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What ice-cream maker to buy ?

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    Tully you can make it from a custard base (more effort than my usual lazy version) but tastes fantastic (but son likes lazy version)

    Recipe is a bit rubbery depending on how much you want to make, but basically use 1 egg and 1 dessertspoon sugar for each cup of milk. heat gently till thick (almost boiling point). Add some vanilla (or cocoa) If decadence and supply allows, swap one cup of milk with once cup cream, but you can do it well with just milk and feel self-righteous into the bargain.

    Chill the mix before putting in a ice cream maker or semi freeze, then beat, refreeze and rebeat, refreeze and eat. You need to work reasonably quickly in the beating bits cos you don’t want to thaw the ice-cream. A frozen bowl works best if you need to tranfer it into anything.

    I have a Breville scoop factory. I use it every week. I don’t keep the ice cream in the bowl, but transfer it to a tupperware container (don’t want any ice-cream nickers dropping the bowl). The bowl lives in the freezer so its always ready to go. If you use the following recipe you can go from impulse to icecream in half an hour

    1 egg

    1/2 cup sugar

    300 mls cream (el cheapo thickened cream works best)

    300 mls milk

    Mix all. Pour into frozen machine bowl. Turn machine on. Go away for 30 mins. Come back and eat ice cream.



    laane wrote:

    Hi Jenny,

    I have one of the Sunbeam Gelateria ice cream machines, have had it for about a year and I just love it! :tup:

    I am not that good at planning ahead, so when I decide I want to make ice cream, I want to make ice cream right then and there! and freezing the container overnight for the normal ice cream makers seemed annoying.

    I have been very happy with it so far but I had never tried any other type of ice cream maker.


    I made a coffee version of the easy ice-cream (condensed milk) and a banana version. Both delish. I forgot to press the “chill” button for 5 minutes first though so will do that next time. I was suprised at the salt and water going between the containers. Have you ever forgotten to do this Leanne?


    I have two ice cream makers. Sunbeam and Breville Scoop Factory. The Sunbeam is really fiddly to put together and to clean. I am looking at replacing it with another Breville Scoop Factory. I love the Breville because it is so easy to clean, has a lid for storing leftovers and is quick and easy to put together. I picked my Sunbeam up on ebay for $15 brand new, my Scoop Factory on ebay for $10 (used once) and I have just won another scoop factory, brand new, for $15 on ebay.

    The recipe I use is quick and easy:

    1/3 cup sugar

    1 tsp vanilla essence

    2 cups milk

    2 cups cream

    I am currently using our house cow’s milk and cream but have used powdered milk and UHT cream in the past. Mix all ingredients before pouring in to the machine. Make sure the machine is running when you pour them in. Simple and quick.


    how yummy Im going to have to get a machine


    I wouldn’t bother with a machine. Its so easy to just make it with the freezer and beat it in between.


    Bump for Tullymoor


    Re: What ice cream maker to buy.

    We have now had 2 Sunbeam Gelateria machines and I would give you 10cents for either of them. They are a toy really – the plastic paddle and motor that sits on top of the ice cream bin just don’t cut it. As soon as the ice cream starts to firm up the motor stops turning the paddle. You finish up with a runny mess. Is anybody aware of a small commercial unit available?


    There are commercial units available but they are very expensive. The Sunbeam Gelataria is the top of the domestic lines. I admit to being a bit disappointed that you don’t end up with extremely solid ice cream but the freezer soon fixes that.


    We bought one last year and to be honest, its been sitting in the cupboard cos its way easier to do it by hand (and you don’t need to worry about cleaning it)

    This is what I do:

    Get a container. Pour in 600ml cream, 400ml tin condensed milk, teaspoon vanilla essence. Whip until fluffy. Freeze.

    I find if you whip really well to start with, then you don’t need to get it back out to stir. It makes the best icecream I’ve ever tasted! Easy to scoop out, good consistency/…….ohh yum, gonna go have some now!

    Burra Maluca

    I can’t eat sugar and my son can’t have milk, so I make ice-cream based on soy milk and banana, usually flavoured with cocoa powder and a bit of whatever fruit we have around. We don’t use an icecream maker – we use an ordinary food blender (*not* a stick blender – you need something more powerful).

    First, slice up a few bananas, lay the bits out on a plate or tray and place in the freezer. You can do this the day before if you want. Loosen the bits of frozen banana so you can pick them up easily – they tend to weld themselves to the plate. Then blend up some soy milk and any flavorings you want and add chunks of frozen banana one at a time until the mix magically turns into icecream.

    There’s very little washing up and as the stuff doesn’t keep (it will set like rock if you try to re-freeze it) you have to eat it all up instantly, so don’t make a huge batch. You can use other frozen fruits, like peaches or strawberry, but the texture is more like ice-cream if you always use at least some banana.

    I never measure anything, but the colder the ingredients you use, the less frozen stuff you have to add to make the mix turn to icecream. It’s best not to use too much liquid just in case you run out of frozen banana before the stuff turns to icecream. If you end up with not enough icecream in the blender to go around, you can always put a bit more liquid in to loosen it up and bulk it out before adding more frozen banana.

    Over the summer I usually keep a box full of frozen bits of fruit in the freezer ready for ice-cream making. Strawberries and peaches are especially nice additions. Any fruit that looks like it’s not going to get eaten or is a bit bruised usually gets chopped up and added to the ice-cream making box. My son likes making the stuff up for everyone and he loves rummaging in the fruit box choosing what bits of fruit to drop into the blender next.


    I have recently bought a ‘Mistral Igloo’ icecream maker from a 2nd hand store which came with no instructions.

    Does anyone have a copy?

    More than happy to pay for photo copying.

    Shangri La

    Reading this has prompted me to dig out the instruction book for the KRUPS ice cream maker I bought about 2 years ago and still haven’t used….LoriF, I don’t think I’m any better off with instructions! I’m sure they make it sound far more complicated than it needs to be. However, the little shop down the road does sell Maggie Beer burnt fig ice cream …and at ~ $10/ 500ml it is not cheap – therefore one must hide it at the back of the freezer When I do get the hang of the ice cream machine (first have to remember to buy cream) I must find some figs…..and burn them. It is to die for


    hmm………I used to have one of them until it was dropped and the fluid inside leaked out:(:(

    It was the best $50 I ever spent – the exotic blends I used to make esp in the wet season when we were stuck here with basic foods. Lychee, mango, passionfruit, mulberry…………a drop of baileys here or butterscotch schnapps 😉

    But I used to sit mine in the fridge with the cord running out the door to the electric plug (not real safe) cos I found it was too hot in the ambient air to work well………….worked really well in the fridge tho:lol:

    I will have a squizz in the recipe books cos I may still have the book…………will let you know, LoriF


    I have an El Gelato from Brevelle it has a compressor in it its been running a few years no now problem


    Arrghhhh I have the breville and have had my ice cream in it for about 2 hours wondering why it wasn’t getting cold, it didn’t come with instructions……………seems I have to freeze the bowl first……why didn’t I just check out good old ALS first????? Ice cream should be ready for breakfast:shy:

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