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What do you store in the freezer?

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    My freezer is only big enough for my meat although we recently upgraded to a larger fridge/freezer. I don’t have space for a second freezer. I can fit one half steer in the freezer if it is packed really tight.

    Luckily I find that I don’t need to freeze anything other than meat and some cooked meals for my husband who eats differently to me. For my meals I eat meat or eggs, bone broth, plus whatever is growing in the garden. If for some reason nothing is growing in my garden I go for a short walk to collect some weeds from an unsprayed block with no house on it.

    It’s our fridge that gets the most use, my husband eats a huge amount of dairy and we find the texture changes when it is frozen so I’m always buying fresh from the shops.


    We don’t eat a lot of meat, but when chicken breasts were $6.99 a kilo here we bought about 8-9 kilos. We also have frozen fruit, flour, nuts and seeds, the usual bread and vegetables, premade bulk dinners, bulk cooked baked goods, lemon juice, frozen bulk peas and beans (legumes and pulses), bulk cooked rice and grains, perishables on a good special at Coles or Woolies etc.


    I freeze heaps of stuff – some of just till i can get to process it properly.

    I freeze citrus fruit cut up ready to make marmalade and jelly at a later date so that we do not have such a glut of fresh jams at once (use by and best before dates have put some people off buying jam that was made more than a couple of months ago)

    I freeze mulberries in the quantities that a ripe daily – cos sometimes there is not enough to do anything with but over a period of time it adds up and then i make pudding, sauce, cordial, jam or liqueur from the frozen berries

    i freeze nearly seasonal all fruits for use later (banana, lychee, mango, apple, strawberries) or cooked in syrup/own juice. I freeze homemade juice for later to consumption

    i keep all excess flours, oats, rice etc in there too – i have a container of each in pantry or fridge but only for daily use. the bulk is in the freezer – keeps the creepy crawlies at bay and in our heat prevents staleness.

    i freeze herbs parsley and basil and mint freeze just fine and once frozen just squishing the bag and contents crushes the herbs enough for use in cooking

    i freeze bulk buying purchases or if something we use alot on special (eg milk or meat). I buy cheap fruit and veg in large quantities and blanch and freeze – as well as homegrown here or from some one else.

    i freeze cream cheese, sour cream, cream and butter – all to keep some on hand for unexpected entertaining on w/e or for stockpile for the wet season

    Speaking of the wet season – i stockpile for that due to increased likelihood of being stranded for weeks at a time. I have found however that fruits such as banana and not vegetables do not stay frozen long once the power goes off(so try to use the stockpile of those previous to wet and only have a few on hand then)

    most things that you cookwith will freeze and be fine to cook with (they break down and become slushy from cooking so you cannot tell the difference) i also save some foods such as when kids are eating apples sometimes they are full (small tummy + huge apple)and the apple is not finished – i just cut into peices and freeze – i use this in puddings, tarts, pies and jams later. if you freeze something and it does not work out – just use it in cooking i find :dry:

    i freeze quiches, and all sorts of meals after a w/e of forward planning meals. I freeze home baking – cakes, biscuits etc. Sometimes I freeze cakes (sliced) and muffins wrapped ready for lunches for school and work and to take to my father in law when we visit as he loves home cooked and the daughters only buy stuff for him. i also freeze small portion for him in the forward menu planning days as well (when cooking ahead for a family of 5 to 9 people 1 more makes no difference in size of pot!)

    i actually need more freezer space than i do fridge space but i do not run the extra freezer all yr.

    have fun experimenting with your new toy 🙂


    One of my favourite things to pull from the freezer is semi-dried tomatoes done up in portion sized packs. They don’t take up much room and retain that intense flavour. Also love to store excess asparagus, green beans, also pesto and salsa in ice-cube blocks to keep the taste of summer in meals over winter.

    Currently have too much gnocchi made from going-to-sprout spuds dug last autumn – need to incorporate it into 2 meals per week to get rid of it :huh:


    I bought a fridge/freezer about two months ago, and some time between when I paid for it (private seller) and got it delivered it was dropped and a number of the shelves cracked :angry: I think it was the seller that did it as one of the cracks was attempted to be fixed with tape. It makes the fridge a bit of a pain to use at times.

    Anyway, I was just thinking about this thread and wondering if once I had eaten all the beef in the freezer I could do away with this fridge/freezer altogether and buy just a freezer! I cannot find a fridge/freezer that is 60-70% freezer and I find that I don’t need the fridge for vegetables anymore as I pick them fresh from the garden.

    Looking in the fridge, I see it is being used for eight different types of cheese, two kinds of milk, yoghurt, sour cream, butter, other fats and opened jars of things like hollandaise and curry sauces plus meals to be reheated. Eggs too, but they don’t have to be refrigerated as we eat them quickly. There is a lot of empty space in the fridge. I am thinking the reheat meals and curry sauces can go in the freezer, but we don’t like dairy to be frozen.

    I’m not sure what to do with the dairy if I was to get rid of the fridge. Would it last longer than a day in an esky?


    Hey all!

    We mainly use for bulk meet from our friendly butcher who gets grass fed stuff from the south coast. Before I got retrenched we got in a half pig, lamb and beef and then spent an exhausting day vacuum packing the lot. It was worth it and we are only just now finishing off the stuff two years later.

    A couple of weekends ago we had a roast and it came up just as good as fresh bought. Sunday night was the roast, monday night was beef fritters from the roast (I love beef fritters!) and tuesday nights was a beef and veggie currie made from the leftovers.

    A chest freezer works for us. We also use it for bread and the odd bit of ice cream :cheer:



    Miaowzen, I think that would depend on your climate. In Adelaide at the moment you could probably leave it on the bench and it would be fine – lol! If you think of when people go camping, they survive with an esky for a few days so it shouldn’t be a problem, just need to be organised with the ice. Perhaps a small bar fridge and separate freezer?


    hmm lets see- fresh herbs that dont dry well such as coriander and dill. Fish, Cheese (grated/ parmesan and feta), berry fruit, baked goods for lunchboxes, butter, dog food, capsicum diced, herb butter, milk, bread, soup (great for when visitors stay for lunch), ready made meals for work dinners, meat, veges, wheat, chicken stock, henna hair dye that I made too much of and will use again next time.

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