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    Lady BeeLady Bee

    We used to have a thread similar to this some time ago. I thought it was time we started it off again.

    So, the topic is “what simple living objective did you fulfil today?”

    I made cheese (a blue)’

    What did YOU do?

    veggie boyveggie boy

    I flew from Brisbane to Townsville just for the day, increasing my carbon footprint by god knows how much. On the upside I made some use of the trip to pick up some West Indian Arrowroot and a couple of other things from a fellow Permie 😆


    It was yesterday,and yes there was some carbon involved….. 🙁 but I watched migrating whales and just enjoyed their close up presence.For me part of “simple living” is taking time to acknowledge the wonders of the natural world, and to do my bit to help conserve them, even if only by small things like purchasing a “Save the whales” bracelet.And today I returned home to eight eggs in the chook house and I cooked a simple meal.


    I made the yummiest manderine sorbet from manderines from my own tree!


    i made 4 batches of soap on the weekend, equiv to approx 4yrs worth lol

    is that simple living 🙂


    Cooked a quiche for tea and am line drying my washing… Not much else really!!


    I got a quote for more solar panels this morning. Cooked popcorn from scratch for the kids lunchboxes – I hate all the plastic packets that kids ‘snacks’ come in these days.


    I dont know if this qualifies for this topic but I pureed up some rotten pears and fed the worms and the dogs had a lick too.


    Bel post=319197 wrote: – I hate all the plastic packets that kids ‘snacks’ come in these days.

    Went on school excursion yesterday, cooked honey joys for snack, couldnt believe the crap that kids have in their lunch boxes, all these little packets of plastic :jawdrop:

    Finished off making my bee box base for my new bees that are coming in Spring :tup:


    Rode my bike to work so far everyday this week.

    Used a handy recycled glass (salsa) jar to take some homemade yogurt to said work.

    Over the weekend we dropped off a bunch of things to Savers and then proceeded to buy some nice 2nd hand shirts for my husband.

    Last week, I finished making a couple cloth napkins from scrap fabric.

    Feels good 🙂


    Made Bread :wave:


    Some one donated a butterfly mobile to the op shop today while I was working. It was so badly tangled it was beyond rescuing. So I cut the butterflies off and made a new mobile using ribbon and 2 old knitting needles. Turned out great and one less thing in landfill :tup:


    Planted seeds for the spring. Sorted a few seeds for the prep kids at school. Hung the washing on the line Yeah for better weather I don’t have it draped around the house.


    Not much today. Picked green peas and snowpeas from the vine this morning. Made tea without a teabag (I use one of those metal tong thingies so no paper wastage and it’s cheaper).


    I worked in my compost station. Topping up one compartment so it can now sit and mature. And starting the second one. Used saved water from the shower and sink to put on the tomato and silverbeet plants, along with the potted lemon tree, and 1 sole pineapple plant.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 164 total)
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