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What should I do with the rest of my life?(long post)

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    Ali, did you know that if your study is related to your job then it becomes a tax deduction? So if you wanted to further your studies in natural medicine, a job at a health food shop or even a receptionist job at a chiropractor (for example) would help defray some of the costs of study.


    GAWD! I STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I am 40!

    I know I like the pigs, but what I am currently doing means I have to spend time in a butcher shop, make stuff like snags and deal with people/customers at the markets :rip: You do get the odd nice one :wave: Margo!

    So my ideal job of looking after pigs and raising them and eating great pork ALSO means all the other stuff that I have to do :shrug: I dunno mate, but I can only suggest start with something you love doing and see where it takes you. I started life as an Ecologist; who knew I would become a pig farmer/butcher/chef 😆 and still not really know where I am headed :shrug:


    Grow up? I didn’t know we had to grow up! Was that in the contract… I didn’t plan on growing up :confused:


    Now that it’s MY money, its’ not so bad (oK, I can hear you all – yes, I know that really ANY money earned in a relationship is supposed to be OUR money – I think I have hang-ups about that kinda stuff tho…)

    i know im the same and his money becomes my money too lol :shy:


    osakasuz makes a good point re: study being related to job! While I was at uni studying Industrial Design, I used to work in a factory doing a little design work (but mostly fabrication & manufacturing 😉 ) & that connection helped fund a lot of uni study purchases & stuff like that. Would definitely check that aspect out.

    Growing up? Awwww.. but I don’t wanna!!


    Ok so I’m not quite 30 (29 in July!), but my baby is 2 tomorrow and I was nodding the WHOLE way through everything you guys have all just written!

    Ali I can’t offer any advice cos I feel I’m in the same boat (well, DH is fulltime at work but the girls need a fulltime carer due to their allergies/medical issues so that’s me) and whitle I LOVE being with them, I do feel that need to nurture more of me too….

    Thanks for putting it out there Ali 😀


    baringapark wrote:

    deal with people/customers at the markets :rip: You do get the odd nice one :wave: Margo!



    Ali-Celt wrote:

    “I have a BA with a major in psychology and a minor in professional writing.

    I have a Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine.”

    Blimey!!!!!!! I’m impressed. Like most of the comments here I’ve had similar struggles. I just recently found a book in one of my book boxes called “I could be anything I want if only I knew what it was” – it’s a bit american, but actually quite good. Want to borrow it? Might give you some frames of reference to thnk about what you would like to do


    I can totally relate to your predicament. I’m trying very hard to carve out something in the field of peak oil/community action, but it’s bl**dy hard. I left work almost 2 years ago now – was only supposed to be for 3 months, but even now I still haven’t got that job.

    I don’t know what advice to offer, except that I hope you find what you’re looking for (and then when you have, let us all know how you did it) :hug:

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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