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    now trying to work out what to do with them!

    Em, save some seeds for sharing with your ALS friends for starters!! :clap::tup:

    Ok, I want to know about dragonfruit guys. What temps and conditions does it need? They look yummo. Bushy, I think, had a pic of one once and it was fluoro pink. Should I start a separate thread maybe? :confused:

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    that dragon fruit looks positively delightful.. what does it taste like ?


    It tastes yum! Like… kiwifruit mixed with pear or melon, I guess. :tup: I have a young one growing – doesn’t seem to need any looking after at all. No fruit yet from ours. They come in different colours. Supermarket ones are a bit bland… like all fruit.


    Paula, my cutting is at a standstill too but im hoping it will do something later on. I got cuttings of a white one at the coloundra markets too so that should be interesting. It was still pink on the outside, but snow white with the little black seeds. its really pretty. I’ve seen yellow as well.

    jennifer gjennifer g

    oooh Paula, maybe could you save a piece for me next time? I can swap a little something else with the wasabi seeds……hurry up wasabi hurry up!

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    It tastes yum! Like… kiwifruit mixed with pear or melon, I guess. :tup:

    Awww… I want some.. but I guess I’ve got a snowballs chance in hell at growing it down here, haven’t I :noapprove:


    We are going through a lean time in our garden, but have been picking and eating seedless mandarines for a couple of weeks and picked our first Tangello this week. We’re also picking Lemonade and Meyer lemons whenever we need some.



    This is the real colour of my dragon fruit, Tully has a good memory !!


    Have started to pick a few dragons, plenty of citrus except the limes which just finished. Plenty of sweet spuds, new swedes, guava.

    Harvested a jackfruit today, the first for a new tree


    Hmm, today I harvested some Davidson’s Plums from the edge of the forest and made plum jelly with those. Yum!

    On my way down the hill I picked a lemonade from the young tree, and pinched a mulberry from the tree up there too. Everything is so young, just getting one nibble here and there is still a thrill!

    I pulled out a heap of strawberry runners for a friend and saw that I have a lot of pumpkins to harvest when the rain stops (when?)

    Then I collected 10 eggs from the chook pen, and that’s about it for today.

    I’ve been harvesting a lot of greens and herbs, and endless pumpkins. Today’s pumpkin soup for lunch was the best ever, I think.


    Didn’t harvest today but some strawberries getting a bit soft so made strawberry vodka, collected elderflowers for ‘champagne’ and a takeaway for tea!!

    Rachel have you tried making pepper and chilli jelly with your surplus?

    jennifer gjennifer g

    This thread is sooo awesome! Bushy love those dragon fruit fantastic! It’s great hearing what everyone is harvesting, sounds delicious!


    Did I just read ‘strawberry vodka’? Gardening rocks! 😀


    Jen, sorry I missed your post.

    If you send me a pm with your address, I will get a couple of cuttings away to you. I just had a look on the net and it said the best time to plant them was around late July, early August, but I’m sure they would be fine to go in now, as I just checked on a couple that I put in a few weeks ago and they have put out roots already. 😀

    jennifer gjennifer g

    Paula, did you get my other pm? about the wasabi seeds? will pm again.

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