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What did you harvest today?

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    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Continuing on from

    this thread

    (which was getting rather long)


    Some beans, nectarines, silverbeet tonight (after rain hopefully) and waiting for my first watermelon to ripen. How about you?


    Some beans, nectarines, silverbeet tonight (after rain hopefully) and waiting for my first watermelon to ripen. How about you?


    Two Megga Zucchini! Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve been harvesting baby ones for the last couple of weeks, these two were hiding around the other side of the plant. I’m making zucchini patties out of them at the moment.

    btw: thanks to reading a thread on here I actualy got big zucchini’s, they were rotting at the baby stage until I put some lime on them a couple of weeks ago.

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    Good LiferGood Lifer

    Zucchinis for me too, plus Scarlet runner beans, beetroot, parsley, pink eye potatoes and lettuce. Oh, and 6 eggs from the girls.


    LOL, What did I harvest today? How about possibly the world’s smallest full grown butternut pumpkins? ( Oh, and a couple of strawberries that have survived)


    queensland nuts by the armload and SUNSHINE (a little):metal:


    Silverbeet by the arm load and looking forward to harvesting my first watermelon. The book says wait until the tendril opposite the stem drys out and shrivels. Well one tendril is browning off so I look forward to my first homegrown watermelon. As for my pumpkins I planted some Diggers heirloom pumpkin seeds and I think they are Jarradale. Planting heirloom mix is a bit of a lottery as I dont know what seeds is what but I have 3 pumpkins on each plant plus a new comer which I will cut off as its a bit late. I had some Trombonccini Zucchinis growing amongst my pumpkin vines but I have cut those out as they where taking up to much space. Looking forward to my first Tomatoes, a bit slow, and sweet corn. Happy harvesting, cheers GR.


    queensland nuts (collected over 200 of them in a few days – yes we counted them:shy:




    climbing spinach



    Handfull of beans

    5 Silverbeet leaves

    1 massive Cucumber



    This morning I brought in the Golden Nugget pumpkins that have been curing in the sun this week…over 7kgs worth. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Also over 1kg of Tigerella Tomatoes that Doc wants to dry.

    Yesterday we picked 17.5kgs of Black Sultana Grapes (and there’s more out there).

    One bucket went to make some cordial and the rest are out the back being dried to make…(you guessed it) sultanas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Doc had to modify his drying rack because it’s been so windy here lately. He turned the bottom tray upside down and attached the legs securely.

    Doc had claimed the grapes for wine this year as they normally have pips in them but for some reason this year none of them have seeds in them!

    So he isn’t getting them. :tongue:

    He’s got enough with his Apricot and Peach wines…not to mention that Mulberry mix that’s brewing away in the bottle!


    I will have to be satisfied with looking at everyone elses harvests for awhile as all i’m getting is mould and slime:rip:


    harvested some corn yesterday – it was suffering due to the hot dry weather last week followed by the cold and rain all this week. I got about 20 cobs (probably half the harvest) but they were all only half cobs, so I left teh rest there in case they develop any more. I pulled up some silverbeet, zucchini, tomatoes and basil. My zucchini is huge – and speckled and has little spiky hairs all over it. Dad is worried that it is not zucchini – but it looks like it and tastes like it… oh well. Course if I kept records I woudl remember wouldn’t I?:shy:


    Harvested my first ever homegrown organic watermelon. Its huge and delicous. I knew it was ripe when the tendril closest to the stem had shirveled up and was falling off. Three mini Rockmelon which smell delicous and just fell off the vine when ripe. I am so full from all of the watermelon to have any Rockmelon but I will for dinner. Plenty of corn cobs but still a bit small so am waiting for a week or two. I have a few green Tomatoes but am a bit dissapointed as they havn’t ripened yet but will soon I hope. I have three Sultana grape vines which I planted in November ’08 but have produced nothing so maybe next summer. Pumpkins are looking good but not ready yet. All the photos and stories look good except poor old roundthebend, it will dry out soon I hope for you. Happy harvesting, cheers GR.


    Lots! And I only picked what was overloading the vines/plants. Was hoping some ALSers might want to buy/swap some veg, but don’t think there are any living quite close enough (or they’re growing plenty themselves as well….)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 606 total)
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