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What are your gardening plans this weekend?

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    sue esue e

    🙁 I am so in need of dirt therapy :S .

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :clap:


    Ahhhh had my dirt therapy today :laugh: . Planted cucumbers in the veg garden and a dozen casuarina trees across the top boundary. Feel sooooo much better and it was an absolutely stunning day to be outside, clear skies and perfect spring weather.

    DH got the roof on the chicken coop and bought the snake mesh to go around the run. Now all that’s left to do is get the run up. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve even had time to look at the chicken coop but I’m starting to get excited I can’t wait to get the ladies. :woohoo: The kids were in the coop today pretending to be chickens, soooo funny :laugh:


    I planted cucumbers, capsicums yesterday. Today I am hoping the rain we were supposed to have had overnight has softened up the ground enough for me to dig some holes


    My plans include going to the markets for some seedlings, lavender plants and a lemon tree. Planting up some herbs pots I got yesterday and just general weeding, watering and tidying of the verandah garden I did thru the week. Sun is shining so should be a great day in the garden. :tup:


    I plan to vege……….. 😉


    yesteryda I cleared out the i am going to start to put back the garedn beds and fill with soil..I got up early this morning and dug a new garden near the chook pen,I’m trying to pretty them up some


    I finally have a better idea of what’s going where around here so I’m off out to lay some new pathways with newspaper and sawdust. Yesterday we prepared the areas for the upcoming giant pumpkins 😉 .

    This afternoon we’re going to help out with a new community garden that gets it’s first garden beds made today.


    Back from the markets. No lemon tree’s under $20 🙁


    Nice haul LB! 🙂

    Be a couple of $20 notes in that little lot… 😉


    Got up early to avoid the rain to start putting in some posts for my new garden shed. The budget is only $200 so its going to be a lot of grunt work digging out the cut & fill floor. I have scrounged a heap of timber from around the place so hopefully I can use that to make a practical shed. Its been raining off and on for a couple of hours but hopefully the skies will clear this arvo, If not I will sow some seeds in preparation for october planting.

    Judi BJudi B

    I have done 3 hours of weeding and taken 2 barrows full down to the compost.

    I removed a huge aloe that was leaning over the garden edge but I’m not sure what to do with it and the 6 little ones.


    Steve – I only had $55 with me. If I bought a $20 lemon tree I would of left half of my pretties at the markets, considering I came with a few bucks change I think I did ok. :blush:


    this morning i sowed some lettuce and spinach.made a potatoe box for the kitchen.

    hilled up some potatoes, transplanted buffalo grass runners in the back yard.getting a bed ready for some pretty flowers in the yard.continue tomorrow.


    I had a big peice of cupboard out the backyard, it had killed the grass under it, so I dug that area to plant the raspberries, found 100’s of earthworms in that area, lots of little bubby ones too.

    I was expecting the ground to be hard, but it wasnt that bad.

    Ive now moved the cardboard to another area, I want to pop some pumpkin, in that area


    I only got the watering done today, oh well. I did seasol my plant nursery on the deck but spent the bulk of the afternoon feeling like a sheep shearer clipping the dog (he’s a king charles cavalier and his fur was touching the floor :jawdrop: ), he’s now half the pup he used to be :laugh: and rugged up in a blanket ’cause he’s cold :whistle:

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 89 total)
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