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What Bird is This Please?

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    Hi ALSes, over the last ten years or so a golf club near where I live in conjunction with the local council and lots of residence have diverted some rain water from the local township to create a lagoon with the ‘filtered’ outflow going into a sump and diverted for use on a local golf course, ground water allocation and out to sea. This has been of great benefit as its turned a smelly low lying wet area into a controlled thriving ecosystem, supplemented the golf courses thirst for water, assisted in maintaining some natural ground water and saved a lot of street tainted rain water flowing straight into the sea.

    To date the results have been terrific and a great example of LOCALS getting together to share a precious resource for the benefit of the wider community and environment. Waiting for state & federal government support would of seen the start date pushed out to the never never and the encouraging vision & plans remain bogged down in a stagnant morass of bureaucracy, red tape, and “sorry Mr we dont have a box to tick for that, propose a car park with lots of bitumen & concrete and we can have your plans approved in a jiffy”. So with the combined strong arm of some influential locals and the shunning of the comedic but sadly often repeated “the computer says no” scenario the water diversion, capture, and allocation program went ahead and is not only finished but hot rocking.

    Birds have migrated from all over the place and whilst the pecking order within and between species has created lots of excitement I have been able to idetify most of the birds except the following one. Can any one identify this bird please?

    Cheers Porgey.


    grey heron

    we have them on the waterhole at the front of my place as well, think they also come in white

    they don’t come in white, that is an Egret


    We have simalar looking birds down on the river Murray they do look like Herons


    Whitefaced herons porgey,they like stealing goldfish out of ponds


    I second White Faced Herons


    Yes ,White Faced Heron, common all over Oz except for part of central WA.

    Great project Porgey, and a great result. :tup: :clap:


    Thank you for all of your replies. Its great to know what it is as its quite a spectacular bird to photograph. Being new to hobby ornithology I am enjoying the strategy of ‘photo-hunting’ birds and identifying them. Mr & Mrs white faced heron seem to be nesting high up in some cypress pines over looking a larger lagoon about 5 clicks away from the lagoon in the photo and pay daily visits when the dogs are not about. They appear quite awkward in taking off and actively reaching a safe flight path but have a real grace when they glide through the sky in relative peace with the warming sun on there backs. Being big birds I thought they would be high up on the pecking order but are easily starteled and take flight when rather aggressive wattle birds give them the heave ho. Hope to post more photos when the sky clears.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Some of the folk round here call them “blue crane”, but I know them as white-faced heron. We have them here and they nest in the trees too. Great seeing a big gangly bird like that landing in a nest. Lovely bird.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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