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    I doubt you made her sad RTB. You’re an inspiration :hug: Maybe even an institution :hug:

    S h i t hot!! If you are, we can all book in!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol::clap::lol:


    Definatley need to be in an instatution:lol:….can you imagine going to roundthebend farm when you are starting to feel like your going round the bend:confused:……………….could get dizzy:rip:

    Need to start a new thread…………….group hugs therapy sessions with all the little huggy smileys around lately…….:hug:(one more for the hell of it:D)

    vicki t

    your storys made me smile today you guys are crack ups, my day was dull, so coming here is gr8… im glad u are all out there,….tell me more lol:metal::metal::lol:

    Number 4

    I had a great laugh yesterday afternoon after work.

    I had just put the baby in the car to head home (I work at a childcare center), and I realized I still had a key to the annex building. I didn’t want to get the baby out of the car seat and get him back in the cold air (he has an ear infection), so I parked as close to the front door of the childcare center and got out to drop the key at the front desk. A friend was coming out of the building with her children, so I asked her to watch the baby for literally five seconds while I drop off the key. Once I got back to the car, my friend’s four-year-old daughter yelled at the top of her lungs, “Miss Amy! Come back! Come back! You forgot your baby!”


    Rtb said:

    [Sorry bobbie, didn’t mean to make you sad ]

    Rtb you didn’t make me sad.

    You make me proud and amazed and you strengthen me by seeing your strength. And that strength shows again in the fact that you realised you needed some support and help and you knew exactly where to get it.

    It shows in the fact that you started a ‘What made you smile’ thread that we all love so much. And I know that you are a kind, loving and thoughtful woman by reading your posts and because of a letter you pm’d to me a short while ago.

    I was worried that some other person, in need, might read those two posts and perhaps be stopped from seeking professional help. .

    I was concerned that you might need more help yourself at some stage and not realise that it is ok to take medication and have counselling.

    I didn’t know you had those experiences in your life :hug::hug:

    which made you very aware of help that is available when it is needed.

    I guess that is one of the problems with internet friendships. We each only know each other according to the information we are prepared to put out there for the world to read.

    I hope I haven’t gone over the top with this reply but I couldn’t let you or anyone else believe that you made me sad.

    Love from

    Bobbee :hug::hug:


    Well, what can i say………………….that elephant hug would make anyone smile:D, nothing like a big hug to start the day:lol:


    This link made me smile Kids can certainly get you in hot water.


    That made ME smile also Bless all the kiddiewinks 😀


    Reid that cracked me up.:lol: Kids are a great source of entertainment.

    Ringarosy, my mental picture had me laughing out loud.:lol:


    Oh poor ringarosy! :lol::lol::lol:


    Oh, ringarosy, that’s brilliant – glad your husband came to your rescue!

    possum lodge

    found out this morning work are paying for my permaculture course and support it, yay! also just bought absolutely beautiful Ptilotis from evil Bunnings


    Great news ablakney :clap: Who are you doing your PDC with and when does it start?

    possum lodge

    doing the permaculture visions PDC. bit of a compromise as would have liked to do a residential course but have some friends in Mildura also doing the distance course with me. we would have to travel a fair way and all the closest courses I enquired about were during term time (i teach) and more costs. so as soon as i organise it at work tomorrow i start 😀 hoping to visit some properties to make up for it a bit. also work is starting a vegie garden for staff. there is hope yet 😉


    Getting back in my food garden and planting the first seeds since the flood:)………….feels good to start of the growing process again, so put in seeds of several verieties of lettuce/endivia, cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds and a wing bean seedling a friend gave me:hug:………..also moved mulch back onto 4 of the vacant beds, a physically tiring but so satisfying afternoon:D

Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 335 total)
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