness of the dough.


    Well.. it’s a lovely, sunny day here in ACT .. but.. I just did a spot of house-cleaning. (using the home-made citrus cleaner!) :tup:

    I’ve put off cataloguing all my seeds .. so I will endeavour to accomplish that task today. :whistle:



    I’ve been out watering seed trays in the glass house and plastic bag hot houses. Lots of seeds up, yippee, I will get my watermelon and cantaloupe seedlings in the ground early this year.

    Also taking great care of our two quince trees, which have been poorly and neglected for the past longggggggggggggggg while. They are looking fresh and much healthier now which gives me hope.

    Have been regulalrly watering the land cress I planted the other day in hopes they grow fast, they are so pretty when they clump up. I have a bad habit of planting and forgetting and a lot of plants don’t forgive that kind of neglect.

    Have also picked and eaten my,now, regular 3 leaves of herb robert. I do believe I feel better from chomping my way through this herb. And if you believe even half of what is written about it I will stay hale and hearty for a goodly number of years to come.

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    ‘Scooped some poop’ (calf manure) and dumped it on the ‘giant pumpkin’ patch.

    Pulled some weeds out of the veg garden.

    Collected 2 eggs.

    And made some marinated capsicum:

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