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What are your gardening plans this weekend?

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    veggie boyveggie boy

    My aim is to dig over and plant out one bed per weekend. My back is not very good due to a car accident a few years back, so for me this is about the limit and I need a full week to recover :lol:. This weekend gone I dug a bed over and planted sweet corn (about 40 or 50 plants) and cow pea as a ground cover/legume.

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Veggie Boy, you’re doing a great job to be digging! I’ve got a good back, but still find digging a shock to the system!

    Hmmmm…it’s Monday, I just sent the man away to work for the week. I should be bringing him home on Friday. That means we can work on moving, splitting and stacking the firewood again, which is what we did all day this past Sunday. I’ll be doing what I can weeding and planting over the working week as well. Given acceptable weather of course! 😛


    :clap: veggie boy. I know from experience it’s hard to do more than a certain amount in the garden when you have a physical ailment. That’s a huge number of corn plants to put in, I can’t grow corn here the white cockatoos get to it before I do :angry:

    I spent yesterday having mower time while DH kept on with the chicken coop. I did plant a pineapple today and put some cuttings in a pot from some flowers I was given. I have no idea what it was though so it will be a :jawdrop: or a :blink: :laugh:


    My plan, kind of extends into this week, as I’m currently home 9/10ths of each week from Tafe.

    Today I am cleaning out modifying my still air incubator into a fan forced one. Hopefully my fertile eggs from NSW arrive today or tomorrow.

    I’m also waiting on my Raspberry canes in the post, so they’ll be planted when they get here.

    Garden plans include more seed planting in trays, getting some mulch and stakes for beans and peas. Possibly fencing a few garden plots off from the hungry velociraptors…er chickens.


    Ravyk post=323590 wrote: My

    Possibly fencing a few garden plots off from the hungry velociraptors…er chickens.

    :laugh: :laugh: I like that one.


    mistyhollows post=323673 wrote:


    Possibly fencing a few garden plots off from the hungry velociraptors…er chickens.

    :laugh: :laugh: I like that one.

    So do i it’s on DH list ours currently keep escaping and are wrecking the garden I need a new run built. No tomato plants are going in until he does. Plant up seedlings into bigger pots, plant more seeds. Weed front garden if i have time. No hurry DH thinks have the native grasses look like weeds anyway.


    Fine weather (mostly) expected here in Melbourne so will be having a small burnoff in the morning followed by a splurge at the nursery for some new natives and some edibles.


    Gonna be a shocker of weather here this wkend so will be just taking it easy while I let my body acclimate to the incoming summer’s vicious weathers… :whistle:

    More weeding, working out the crop rotation plan, cleaning out the huge shed of 3 years junk/rubbish – depends on who you’re talking with, me or DH -, playing with my little nephew and checking out a farmers’ market nearby to buy more fruits.

    Checked my fruit grove this morning and I realised we will be in trouble coming summer with 10 plum trees all fruited!! :jawdrop: Every single fruit and nut tree is doing very well, except for a poor female pistachio nut tree – a borer got into the grafted part of her, so dunno if she’ll grow right. Bummer – looking for a replacement now as her male companion’s doing very well.

    Happy gardening/wrecking weekend! Take care 😉

    Cheers! :hug:


    Gotta mow the lawn I think…

    And it’s going to get over 30 deg!


    Lovely weather coming, have planted all my seed, weeded everything, chook run sorted, so this weekend I’m doing….

    NOTHING!!! Sweet wonderful NOTHING!!!

    Chillin on the deck in the sun, watchin chookies chase bugs, cuppa in hand, good book to read and pooch curled up at my feet. Can’t wait :laugh:


    Put the shade up on the glasshouse. Plant more seeds, Weed.


    mowin lawn today, whipper snipperin, getting out the front with the roundup on the wood chip, but first off to cricket training.

    then if I have time today Im ducking up to bunnings (only 10 minute walk from me) and getting some petunias or something for my front hanging pots.

    tomorrow we is working on the chook shed


    Weed, Water the fruit trees for the first time since last Autumn, and if I get the strength I will cut, paint & instal the last four rafters in my new garden shed that I am still figuring out how best to finish off. Have a good one everybody.


    Mistyhollows you can deter the cockies from your garden by hanging anything blue.

    eg blue plastic bags,they dont like blue.

    So you may be able to grow your sunflowers. :tup:

    As I am many miles from home looking after an injured friend the only gardening I can do is read the new Annette McFarlane garden book I bought yesterday,or look at ALSer’s gardens on here.

    I think my friend would think I’ve gone looney if I rolled around on the grass :blush: they dont have much garden here 🙁

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