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    Hi – I’ve been lurking so far but have decided to join up and post.

    Today I made citrus cleaner and brought some soap nuts for the laundry. The biggest change I’ve probably made so far is cloth pads. We’ve also started a compost (which hasn’t gotten any more advanced than ‘throw the scraps in the tub when you remember’). At the moment we are in a suburban rental but we eventually want acreage. one of the houses we were looking at didn’t have rubbish collection, so that’s what started me thinking about living simply and wasting less.

    my husband has a few allergies, so we have to be careful with things that are chemically scented such as soaps, detergents and shampoo.

    ummm…anyway…. hi


    Today I made soap from the beef tallow left over from making stock, waxed a hand-painted table with my own home-made furniture wax (I also made the chalk paint) and tonight I’m brewing up some more beef stock and making my own herbal capsules. :tup:

    So much fun living simply

    Welcome Asilleong! Have you ever tried using a diva cup/moon cup? I’ve been using them for ten years and never need pads.


    Compared to others I think I did very little but here it goes… I cooked in my recently installed wood stove, kicked the chooks out of the vegie garden and put them back out to free range. I shovelled chook poo from the chook sheds and spread it on one of the garden beds to age a bit before I dig it in. I put in star droppers along vegie garden bed and cut up poly pipe than I got at a garage/clearing sale, into pieces to use as supports fixed to the star droppers which will have plastic sheeting covering it to protect new seedlings from frost and warm them up a bit. Ummm… yep, that’s it, unless you want to include having a roll around on the lounge room floor with the dog 🙂


    Ravyk post=325768 wrote: Haven’t actually done anything yet today,

    Doesn’t get much simpler than that. :tup: I think there is a lot to be said for some idleness in your life. Time to sit, think, enjoy and especially for us introverts, recharge away from the noise and chaos.


    Not much, making myself get back in the habit of eating something I’ve grown everyday even if it is just herbs this time of year. I’d fallen off the wagon a bit with that after my surgery. Trimmed up the branches I cut back off an overgrown shrub for short stakes and the twiggy stuff is mulch for the garden. Finished tiding up the fruit trees.


    I find them a little uncomfortable, but have one for sport etc. Didn’t like using tampons before so I’m not surprised.


    I picked up all the rocks in and mowed the caper patch. Dug over one garden bed ready to plant potatoes tomorrow. Sorted out the paint to paint the bee boxes. checked the garden and found rockett mizuna and turnips popping up where they were supposed to, sowed them 10 days ago. Oh and the radishes. brought wood up to the house from the wood heap. Such nice days here it feels like spring. Off to work now to pay the mortgage :(.


    I cleaned out my chicken coop and erected a temporary internal wall to help keep light away from my rooster box…he’s crowing too early again.


    I planted my garlic,better late than never. And a celery bottom.

    Then raked a lot of leaves on to my next veggoe patch, and ordered sleepers to go around the edge. I have been putting horse poo and chook poo in there for ages, loads of mulch etc. So will have about another 6-7 square meters of veggie space. 🙂


    I attempted to pull up lots and lots of soursob without pulling up all the young carrots that were trying to grow amongst them :pinch: :shrug:

    I also had a nice snooze with a cat in my arms and gave a big bunch of parsley to my neighbour.


    My wife and I are currently caring for two baby Tassie Pademelons ( Wallabies)..we love our native wildlife and do all we can for them..I think thats our simple living objective for the day..


    Actually posting again – I’ve got to stop lurking and post more!

    Fed the vegie garden, did masses of weeding around the lemon tree and cleared the majority of the capsicum patch in the garden proper. Figured out where to put my potato pile this year, and found some star droppers and old chicken wire hanging around the property to use to enclose it, as well as some pea straw to start it up. I have a packet of seed potatoes from Diggers already, just need to set things up 🙂

    Last night I made an apple cake that was mostly apple with a little flour and sugar and cinnamon and an egg. It was tasty!


    A lovely friend dropped off some organic produce so I made some passata, sweet chilli dipping sauce, Lemon butter, passionfruit butter, lemonade, mandarinade, a lovely fresh leaf salad, antipasto and a passionfruit slice…..oh and some ice-cream and a soda bread…bless my thermomix …..


    Had an early start, this morning. cleaned out the chook pen, dug in the scraps left over from yesterday in their pen. Will be moving them to a new area and will use their old pen for more veges.

    Son will be coming around so he can start the mower for me and I can cut the grass,

    watered the granddaughters veggie patch and realized the growth we all thought was garlic is a Jon quill that has come up in her little area. She planted heaps of garlic bulbs that went to seed they have started to grow. Her basil in a pot is doing well.

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