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What Pipe to use?

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    Having spent considerable time constructing and planting Mums vegie garden I wonder about the use of plastic pipes and tanks compared to copper & steel pipes, tanks & roofs. A lot of water passes over and through roofs, gutters, tanks & pipes and contaminents such as plasticisers & other chemicals used to make plastic and various metals such as copper, lead, and alumimium can / do enter the water. What is worse artificial chemicals that the body has no natural ‘design’ for or metals which are a natural part of the earth and therefore a more ‘natural’ contaminent for the bodies elimination system to cope with? Various plasticisers have been linked to hormone disruption and various metals have been linked to kidney damage, learning difficulties and even mental illness. Add to this the heating effect of the sun and I guess that the contaminent release would be worse especially from plastic. Buggered if I know but in my attempt to assist the growing of more veg am I creating other problems not mentioned in the terrific move to home growing & self sufficiency. Cheers Porgey


    I think (and this is just MHO 🙂 ) if we think too much about everything you will find something wrong with everything or “bad”.

    Do what you feel is best and dont think too much about it cos then panic sets in and soon all the joy will go out of what your trying to do.

    Sorry no help on the issue as i have metal down pipes and plumbing pipes to my tanks :shrug: I dunno what would be good for the garden but best of luck with it :tup:


    Depend on the rain? Use a wooden bucket?

    Your water for irrigation will have to pass through a pipe of one kind or another, no choice there unless you fancy a bit of bamboo whittling.

    If you drain the pipes after each watering, that means the water will be in contact with whatever material you use for the absolute minimum of time, only during active watering.

    What do you do for house water?


    You are quite right GM4L about not thinking to much about it. There is no doubt home grown organic vegies are better for us and will help our systems manage with any toxins. I have read, I think in one of Lyns answers, that good healthy organic soil assists with the prevention of uptake of heavy metals so again healthy organic soil is the go. Home your garden is going well, cheers porgey.


    Oh I had never thought about my pipes:confused: Now I will find myself thinking about them along with my other worries, oh dear:lol:


    If you are worried about toxins in the body, get yourself some Chlorella. Magic stuff. I’m sure i have written about this on here before, or you could try googling. Use in tablet or powder form and only take half the prescribed dose.

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