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What is "Living Simply" mean to you?

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    As the title says “what dose living simply” mean to you?

    *Might i just ask that we all have diffrent meanings on this so everyone respects those who choose to reply 🙂 Ta.

    Living simply is for me:

    Being happy with what we have and not wanting more more more if you know what i mean?

    Walking outside and getting my own vegies and eggs knowing where they came from and the care i took to grow them.

    Seeing my children happy running around with chooks and haveing a simplyer life without the need for the latest thing.

    Not needing to buy something to feel good (sad but true)

    Getting back to basics.

    I cant kill animals, thats not me, so ill defently have to go to someone if i wanted that done or buy meat from a butcher.

    I want to try and get somewhat self sufficent in energy and more so after the almost $800 power bill i just recived and i almost cracked it:@ ~ never had one that big in my life!

    I want to just be able to walk outside and see what im doing for our future and be happy. Our plan is to do what we can to this house over the next 7 years then hopefully sell and move to some acreage (even if its just 1 😆 ).

    For me there is a sence of freedom in land that i dont get here in suberbia and i hate that but on the other hand am thankful cos this is all we could afford and its a stepping stone to the future.

    Gosh, enough from me 😆 I ust need to say thou, happyness comes from a place with in yourself not from what you have……..

    Oh i had to add that haveing a simplyer life for me is also useing somethings that are new on the market, i cant cook bread without a bread maker to save my life 😆 Or scones.

    Id love a few things from back in the day but i also wanna mix old with new to make things simple for us, cos ones way of simple (could be going and buying eggs as to apose one walking outside to get them, you know?) isnt the ideal of simple to another.

    I belive in life you never stop learning, and that is amazing cos the more i look into living the way i want to (a acre or more with chooks, veggie patches, fruit tress and just as self sufficent as i am happy to be.


    Well said Gothic Mumma 4 Life.

    For us living simple would be owning our own home and having no debt. Growing all our own veggies and fruit and preserving and storing excess for times of need. Repairing older appliances that seem to have better quality than new things. Providing our own power, gas and fuel.

    Trying to be as self-sufficient as possible, Using natural treatment for any sickness etc. Helping our neighbours and friends when ever possible. We are very close to having achieved this now but its not a time to sit back and do nothing. All the best.



    “Living Simply” for me means trying to stop overcommitting myself so that I allow myself time for healing …

    Today living simply was having my bestie over and we spending whole day cooking & baking so that the freezer is full of meals for the next few weeks.

    Tomorrow it might be just sitting and digging in the garden watching the seasons change.

    Maybe in the afternoon it will be allowing myself to watch movies without feeling that I should be somewhere doing something for someone.

    And it’s about allowing myself to go on the hairbrained adventures that crop up in my head 😉

    Guess it’s trying not to feel like I need to be out there “being successful”, but that it’s okay to just be …

    I think each of our definitions of “Living Simply” may depend on where we are in our lives. I’m not in a place where being debt free can be a priority – because I have other needs right now. But one day that will change …


    Herbman wrote:

    “Living Simply” for me means trying to stop overcommitting myself so that I allow myself time for healing …

    yep me too……..but it aint always as easy as it should be:uhoh:


    Hm, not dealing with office politics. Having time for friends. Growing organic fruit and veg. Giving time for causes I believe in. Having time to try out stuff I’d regret not trying. Having a light footprint on this planet.

    About to test the waters as I am quitting work and moving to Mallacoota (far east Victoria) with DH in December. After 30 years in the workforce its a scary thought!


    Getting back to basics. Not going out to earn money so I can pay someone else to do something I could do myself if only I had time. Simplifying the chains, growing my food myself to bypass all those middle men, making clothes myself, preferably out of material I’ve made or recycled myself. Making do with what we have rather than buying something new. Improvising.

    Spending time at home with my family, enjoying doing things together. Wandering around our block of land just looking at things growing and animals living.

    I’m sure there’s more, but it’s time to put my 5yo to bed now. 😀


    To me it’s about greater efficiency and living with less – less money, less stuff, less stress, less waste, etc, etc. Sometimes living simply is not the same as living easily, so I take Merriam-Webster’s definition 1a of “simply”: without embellishment 🙂


    wow where to start 🙂


    rofl all of the above n more


    Wickedstep wrote:

    Hm, not dealing with office politics. Having time for friends. Growing organic fruit and veg. Giving time for causes I believe in. Having time to try out stuff I’d regret not trying. Having a light footprint on this planet.

    About to test the waters as I am quitting work and moving to Mallacoota (far east Victoria) with DH in December. After 30 years in the workforce its a scary thought!

    Nothing scary about moving to coota its alot of peoples dream but its almost like living on a island because of distance to hospitals ect

    Most beautiful spot in Victoria though and well worth any inconvenience

    At least now i will have someone else living in FAR east gippsland ,…you will love the climate and can even grow bananas

    also the Flathead capital of the world so hope you like fishing


    Trying not to overcommit is a big one for me…. I find it hard to say no…


    How the term ‘simple’ has changed dramatically for me over the years. Nearly 40 years ago living a simple life meant that I never worked harder in my life. Its takes a huge committment and loads of energy to be anywhere near self sufficient. Even after working my wick off for the best part of 15 years, building a stone house, milking, making butter and cheese, chook, sheep and goat rearing, spinning, dying, weaving (the whole catastrophe) I was still only 90% self sufficient.

    Now I am older and had some years to ponder, my going back to the real world and working for a living outside the property not only enabled me to some time of rest (something that wasn’t available being a 24/7 alternative lifestyler) but put me in a position where I will be able to live our the rest of my life debt free and relaxed in the knowledge that my needs are small and I can get a sense of self satisfaction from providing some of my own food (instead of all my own food like I did previously) and still have time to put my feet up, read a book or go fishing!

    Oh the simple life for me, I’m almost there again!



    For me it is all about family, friends, growing as much of our own as we can. Having enough chooks so they can also go in the freezer, Same with the ducks and geese. Also grow our own meat. About reducing my carbon footprint. Working to live not living to work. I only work one day a week and that suits me just fine. Love baking for the family. Menu planning is helping reduce stress of what will be made for dinner each night.

    Children playing outside and not having to have the latest Wii games etc. No TV, which leaves alot of ads out of our home… Going to the stupidmarket as little as possible. Supporting neighbours and friends. Bartering. Buying Locally. Utilising the sun as much as possible. Enjoying our surroundings. Knowing where eggs really come from. Had a chook lay one into my hand the other day. Made my day…

    One thing I need to learn is same as Chezza. I don’t like to say no. And end up overextending myself. Don’t like that and am getting much better at it over time.

    Love to also do things within the local community. The School of Arts Hall, The Rural Fire Bridgade, School.

    On that note have to go and bake some desserts for the next couple of days…. yummy. love the kitchen smelling nice. Then need to put on the fire, getting chilly with the wind.

    Ahhhh, The Simple Life… Love it, love it, love it….

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    For me simplicity is learning to be counter-cultural. By that I mean reducing my wants to get closer to my needs. It means be more satisfied with what I have and less anxious about what I don’t have.

    It means looking within for contentment, not seeking it in externals.

    It means being able to entertain myself at home -which I often do with practical tasks which require me to learn a new skill and in the process be more self-reliant. It means enjoying more time to read and talk with friends.

    It means that I am willing to accept that fruit and vegetables have their seasons, and that if I want them out of season I had better freeze or preserve them!

    It means that I don’t want to eat any food that my grandmother would not recognise as food!

    It means that I am willing to be seen as a bit odd by others, who nevertheless want to find out how to be as content! :uhoh:


    A very personal question and for me to put it simply, living simply often turns around to simply living and finding balance in all things and recognising my desires for simplicity are the very things that sometimes throw me way out of balance.

    Visitors yesterday made me realise how far we have come as we babbled on about breadmakers, crockpots, vegie growing, home made sundried tomatoes, chutneys and yoghurt, and proudly showed our current compost heap and even said, “come feel the brussel sprout leaves; they feel so beautiful!” :lol::lol::lol::lol:. The visitors looked at us quite strangely. 😉

    simply .. Applebee

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