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What do you store in the freezer?

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    I just checked and didn’t find any threads on what people store in the freezer, unless I missed it. Robyn mentioned a couple of things I hadn’t thought of and I am getting a chest freezer in a month or so, so starting to plan how to fill it 🙂

    A couple of things I hadn’t thought of before, but I have heard you can store is brown rice and flour in the freezer.

    What do you keep in there?


    We would prefer to preserve in other ways, but when things are busy, we just use it for excess garden produce, everything and anything. No blanching or whatever, just in a bag, and in the freezer. We r just finishing last years beans, which we put in there when we couldn’t eat them.

    Otherwise, stock, extra meals, soup, meat. A backup loaf of bread, that’s about it! Nothing fancy!


    Bulk meat purchases. Excess produce that doesn’t waterbath well or I haven’t had time to process immediately. Usually a supply of homemade ready to heat meals of all types. Bread sometimes. Milk powder. ice LOL.


    You can freeze parsley if you are likely to run out of fresh for any reason.

    Lemon juice in ice cube trays.Althouigh I do find they go sticky and don’t tip out to store loose in zip lock bags.

    Has anyone else had that problem with lemon juice going sticky, rather than solid and “dry” like ice?


    Diary Products, Gluten free food, Gourmet food these are the things i stored in freezer !!

    Judi B

    We store lots in the freezer…

    when capsicums are cheap we’ll buy a few Kgs and slice, then

    vacuum seal them in small packs

    buy bulk cheeses and divide up and vacuum seal.

    flour, rice, butter and bread

    if we can get cheap bananas I’ll mash them and freeze,

    measured in 1 cup quantity then just bag these are then

    thawed for banana cakes and par thawed for banana smoothies.

    Cookie dough is one we used to do as well.


    All of the above and

    Salami and Mozzarella cheese cryovaced,I buy in bulk as I dont shop for months at a time.

    Tomatoes as is in a plastic bag

    Take them out the skin thaws first comes off and throw in a pasta sauce or what ever.


    I’ve not seriously considered what to freeze. At the moment, it is whatever we have excess of, but once I get the garden established, it will be whatever I have excess of. lol.. AFTER I have used as many other preserving methods dehydrating/pickling/bottling …

    And my intention is to have one of those converted chest freezer to run of 12 volts.

    I’m going to have a chest fridge too (probably an old chest freezer with a modified thermostat) also to run off 12V.

    Some interesting things here though, I didn’t know you could freeze successfully :clap:



    I have found that the fat in frozen milk/sour cream etc goes powdery and I don’t like the texture, so I have stopped buying it in bulk and putting it in the freezer.


    I love my chest freezer! It was one of the first things DH and I bought when we got married, and I remember my f-i-l asking why we wanted to buy such a dumb thing lol! It was 2nd hand when we got it, so it’s well over 25 years old now – gosh! It does need new seals but even with 4 interstate moves in that time it has never missed a beat.

    Like others, I freeze leftovers or doubled up meals in either individual serves or family sized portions. If you google “once a month cooking” you’ll find lots of ideas, these ladies spend a whole day cooking a months worth of meals that are then frozen. I’ve never been that organized! Half cooked pizzas freeze really well, and I freeze salami and kabana if they’re on special. If I open a jar of sliced olives (we only really eat them on pizza) then I put the rest on a tray and freeze them before transferring to a ziploc bag. I read on a blog recently about the poster saving veggie scraps like carrot ends and peelings, celery ends, onion peelings and herb stems in a plastic bag in the freezer and using them to make vegetable stock, or chicken with added chicken bones. When I have lots of lemons I slice them into rounds and freeze them with some water in muffin tins (one round to a section) and they make really nice ice cubes for punch or water kefir. If I’m ever able to grow lots of basil I’ll do like Bluewren and freeze it in ziploc bags for winter when it tends to die back in the garden.

    Bluewren, I don’t think there’s any solution to the sticky lemon juice in ice cube trays problem. I run my trays under hot water for a minute to soften the cubes then they seem to pop out ok. You could try using silicon moulds I guess and see if they come out easier.

    Here’s some links people might enjoy, they’re from my pinterst board that you can check out here: lemon juice ice cubes

    Have fun filling your freezer, Kirsty!


    I also freeze my nuts

    Stops them going rancid.

    Frozen almonds and walnuts thaw very quickly and it doesn’t seem to effect the taste.


    we mostly store dog bones or bags or blocks of ice for use on shopping trips or when blackouts occur.



    We buy a 1/4 bulk organic beef at a time which takes up room in the freezer. We also freeze our leftover meals in small 500ml containers (we have tons!), extra loaf of bread/fruit loaf, chillis, beans, mushy bananas, pizza bases, lemons, margarine, bread crumbs. I love our chest freezer.


    Lemme see: bulk meat purchases, made-ahead meals (we’re only a two-person household but I still cook recipes meant for 4 to 6 and freeze the extras), cakes and muffins, uncooked biscuits, bread, uncooked pizza dough (my machine makes enough for two bases in one batch), some cheeses, veggie scraps and chook carcasses for stock making, mashed banana and stewed apple for cake making, leftover pureed tomatoes, butter and margarine, and those handy staples like frozen veg.

    Its a hardworking appliance when you think about it!


    It is a scary thought thinking of what it actually does and how reliant we are on a piece of machinery that requires electricity to operate.

    Living in an isolated town it allows me to shop once every 3 or 4 months and save on petrol.

    Which makes me more resilient when PO finally hits in a big way.

    Downside is Im still reliant on a machine and the grid.

    I have heard of freezers that work of solar and freeze their internal walls currently price and size is the problem.

    I probably need to live more like a SE Asian to be more in tune with my environment and less reliant on the grid.

    Up till now I can afford to keep doing what I am doing in the future I may have no choice.

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