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What did you harvest today?

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    A pumpkin and 2 lovely zucchini’s1 AND 8 eggs (4 days worth!)

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    An uplifting morning in the veggie garden and harvested the following:

    The usual giant zeppelins which I gave to a neighbour for their pigs

    Some colourful pumpkins

    Some “normal” zukes, some johnagold apples from the minature fruit trees we have planted in the berry enclosure to protect them from the pesky possums and a bottle of olive oil from the grove of one of our neighbours.

    And, a self sew late season pumpkin that has gone bonkus and supplying pumpkins for those possums.

    Yeah its just started pouring with rain but will it last:shrug::(


    Beans, peppers and chillis. As well as the the last three cukes I had been saving for next years seed.


    a couple caps, chilli, a handful of corriander and a bunch of silverbeet for stirfry tonight


    Planted potatoes a while ago. Got sweet potatoes instead (NEVER bought sweet potatoes so I don’t know why this happened). Mustn’t have pulled them all out because more grew out of the spot.

    Just collected 5 – 6 kilograms of sweet potatoes yesterday. Deliberately left a few in place and planted a few elsewhere for next time. Gotta love the idea of a plant that plants itself by incomplete harvesting. It’s like being lazy during the harvest allows you to be lazy during the planting. Why can’t all things be that simple?

    Not bad for something we never planted. Pity about the regular potatoes.


    @ Tassie Tiger could you please tell me what type of pumpkin you have in the photo, the orange with green strips one.


    Some oregano and 3 eggs. No big deal but that third egg means that at last another of our 9 POL chickens has started laying. It was quite hilarious to watch her anxiously clucking and searching for a suitable place to lay. First the egg boxes, then she chased me inside and tried to squeeze onto a shelf. Got chucked outside, then raced to another door to get inside, paced up and down and jumped onto the stacked outside chairs on the patio then finally back to the egg boxes and went quiet. Half an hour later (seemed like forever cos I was waiting lol) a long skinny egg! I hope the others will follow suit. They were moved into their new coop last week and after all the glorious rain last week, they are pigging out on all the new green grass shoots springing up everywhere. I think that is what made the difference.

    The egg on the right is the newby. A pity the blue/green of the middle egg is washed out.


    Wish we could have chickens…

    Picked lots of parsley, oregano for lunch and the last of the leb zucchini.

    Now going to get some silverbeet for dinner,


    Half a bucket of queensland nuts:metal:

    and several limes (will make lime and ginger marmalade:p)


    Beetroot, carrots, spring onions 12 eggs ( 3 days worth) Parsley, potatoes and a few apples.


    8 pumpkins, beans and a capsicum

    Judi BJudi B

    More sweet potatoes:clap:, tromboncino and spring onions.

    sue esue e

    i love the look of those pumpkins tassie. how do they taste? i harvested a couple of cups of chillis which i turned into chilli sauce. much hotness:o! note to self: don’t put in so many seeds and include more capsicum.

    many chokos which became more chutney.

    a bunch of lady finger bananas.


    not much going on as this was harvested over this week. starting to get ready for autumn now.yay!


    Some little spuds, 4 eggs, & some chilli!


    Way to go Sal.


Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 606 total)
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