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what herbs are you growing?

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    I only saw one mention of Stevia in this thread. Great sugar substitute, crush the leaf (leaves) and add to your tea. Can also be dried and crushed.

    I was given a ‘five spice’ plant, it has thick hairy light green leaves with cream and pink borders – what do I do with it??? Does it stay hairy when cooked? :shrug:


    I started my herb garden a few weeks ago.

    I have basil, chives, mint, coriander and thyme growing. [also had dill but it died] I am also going to add shallots and parsley to it.


    I have just taken a leap of faith and started another lot of herbs in pots. I have planted oregano and parsley and will dig up some gotu kola out of the lawn and get that going. Next I will go the markets and see what tropical herbs and plants I can source. I have had to leave a few collections behind since Christmas as I move around so I really hope that I get to eat some of these. 😆


    @kitty74: We have the perennial rocket growing. It seems to go to seed fairly quickly here. I find that the leaves are a bit small and fiddly to deal with. Nice flavour though.



    Five spice plant can be shredded finely and used sparingly as a substitute for oregano.


    I am currently growing parsley, basil and corriander in pots in my back yard.

    Was thinking of growing some in my front yard as well. Can anyone suggest something sun-hardy that might grow nicely inbetween or even alongside a stepping stone path?


    Can anyone suggest something sun-hardy that might grow nicely inbetween or even alongside a stepping stone path?

    Various thymes might go well:) They seem to like dry and hot.


    PinkyP – Any idea how lawn chamomile would go in your area??


    prostrate (NOT prostate!) rosemary would grow well.

    I only have parsley and mint in one pot atm. But I guess it’s better than nothing – and it’s been in the pot for over a week and it’s not dead yet either LOL


    Basil grows wild here between stones in the paths :tup:


    Thyme has to be one of my all time favourites – they make a tidy little border plant – they look good – smell good – doesn’t mind a heavy cut and really add a lot to so many dishes.

    I also like those curry plants that send off a terrific curry smell whenever you brush it or water it.


    Looking throu my books, it is surprising what a ‘herb’ is (with varying degrees of success …) I have parsley, sage., rosemary, thyme, coriander, mint, chamomile, oregano, wormwood, (i think I lost the feverfew), comfrey,nasturtium, garlic, (recently planted watercress), aloe vera, pyrethrum, tansy, lemon balm … soon to add basil, chicory, dill, mustards, summer savoury, sunflower, marigold .. that’ll do I reckon :tup:


    Atmos we’re growing bay, oregano, chives, parsley, chili, thyme, rosemary, sage, pineapple sage, lemon balm, basil, marigold, nasturtium, catnip, cat grass, cat mint, comfrey, chocolate mint, peppermint, mint, chamomile, marjoram, chervil and sorrel.

    I have plans for yarrow, wormwood and a few others that I haven’t finished deciding on yet.


    Thymes ought to do well in the path or oregano or marjorum. Native mint is as tough as old boots and doesn’t mind it a bit dry over the summer.

    I have sage, rosemary, various mints, bay tree, assorted thymes, lemon verbena, lemon balm, vietmanese mint, oregano, marjorum, lemon grass, coriander, parsley, basil, pineapple sage, wormword, curry bush, curry tree, marigold, nasturtium, chives, garlic, feverfew, dill, tansy, winter savory, aloe vera, mustard, french tarragon that’s all I can think of at the moment.


    Kerrieb, how do you keep your curry tree from dying. Is it the cold weather, my other herbs seem to thrive. Would like some keys to success with this plant. French tarragon is also other herb I have difficulty with whats the best way to keep it thriving.

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