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    Got my prep class planting Cape Leuwin Wattle seeds, for them to plant at home when the time comes.

    Collected my eggs,

    Got my tools and seasol ready for a weekend of gardening (weather permitting)



    Watered vegie bed. Warm winds blowing here for the last two days. Every thing drying out. Farmers crops going backwards. Only one tank left with two foot of water in it. Need rain soon. Some forecast for the weekend. Dug a hole and put up another post for the new shed we are building.


    washing on the line

    made marmalade,chutney and pickles

    made gift bag

    got books from the librarby

    sue esue e

    fed the chooks/ ducks, collected the eggs. watered the veges with tank water (using a watering can)Made bread.hubby planted onions. planted some tomato plants for my mum at her retirement village.Went to the library( does that count? for me it’s one of life’s greatest simple pleasures)We both had a little wander around our little urban farm that we are trying to create and decided that there was no better a place to have the morning cuppa. Life’s ripper in the slow lane! 🙂


    Only one tank left with two foot of water in it. Need rain soon. Some forecast for the weekendquote]

    i hear ya on this,desperately waiting on rain to fill the tanks


    I fed the chicken some cabbage I grew, fed some diakon greens that I also grew to my rabbits. Collected the eggs and made some laundry soap bars.


    Reading all of these has made me realise I did a lot more ‘simple living’ than I thought! I had just put made manderine sorbet from my own mandies but i also used rain water in the washing machine, shower water in the garden, dried clothes on the line, collected eggs and sorted out the worm farm.

    But there’s also a whole lot of things I DIDN’T do! I didn’t use a drier, I didn’t use chemical cleaners, I didn’t buy unnecessary cr*p.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    I’m impressed at all the things you’ve been doing. Well done, everybody!

    I made more cheese today, so I’ve now got 3 blue, 1 caerphilly, some ricotta and the startings of a german cheese that starts with ‘z’ that I can’t pronounce but it’s like a pressed ricotta soaked in red wine for 4 days. Got to be happy with that.

    Sent a gift of some ricotta to a neighbour who dropped in for a quick visit and stayed on to help my beloved with some concreting.

    Dessert tonight was home made yoghurt with some apricot liqueur sauce (also home made).

    sue esue e

    love the sound of that ricotta. 2 of my favourite things all in 1 neat package. yum


    I love this thread! :tup: Today I collected eggs and macadamia nuts ,harvested some avocados, swept up four days’ worth of fallen loquat leaves,which is a lot, swept up some smaller leaves and added to the compost,harvested bok choi and snow peas for stirfry, fed weeds to the chooks,watered the no-dig area which is sprouting self seeded nasturtiums and parsley ,admired the first ever blossom on my little China flat peach tree,and wrote down the recipe for laundry detergent…….so guess what I ‘ll be doing tomorrow. 🙂


    One of my boys has decided that home-made ice cream is the best, and has been making a double batch of custard for me each week. Tonight I made up THE BEST strawberry ice-cream anyone has ever tasted! I’ve been buying Jersey double cream that comes from the Adelaide Hills (local) and it is truly the most amazing, smooth, creamy delight! The milk is organic that my boys don’t like because of the cream on the top, but is lovely for the ice cream. I’ve been buying it up when it’s close to the use by date and reduced in price at the stupidmarket then freezing it for times like this. Flavoured with strawberry syrup that I made myself last summer — YUM!


    ohh the ice cream sounds so delish

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Whilst I am waiting for my wonderful milkmans jerseys to get back on the job, I have had to buy my milk.. so I decided to chop up the 2 litre plastic containers to use as name tags for my seedlings :tup:


    On those mornings I’m getting out of bed at home and not work, I’ve been catching the cold tap water before it turns hot in a bucket then putting it on the pot plants or in the wash machine if it’s on.

    Or it goes to the dogs drink water.

    I bring lots of food scraps home from work for the animals so not going to landfill.

    Eating my own fresh mandarines and eggs.

    Making ice-cream with the G/son this weekend and hopefully hand soap.

    Bought a heap of straw from a farmer cheap due to mice damage $2 a bale.


    last night’s dinner and today’s lunch was 100% home grown (except for the salt)

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