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    hope your birdie is ok Judi

    yep it is scary cos one wrong move feeding them and:rip::rip:

    hope he continues to get better:hug:


    The Op shop swap thread made me smile tonight!!!:lol:


    Seeing my very good friend today. That made me smile.


    lol……and the beautiful kangaroo we seed out the window!!!!! 😆


    That kangaroo was gorgeous.


    This lot made me smile today:)

    Mumma duck has been sitting around the back of the hay bales and when i checked her this morning there were all these fluffy little heads sticking out under her:clap:

    Had to catch mum and bubs and put her in her own shed as the shed where the hay is , is also the roosting spot of 5 to 7 chicken hawks each evening……..she told me what she thought of that in no uncertain terms…………………..i have now changed my shirt:lol:


    cuties! :hug:


    Remebering the stern talking to that master 6 gave me yesterday when i had a ‘bad parent’ moment and was 10 mins late picking him up from his first day of after school activities…

    “Mum, where were you? I was very worried about you, I thought something DREADFUL had happened!”

    LOL he sounds like MY mother, not my little boy!

    Judi B

    I noticed a young magpie flying carrying a brown paper bag in his foot I watched and he pecked at it then walked a little bit away from it then he slowly circled a tree all the time hiding from the bag then he pounced rolled onto his back with the bag in his feet then a bit of wind came and made the bag move well the magpie got a fright that the bag fought back:lol: magpie 0 paper bag 1 :lol::lol::lol:


    It made me smile to watch ACA, having been told the filming we did at my place about ALS would air tonight… ….. and it didn’t instead a story about High heels was aired and how women will do anything for them and that even surgery is an option… With some random interviews with ladies with over 100 pairs…,,, Hmmmm sold my morals and it has bitten me… Feature story tmw night.. ichthyophobia…. Obvioulsy saving a buck, growing your own etc etc just isn’t important.


    I smiled today cos of three things:

    Saw a adorable family of 5 ducklings and their protective parents (Pacific Black I think) just up the road…

    Watching my chooks fighting each other over me (in their own world I am the vehicle that brings them food!) – with the Reddy right at the front of the gate…

    Chuckling at my kids – my dd ate up all the yummy vegetarian lasagne I made tonite (way too fiddly for me I think) and my ds aged 4 scowled and saying he hate the dinner, and that he prefers the one from the shop! 😆 Sorry buster – you’re gonna get lots of homemade dinners from now on… 😉

    Cheers! :hug:


    RTB’s post on this thread:rol::rol:

    (We had something attack one of our females today – the dogs went berserk about it, she is having trouble walking now:uhoh:)

    My little DS called out to me today at playgroup to get me to look at him doing something different:hug: – he usually doesn’t speak when we are out he saves it for home and when he is alone – but he called a clear ‘Mum’ and other mums heard it and were nearly as thrilled as me:D:D


    Thanks floks, :clap::clap: :hug::hug: I’m having a ‘sooky la la’ day and reading your stories has made me laugh and smile. Narelle that was so special :hug::hug:



    darls, your avatar is great.:lol:

    This thread makes me smile.:)


    That’s lovely Ringarosy, congratulations.


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