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    djc, i wonder if your stawberry vodka is like mine??

    I also make mulberry :tup::kiss1::kiss1: (to die for YUMMY) and mango (I started with a recipe for peaches but they were abandoned as soon as i make and drank these others


    Just sent you a pm back Jen. I always forget to look at my messages. 😐


    I found a ripe and rather late maturing black sapote on the tree today……mmmm, a dash of yoghurt, my late dessert .


    I harvested a few kilos of green roma tomatoes!! The poor old garden has been a bit neglected since we’ve went away on holiday…tackling things one little job at a time…anyway, got to the tomato patch today and was going to re-stake and give the poor buggers a birthday…only to discover that the slaters had taken up residence ALL over the bushes and in the tomatoes themselves.

    Cut the ‘slater houses’ out of the tomatoes and have them washed, chopped and salted…waiting to be turned into a big batch of green tomato pickle tomorrow.:tup:

    Anyone else having trouble with slaters? Any suggestions? (I found the beer traps I set for snails and slugs used to end up full of slaters…but I think I’ve got a plague on my hands…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:wave:

    Also harvested capsicum, paprika, basil, rocket, eggplant and lettuce…yay!


    Today’s harvest

    All my fully grown lettuces

    All my celery

    All my capsicums

    Most of my silver beet

    Some of my snow pea plants

    Both my new pawpaw trees

    Well I didn’t exactly harvest them, my goats got out again. At least I will enjoy the feed of curried goat all the more.




    Willow! Hahahahaha! :tup:

    Well, today I harvested some ginger, some pineapple, some coconut, some chaya and some banana. I am off to harvest some tumeric and hot peppers for a curried chaya later.

    I made toasted coconut/ginger biscotti, and 1 gallon of pineapple jam in quart jars. It’s that time of the year, pineapples until I don’t want to see pineapples again….


    picking lemons and a couple of types of basil, oregano, sweet potato, endive, parsley….

    not much else coming on –

    Oh – picked a bunch of bananas a couple of days ago – they’re under the pergola ripening


    BTW, Bushy, that is a beautiful pitaya!

    jennifer gjennifer g

    oohhh it all sounds so yummy everyone!

    I harvested the overgrown parts of the patch (and slugs) for the chooks breakfast this morning…

    later i will pick lettuce, cucumber, rocket, spinach for lunch and zucchini to add to dinner……..


    LOL Bushy,

    Maybe you should grow a curry bush and save time.


    Willow has reminded me of the time we went to someone’s place because they had advertised a bicycle for sale. They had a heap of goats penned in a big yard at the back of the house. One goat had escaped and was quietly munching away in their flower garden. As we turned to leave, the people returned and the goat, seeing their car coming, calmy walked up the brace supporting the corner post of their yard and jumped back in where it was supposed to be and innocently started grazing with the others. 😆



    I just talked my supervisor into taking me to his house for lunch (how saucy!) and harvested:




    Custard Fruit

    And while he was giving me a tour of his garden, I plucked a few stray cherry tomatoes and ate them 🙂 I am so envious of his land and what he’s done! Unfortunately he doesn’t get that much time to spend maintaining it, but wow.. I’m jealous!


    LImes, lemons, grapefruit, mandarines, oranges and MORE MORE MORE passionfruit (I do think there can be too many pfruit Bella;))


    Hah Narelleh – something I didnt’ believe until I saw it myself today. I’ve been making lots of passionfruit butter for people trying help my supervisor out. Next think I’ll make is passionfruit cordial.

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