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What are your gardening plans this weekend?

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    Three words: [expletive] onion weed. :angry: :angry: :angry:

    Easy enough to rip out by hand, it’s just there’s a bunch of the stuff everywhere I look!


    We have had the flu epidemic too so most of my work this weekend will be with the washing – but, i have some weeds in the vegetable garden that need pulling up (but not that many) and plant two lemon trees that i bought a couple of weeks ago that haven’t been planted yet. they are dwarf lisbon and meyers and will go in the chook yard with a lovely little wire cage to surround them and protect them from scratchy claws.


    Ive been cleaning up garden beds and trimming existing plants will probably get back into that Sun/Mon.

    Also have some potatoe sproutings to move and cover with straw.


    Hopefully tomorrow will be our big planting day – we’ve bought 3 dwarf apples (granny smith, red fuji and gala) a dwarf nectarine and a dwarf peach. (Heading for 7- we just need 2 more and snow white might visit! :laugh: ) Also need to plant some natives and couple of groundcovers. (Can you tell we moved in yet?!! Operation Transformation from an ex-rental house to self-sufficient paradise!!)

    Hubby did some ‘pruning’ today- I asked him to tidy up a really ugly tree – now there is just the stump left :whistle: remind me not to let him touch the fruit trees.

    veggie boyveggie boy

    Very little time to spend in the garden this weekend unfortunately but have popped down and used the hoe to hill some soil up around the potato plants in my sebago patch. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow – forecast is for some much needed rain – then I will have to look at giving them a water. It has been so dry here in Brisbane for the last couple of months that a few things are threatenning to die, including my lemongrass and comfrey border I have around my veggie patch. I had the dripper hose on it on Wednesday and again today, but it hardly wet the surface. It will be interesting to see how many of the comfrey and lemmongrass come back come some rain and spring warmth. I think I will have some fairly significant holes in the border to fill.

    sue esue e

    RAIN!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    so good to wake up to the sound of it this morning!

    veggie boyveggie boy

    I concur. I lost the first couple of hours as my first flush diverter fell off – again – (I guess that’s what you do when you have it proped up with pavers instead of glueing it on :lol:. Nothing a gal rood screw hasn’t now fixed – but was a bit dodgy operating the electric drill out in the rain :lol:. Hoping for light steady rain all day…


    Well, we haven’t had the rain yet 🙁

    Gardening not planned – but went out to pull some weeds from the veggie garden for the chooks and decided the grass needed mowing around the beds, then re-discovered the forgotten bed in the corner. It was full of weeds, dead grass and chyrsanthemums, also half dead – and amazingly about six spears of asparagus :jawdrop: so got stuck into clearing that out.

    Now it looks like it might rain, but the radar shows it might also miss us again 🙁

    We’ve had approximately 4mm over the last 3 months and 3.5 of that was on Tuesday night.


    After raining all week it finally cleared for a couple of hours today. I weeded and cleaned up a couple of potplants. It was nice to have the sun shining for a change.

    veggie boyveggie boy

    Only got 5mm in the end. Hoping for more during the week.


    my plans included the neighbours sticking their heads over the fence for a nosey when I was planting my potatoes, not once, twice.

    they didnt even say hello or anything.

    yep feralaide 😆


    🙁 I didn’t get any gardening done this weekend. I am so in need of dirt therapy :S . We have had plenty of rain though :tup:


    Can’t beat that dirt therapy can you Misty H… 🙂

    I’m feeling great after a simply living weekend. One that consisted of gardens, chooks, kefir, stock, cooking, roasts, veges, time out…


    I’ve only just got online, but had a great weekend of mowing lawns, weeds and green manure and pulling lots of weeds… Hopefully the weeds stay away for a while now though, as it’s mighty hard work! Place looks fantastic though lol


    Managed to move the potatoes and finish off trimming plants and removing others.

    We also pumped the fish pond and the plants all got some nice fish emulsion.Filling up now via the tank.

    Evicted a bunch of snails in the water tube to the rhubarb wick bed then stuck a jar over the top so no more can move in.

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