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What did you harvest today?

Home Forums FOOD PRODUCTION, HARVEST AND STORAGE Vegetables What did you harvest today?

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    Judi BJudi B

    I picked some more zucchini :jawdrop: they must be in competition with the triffids:lol:


    4 green beans to be exact! No eggs, no other crops nada zilch!


    Enjoy your produce, JudiB I wont mind zucchini – love them myself… still waiting for one to grow more and flowering.

    Cheers! :hug:


    Some purple beans for lunch and shallots, mint, radish and pak choy for dinner’s spring rolls.

    Forgot to get eggs because of rain.

    I’m eating more and more from the garden and less from the shops. I love it 😀

    Judi BJudi B

    We are quickly getting sick of zucchini I have enough to make a complete 3 course meal with them Zucchini Soup followed by Roast Zucchini and then to finish off Steamed Zucchini Pud:rip:


    about 8 small onions.The last of them.


    another bucket of passionfruit (here we go again:p)

    some star apples

    bunch of bananas (keeping an eye on another bunch too:tup:)


    (we harvested lots of lawn clippings for the garden too:lol:)


    Harvested 10 beans, 4 beetroots, 2 strawberries this morning! :tup:

    Largest harvest we’ve had from the vegie patch! 😆

    Lots growing there atm too… My little boy’s learning all those plants and he’s already targeting the largest cucumber plant that is growing like crazy as he spotted one about 10 cm long cucumber already growing!! Good thing I planted about 6 of them, at least there’d be some for the rest of us to eat! 😉

    Still no eggs for last 2 days…

    Cheers! :hug:

    Had to edit to include a pic!


    These are from yesterday but have only just got around to putting the pic on puter. My first ever raspberries WAHOO!! I’ve been watching them for ages. We were given the canes by the people we bought the house from so they have quite a bit of significance to me since it is something that originally resided with the house and has moved with it.:lol: I’m soooo excited.:D


    Looks very delicious I am still amazed you were able to resist eating it before taking photo! 😆


    I was very quick with the camera. Being so pretty made it a bit difficult, but I got over that and gobbled them up. Mmmmm very nice.:tongue:


    We had our first Tuscan zuchinni last night with mixed salad greens and a couple of very small radishes. Tonight we’ll be having some rhubarb and apple crumble (apple from the shops, sigh….).

    Good digging all,


    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Pulled up two rows of garlic today, probably around 60 heads. One row to go.

    About 4 kg cherries (yum) – hmm what to do with them now.


    Wanna give them to me, LadyB??? I can help! 😆

    No harvesting today – all still growing… :shrug:

    Cheers! :hug:


    I pulled up some garlic the other day. about 20 heads.. will be saving a lot of this for seed for next year, then I can as much as Lady B 🙂


    We picked our first ever home grown tomato from the potted patch & it was yummy! 😀 Plus we collected a few lettuce leaves for our salad tonight.

    We’re very new to all this growing so the kids & I are feeling pathetically pleased with ourselves this evening! Cant wait to see what else out patch has in store for us.

Viewing 15 posts - 736 through 750 (of 881 total)
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