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    My conversation with 2yr old DS. He’d just come back from the park and was telling me about it:





    blelelelel (that noise when you wiggle your tongue from one side to the other of your mouth)


    He meant:

    Daddy took me to the Park.

    We dug alot in the sand,

    and then we saw a lizard that went down a hole!

    Later in the day I told him to go and put shoes on before he comes in the garden. I wasn’t specific enough… He came out in one of my slippers and one of DH’s boots. Oh, and he was nude.

    I really need to be more specific!:lol:


    :lol::lol::lol: :clap::clap::clap: at Suzi’s 2 year old.


    This thread always makes me smile. Tonight the sight of my pillow made me smile.. Goodnight.. :hug:


    :lol::lol::lol::rol: suzi’s little one! :rol::lol::lol::lol:


    I am not smiling I am laughing at Suezips liitlee I wish you had taken a pic Sue:hug:


    suzips – that sounds just like my little fellow (2 yesterday)

    He is right now standing like a stunned mullet watching a small plan flying (we don’t see them much so he is in awe):lol:

    edited to say that he is wearing only a singlet.

    oops he fell over running and I have now ‘fixed’ him up and he is now NAKED

    wonder how much that pilot takes notice of cos he’s coming quite close;)


    enjoy your little boys. son #1 (just turned 41 last week) was like that. funny how they can get all their clothing off except the singlet. hope you keep lots of photos. we spent nearly 3 weekend trying to get the old beta video (still have camera which works too) going again onto the tv. all those memories. some way (us luddities) would like to copy them onto dvd. (question if we got a video vhs with a dvd in it too do you think we could copy from one to the other?

    beta to either vhs or dvd?) bev


    Awww, memories!


    Bev, there *are* people that do that…transfer from slides or vhs to dvd. Post a thread about it, one of the techie type floks will point you in the right direction, I’m sure :tup:


    dd threw herself down and was crying. when she calmed enough to tell me what was wrong, she said ‘i hate my look’. she’s THREE

    it made me smile, but i have a niggling feeling that she’s going to be a tricky teenager. best smile while i still can. 😀


    Oooh, lots of things making me smile today …. 😀

    – Series 1&2 Good Life arrived in the post today- thank you Mt Ben! :hug: I will be smiling more tonight when DH and I watch them!

    – my moon planting calendar arrived in same post from Warm Earth (now my patch will surely take off!)

    – and lastly, my simple lunch made me smile 😀 — A chunk of homemade wholemeal toast (made my first loaf from scratch yesterday! :shy: ) with 2 super fresh eggs on top from my chookies.

    Now, the thought of me baking bread while chooks run round our yard would have made me LAUGH 6 months ago …… but today…… it just made me SMILE 😉 which of course, is so much better.


    vicki t

    this thread is sooo gr8, little boys are so cute( my DS is now 16)…… on a hot day when he first started to walk/run (about 12mths old) he looked hot so i stripped him off so he was nude, off he went again… then he stopped looked down, then he ran a bit more then stopped and look down again… i noticed this so i kept watching this odd behaviour, he spun about and ran toward me and stopped and looked down…… he was looking down at his willy cos it was flicking him on the leg…he looked up at me and laughed his little head off… so incredible, so adorable,so natural… i laughed my head off too :hug: i love kids they make you smile every day, my DS16 still does but with his clothes on now!:lol:


    The biggest smile ever for me after being reunited with (partially deaf & blind) Tish the Shi Tsu who decided to sit in the middle of the road while we were doing the weekly shop. After hours of desperate searching we put signs up on the roads and were contacted. She’s an old dog who has only just recovered from a tick bite – and she never leaves the property so we were expecting the worst. Two ladies had picked her up and took her to the vets. What a relief and how grateful I am for the ladies taking the time to make our girl safe. Big smiles all around at this place. First thing on Monday we will get a disk with the phone number on just in case she decides that was fun.


    sharing the day with our friends and star watching tongiht cos it is the first night in soooo long that is cloud free – simple joys – food for the soul:tongue:


    Seeing clouds in the sky, and thinking/hoping they may actually produce some rain

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 335 total)
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