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    Heres the sink HBG……………sink on legs;)…………..with extras, someone elses discarded el cheapo pergola bits to make shelf and side/back. Water is plumbed in from the well pump irrigation line and drains onto veggie garden slope, so the dirt washed of goes into the garden instead of the septic.



    Nice carrots, Jeanie… :tup: and same goes for those beets, tessa…. :tup:

    RBT i’m in love with your outdoor sink… :clap: That is a mother of a capsicum you’ve got there… :tup:


    I love my outdoor sink too chezza and i had to start picking the capsicums green as there are so many ( and big ) that the bushes are falling over.

    Picked carrots,celery,daikon radish, beans,cabbage, shallots and more tomatoes and capsicum and put together a mean veggie soup for lunch:tup:


    That soup will put hairs on ya chest!!! My capsicums were only ever golf ball size, sweet though… Um, can I have some of that broccoli for tea??? 😀


    well i dashed out in the rain for some brocoli, thyme, parsley and bayleaves,big fat red chilies and 2 oranges for the lamb shank caserole


    I would send you some chezza…………..but might be a bit slimy by the time it got there:rip:

    Spent the morning dispatching and putting in the freezer 8 chooks and 6 ducklings……………with the cow and a couple of pigs in there i should be right for meat for a while:tup:


    Just spent a few hours pulling out weeds and fixing garden- came inside with 7 carrots (including some purple and yellow ones), some celery, red silverbeet, cherry tomatoes and some dead bean pods to dry for the seeds.

    Would have had some sugar snap peas but the 2yr old got to them before i could bring them inside. Guess its one of the better things to snack on!

    Hey, anyone got any ideas of how to use mizuna that has gone wild? Not too keen on using it for salads, there is way too much for that.

    Judi BJudi B

    Well today was a big day for harvesting DH said we may need to get the pickers in.

    I struggled on and I picked some rainbow chard, rocket, broccoli, triffids and the best thing was a beautiful perfect whole 45gr mushroom 😆 we had a stir fry for tea.


    I have been so busy, I haven’t checked this for a while.

    I harvested a lot of potatoes and my first broad beans today, and some more….


    rainbow chard, oranges, cherry toms, cucumber, sweet leaf, spinach, herbs, eggs,


    Bugger,knew i forgot to do something………………..was to busy planting and mulching to pick:lol:


    that’s a lovely harvest ejanea, thanks for sharing the pic 🙂

    Oh how I want some chooks now.


    I’m envious of your capsicum growing abilities, RTB!! I’m harvesting turnips, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes now. And gorgeous pawpaw too!!

    JaJeKa, you can use mizuna in stir fries as well as in salads.


    Not much this time of year broccoli, eggs and a few herbs and my last mandarin. A bunch of silver beet for the chooks we’re a bit over it at the moment. Spent more time potting up seedlings and planting seeds in the glasshouse today.

    I get a bit jealous of anyone up north this time of year.

Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 606 total)
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