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    Today I picked 3 cabbages, some kale, spring onions, carrots, celery, and parlsey. I bandicooted some potatoes so we had slow-cooked lamb shanks (on sale today) mashed potatoes and fried green leafy stuff for dinner.

    I also found four eggs in the chooks yard… for tomorrow’s breakfast.


    Too cold still down here – nothing is maturing at a great rate.

    Expect for the snow peas – but my 3 year old eats them before I can salvage enough for dinner LOL.

    But the ladies have gone into overdrive – getting 7 eggs per day now.

    Duck Diva_73

    Weeds!! 😆


    6 asparagus spears, 4 small carrots, 6 logan berries, and hard to believe but 4 passionfruit and 3 buckets of weeds.

    boy wrangler

    Not really me, but my DS (2) picked our first cherry tomato that was almost red. He was so excited because we’d been telling him that when they get red we can eat them, so we came home from a weekend away and he came running over with it, “Mummy, it red now!” So beautiful!


    One cauli, a handful of lettuce, 5 eggs, 6 small leeks and some parsley and a bucket of weeds for the chooks.


    We have picked grapefruit, limes, custard apples, mulberries, strawberries, tomatoes, bananas, goose/duck/chook eggs, passionfruits



    Our first quail egg on Saturday.:metal:


    over a doz eggs (backlog):lol:

    mulberries (not the crop we usually have – must be the dry weather)

    2 cucumbers, several bizarre carrots (little DS pulled them out and replanted them several times:p), strwaberries, tomatoes,

    And 2 mice in the traps:rip:


    Do you give the dead mice to the chickens narelleh? 😡 Then you can get some nutrients back that they’ve been stealing!

    I’ve been harvesting snowpeas (be sad when they’re gone), chinese cabbage, lettuce, eggs, mint and parsley.

    Looking at the tiny peaches and nectarines and drooling in anticipation 😀


    no feywind – I usually do but I sent DS out with them this time.

    I put cages over all the pumps,and melons and cucumbers to protect them DH has covered his strawberries with a wire net and the toms are1 for us and 2 for them:@

    Also collected fennel and hot chillies:tup:


    I harvested rosellas, toms and pumps from RTB’s garden – does that count??



    Well I did the 1st harvest of my home grown peas yesterday i took them out of their pods and cooked them for dad ( I hate peas) and he loved them, I said to him nothing beats home grown Veg cause I know what I put into them liek horse poo generously supplied by my horse and water absolutely no chemicals what so ever!!!! So I can happily say my Peas are grown organicly.

    I did pull out the brussells though as nothing grew on them so now I have the task of figuring out what to put in their place


    sugarsnap peas, beetroot, swedes, lettuce, first garlic for the season and even a passionfruit that hung on over winter!

    The nectarines are starting to smell delicious and I need to FF bait asap…


    Was watering the spuds this morning and ran out of water in the can and 2 spud plants hadn’t been watered. Thought … I could walk back to the drum and refill or harvest them.

    Hands up the other lazy sods amongst ALSers.

    We had minted new potatoes with dinner, also coleslaw (sugarloaf cabbage, carrots, onion, celery, chives and chilli all home grown) and sausage (Woolies special)

    First decent crop of spuds we have grown.

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