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What did you harvest today? (Continued)

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    Id have to agree, the growing is sooo much better then the cooking. Pasta is worth the hour (or under) to prepare, bought stuff simply doesnt compare. :tup:



    silver beet, herb robert, watercress, mandarins, lemons and guess what? Snails!

    The other day I picked swede greens and added them to a pasta dish and I also added vietnamese mint, which I had never used before. Wow it was so tasty, yummo, but I am glad I didn’t add much of the mint, it was quite hot but really flavoursome.

    We hadn’t eaten swede greens before either but they were also tasty and a different flavour from silverbeet.

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Judi BJudi B

    I was really happy with the stir fry we had last night I grew all the vegies :clap: we had spring onions, snow peas, shelled peas, broccoli, beetroot leaves and perpetual spinach.

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Yummy sounding stir-fry Judi! Perpetual spinach…maybe we should try growing *that* one- not had much luck with spinach here!

    I’m *thinking* about harvesting more kale to make more *cheesy* kale chips…


    Not sure you can call it harvesting but I had to pull out some bruss sprouts due to it going to seed and the cabbage that I thought was ready had gone to seed in the middle :pinch:

    bobbee,I’ve just gotten some herb robert myself,can you tell me how to use it.

    It was originally for my dog to use but the nursery lady said check with the vet first.


    Well not today, it’s been too windy other than pick some lettuce but I did harvest the first of this years broad beans for dinner last night. Sooo yum!


    Well today we will be harvesting water. :pinch:

    One of our tanks has a leak so we need to drain it into another one then fill a 3rd with the water.

    When that’s done we can fix the leaky spot.It is where a tap could have gone and the stopper wasnt put in properly . :blush:


    Karyn26, i got some herb Robert a month ago but have not been game to plant it.

    It is very invasive apparently, but when i read all the benefits of it, it sounded really good, just not doing much good sitting on the sideboard. 🙂

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Mr FR hqrvested some gigantic beetroots. He has since cooked them up and made some vinegar preserve for them. I wonder when we can eat them! Plenty more in the garden to have fresh though. 🙂


    Potatoes, broccoli, water cress, mizuna, lettuce, tomatoes, shallots, parsley, garlic chives, asparagus and lemons for dinner asparagus and broccoli steamed together with lemon and then a great salad with new potatoes and some grilled mackerel. Juicy black mulberries for afters.

    I am going to dry some mulberries this season – has anyone tried this?

    I do the usual mulberry jam, cordial, pie, ice cream and freeze for later use but would like to dry to use as sweetener in my morning porridge.

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Patsy133 post=324678 wrote:

    I am going to dry some mulberries this season – has anyone tried this?

    I do the usual mulberry jam, cordial, pie, ice cream and freeze for later use but would like to dry to use as sweetener in my morning porridge.

    I did raspberries last season. They’ve worked well, no sign of mold on them still (think they’ll last forever now!). They turned out quite crispy…perhaps I over dried them? But when I’ve had commerial dried strawberries and blueberries, they’ve also been crisp. I’m sure mulberries would be similar to raspberries.

    So the question then becomes how to use them. I guess you can rehydrate them, which would become a sloppy mess (suitable for jam making, maybe baking, definitely flavourng ice cream etc.). The only foodie things I’ve seen mentioning them are a raw food book, where they are rehydrated to make a raw jam (with added water plus agave for sweetening). I’ve only used them crushed in raw chocolate which was excellent. But otherwise they just remain bagged and boxed waiting to be used! Let me know if you have any ideas Patsy!


    first strawberry for the season and something been eating it

    also picked some parsley and fed it too mr pickles

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Not happy sharing froot_loopz? Don’t you hate that, the first one too! :jawdrop:

    I’m harvesting wood today. :huh:


    Picked some spinach and shelled some peas which went down well with our HG lamb for dinner.

    carolf I bought 2 herbs on the same day

    herb robert

    gotu kola and I dont know which is which as there’s no tags

    I’d like to know the uses for each do I can put them to use instead of dying in their pots.

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Hmmmm… nothing from the garden, but does what I swapped at the produce swap count:

    2 x red current plants from cuttings

    1 x coriander plant

    1 x lemon balm

    1 x hyssop (?)

    3 lunch bags of hazelnuts

    dill seeds

    blue pumpkin seeds

    red orach seeds

    snap dwarf bean seeds

    endive seeds


    …and there was more for the taking! All I swapped was a few bags of dried raspberries…

    It became a fair swap when I contributed 5 dishes to the ‘bring a plate’ community dinner: lentil sausage rolls, 2 salads, 2 desserts.

    ‘Twas a good day I think! :woohoo:

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