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    sorry to hear Kas


    Hello Folks,

     Another newbie to ALS. here.

    First sorry to read of the slow loss of your mum Kasalia.

    Loved reading your article on growing tomatoes. Thanks for that. Makes me keen again to get back over to a dam where we have Aust. bass. Have caught about 10 so far but just chucked guts and heads in compost. This time the bits will be under our spring plant tomatoes. Mmm, so better put it off for some weeks yet.

    But back to the Thread.

    Today? Went to work :- (  But got home early-ish and done usual tasks. First start up wood heater (or the showers gonna be luke warm). Wash lunch plastics (saves using plastic wrap). Let chooks out, collect eggs.

    Bolted down the plastic verandah screens as wind is gettin’ a blow on. Getting chilli here as well but not frosty yet.

    Hey,tomorrows Friday…


    Hi Sidetracked, welcome to ALS! :-h


    Better day today ,thanks  Calliecat and Sidetracked I painted some more of the verandah roof, doing 3 panels at a time, hit the 2nd corner, so final side coming up. Welcome sidetracked, I am also going to try the tomatoes, as soon as spring comes.

    Picked beans, broccolli, carrots, snow peas. kale for dinner so feeling good about that. I am about to take myself off to Movies by my self. Never done that before so feeling odd, but need the night off. John on computer and mum in bed.


    Great harvest your having Kasalia. Plenty of healthy meals coming your way. I got probably one third the way around repainting  our varandah  rafters before getting sidetracked. Hope you make it all the way on that roof Kasalia.  I,m having big probs with my solar food dryer. I’m desperate to get it going properly. This is now my second adjustment & still not drying the produce properly. I think the collector box  glass I’ve got is too thick and absorbing all the solar heat before entering the box? Wasted figs, plumbs & now bananas, Grrr.  If I didn’t have to prepare the boxing for the shed slab this weekend I’d try Solar dryer Mk. 3 Picture is Mark 1. Second attempt has a large solar collector attached. (and fan forced). Is there anyone that has experience at this stuff out there?


    Welcome sidetracked.Your dehydrator looks impressive.


    Will give that a go Ballamara, I don’t hold out too much hope though manually pulling seems the only thing to work (i have even gone the chemical route before X_X , but whilst that knocks the ones down that are around at the time the next lot just pop straight back up so nothing is gained) think a good hoe needs to get onto my shopping list!


    they are persistent little buggers.

    Judi BJudi B

    Sidetracked Welcome… how far west of Gympie?
    Yesterday went to the permie meeting and got some lovely chokoes, limes and mandarins, got rid of more triffids and a few sweet potato plants as a backup if I get a heavy frost and lose mine.
    Today I wanted to work in the garden but the weather wasn’t playing along it was misting and a few heavier showers but I did pot up some feverfew, wormwood and gazanias.


    Just to keep things interesting I am trying to grow lavender from seed. Also made some veggie soup as it is a bit nippy here and did a bit of weeding and that is about it.

    Judi BJudi B

    ballamara I’m trying to grow pink rosemary from seed.
    Today I’ve been weeding the asparagus bed and putting straw over the bed while weeding I found a baby Jacky Dragon it was so cute, divided and replanted some triffids, threw some more calendula seed around and now I have to work out the materials needed for a poly pipe greenhouse…. bad when your head wont work LOL…
    I’ve still got to go feed the fish and tadpoles


    I picked up some quinces at a garden share over a week ago and finally got around to making quince paste with them today.
    Also got my new heating installed today. Yay for a toasty warm winter.
    Rained on and off most of the day so the garden will be happy.


    Hi Judy B I have a pink rosemary,if you would like some cuttings and if I am allowed to send then up there law wise. I would be only too happy to help out.


    I’ll be interested to hear how you go growing rosemary from seed guys.  I’m trying to get some cuttings of prostrate rosemary going at the moment.  How’d your quince paste turn out Jaz?  We picked up 2 sows on the weekend that were in need of a good home.  Our boar has taken a liking to one of them, so that’s a positive.  I love piggies!

    Judi BJudi B

    Thanks for the offer ballamara but I’m just trying it for fun… like growing lemon trees from cuttings.
    Today was not a happy day we went to the funeral of a friend really nice guy, he was only 5yr older than my DH, found out that he used to be a drummer in J O’K’s band
    Now onto nicer things I harvested some water chestnuts, ginger and spring onions for a stir fry…. thats pretty much all I have growing right now … possums have been eating better than us.
    I have some finger limes growing and one had some fruit when we bought it and a broken small branch so like any crazy gardener I potted up the small branch, saved the seeds form the fruit and planted them so now I have 3 seedlings and one cutting that looks promising.
    Bel I don’t have any trouble with rosemary cuttings, I have a pink cutting growing quite well…. I just make sure there is a heel of the older wood and dip the cutting in some honey.

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