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    Did you shine your eggplants before taking a photo?!! 😉 They’re so glossy 😀


    I did not harvest from the garden (garden? what garden?)

    But I did harvest the warm glow of friendship from friends and strangers alike.

    It’s a harvest that fills the soul (and I needed it too)



    dags41v wrote:

    Lots! And I only picked what was overloading the vines/plants. Was hoping some ALSers might want to buy/swap some veg, but don’t think there are any living quite close enough (or they’re growing plenty themselves as well….)

    Beautiful harvest there ~~

    Maybe you can try, the idea’s good, but doesn’t look like there’s enough people with produce to swap yet though ~

    vicki tvicki t

    i got my first tomatoes and a bowl of beautiful strawberries, 18 golden nugget pumkins,heaps of carrots, hand ful of snowpeas and 5 zucchinis….i am very happy evrything we had for tea came from our garden…i love it when that happens

    Narelleh, i am sooo sorry to hear you no longer have a garden, was it the fires??

    or floods?? i hope you can get back into a garden soon it can be very therapuedic. like a pheonix from the ashes, life reborn:hug:

    Queen MabQueen Mab

    Mmmmmm, zuchini…. *drools*


    I’m feeling your pain ringarosy. Picked another 20 or so zucchini today. Just thinking I should start a zucchini recipe thread – there’s got to be something I can cook with them all!


    I planted the wrong variety of Zucchinis this season, tromboncini instead of black beauty. Anyway the trombos went heywire and nearly took over even the pumpkins so I have cut the stems and they are now decomposing back into the earth. I harvested peas today and will get more for dinner along with silverbeet and beans for a vegie stir fry. The corn is probably two weeks away and the cobs are getting bigger by the day. No tomatoes yet but they wil all ripen at the same time so I have lots of jars ready. Did a bit of seed saving from melons I harvested during the last week and a tropical passionfruit from which I will try and grow one on the fence. Cheers GR.


    Pumpkin, Squash and Beans. mmmmmmmmm


    A mini rockmelon (sprung out of the worm farm), 2 of about 20 butternut pumpkins (also courtesy of the worm farm), some pak choy for a stir fry and vietnemese mint to add to it.

    As for zucchinis, we had so many lebanese zuchs that I have found a multitute of preserving recipes for them. Anybody interested in some good zucchini preserves let me know & I’ll send you a recipe or two.:tup:


    One finger eggplant (lebanese I guess), handful of green beans, 4 green roma tomatoes and an egg.

    Zuchinnis are really struggling here so are all the large tommies. Too much rains I think and rodents with birds are raiding daily… Still waiting for the huge watermelon to be unattached!

    Cheers! :hug:


    Ingferretter, please send me your zucchini preserve receipes – I don’t know what to do with all my zucchinis! Bugeye – love the look of those squash. We’ve only got the yellow variety – are the green & whitish varieties only suitable for tropical climate and what are they called?


    2 jap pumpkins, 5 cucumbers, handful winged beans and a good bounty of snake beans, some ginger, eshallots and some ceylon spinach leaves. just finished pulling out last lot of veges and getting ready to top up our big no dig garden. so far got some horse manure, lucerne and rodes grasss bales. hoping to get more horse manure and some mushroom compost, if i can get my brother to use his truck to pick some up! going to plant out some seeds this weekend and early next week, to raise to seedling stage before planting out. also just dug in a green manure on the weekend. so going well. this will only be our second year of vege growing, only started in may last year.


    My first tomato!!!!!:hug::D:D


    Sorry dags I don’t know what variety they are, they came from a packet of mixed squash seeds, Yates brand they are very quick growing, less than a month to first pick here, and they are delicious.

    They should grow anywhere the yellow one’s do I think, the light green/whitish one’s are the best tasting to me, I have some cross pollinated Green one’s with yellow splotches on the plants that i’m gunna try to save seed from.:D

    Congrats on the tomato salli :clap:



    Custard apples and queensland nuts

    duck eggs (she thought I didn’t know what she was doing:lol:)

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