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What are your gardening plans this weekend?

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    Hoping the ground isnt to wet to plant some seedlings out, maybe start the fruit tree pruning (forgotten about this) definately pull some weeds. Whole weekend to do what I want to do, rain has stopped for now so gardening here I come :woohoo:


    …. And some updates blog pics Lizzie?!?! *looks hopeful*

    I should look at pruning the roses and fruit trees. I need to shift two which are in the way of my veg garden renovation. Need to plant out some raspberry canes and put compost onto the beds for summer. Also attempt to plant peas… Hope I can get them growing!!

    Better get cracking then!

    Judi BJudi B

    I’m a bit like Steve will walk around and think about what needs doing, will get sidetracked by something a bird or better still a wallaby and her joey I like watching the joey’s if they are just starting to venture out… like wound up toys :laugh:

    I have weeding to do, need to rake up the grass, mulch some trees, prune some as well….not up to it just yet have a splitting headache and an earache and the constant motorbike noise with the loud music isn’t helping.

    I’d better get into it.


    I’m gonna take a look at the vegies pick a weed or two as Steve mentioned get distracted,I loose many things outside because I get distracted.

    Its a lovely day here today so I better get going.

    Judi BJudi B

    Well I went outside and hung the washing then thought I’m out here I’ll do some weeding but first I had to walk around and see what needed weeding first …… thats where I came undone :blush: I got sidetracked by first the wrens the boys are just starting to colour up and look a bit daggy but another week or two and they will be beautiful, then a couple of honey eaters caught my eye “what were they doing in the shed?” I watched and then another larger honey eater showed up so I got closer and they were happily pulling the cotton waste from an old chair then taking it to the trees in the house yard and there it was a nest, then a pair of galahs got me they were fighting over a stick just like kids there are tons of sticks but they both wanted the same one.

    I did a bit in the garden till I felt like my brain (little that there is) was falling out through my nose so I came in to lay down for some peace and quiet :laugh: :laugh: that was a crazy idea…. motorbikes are so noisy :angry: well there is always tomorrow..


    I also ventured out and the G/son came with me.

    We were looking for pods on the pea vines and found a few,he noticed the peas came from where the flowers used to be,so that was something he learnt today.

    As we were looking for the pea pods the jack russel thought we were looking for mice so had to check the bed out also.

    Then I picked some silverbeet and a turnip,then we took the scraps to the chooks and played catch with a ball.

    Side tracked but doesnt matter we had fun outside and he usually sits inside all day playing X-box.


    I am hoping to plant a cutting of the Warrigul greens in a pot. has any one done this?

    maybe get to sow some greens in a pot.

    we had a lovely morning at a farmers market at wauchope. is anyone from around there?

    watched the cooking demo, got to sample some yummy treats.shopped till we dropped. but we are happy to have found this a worthwile venture.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    gartenfee post=318183 wrote: I am hoping to plant a cutting of the Warrigul greens in a pot. has any one done this?

    Yes gartenfee, I have.. it will work just fine 🙂


    thanks humbug, that gives me more hope now.


    Well after 3 loads of washing, putting one out and bringing it back in 5 min later ’cause it rained AGAIN. Then wandered out to the veg garden to see what was left of it after the rains, managed to get some rocket and lettuce to go with lunch. Looked at the rose bushes which need pruning and thought I’ll do that after lunch……I read a book after lunch and had a cuppa :laugh: so the roses still need pruning! DH did make some progress on the new chicken coop getting the nesting box done and started putting the timber on the walls of the thing before friends turned up.

    Oh well, there’s always tomorrow to prune the roses. I also need to mulch the rest of the new grove in the orchard. Off to the big green warehouse tomorrow to get some organic mulch. I have heaps of pea seeds left over too. Might use them as a bit of a green mulch in the new grove or I may let them grow and just eat the peas 😛

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    gartenfee post=318200 wrote: thanks humbug, that gives me more hope now.

    You’re welcome gartenfee 🙂


    Sadly I got sick Friday night and have spend all day today in bed. So much for plans.


    🙁 That’s terrible Iduna. I hope you feel better soon. :hug:


    Well I dug a vege garden bed over and I cut up some wattle trees that died. The thicker bits that I can’t put through the mulcher I cut into short lengths and placed under my orange trees on top of the mulch to try to deter those chookens from scratching it all away.

    I might even get a short green manure crop in on that garden bed. I still have oat seeds here, might spread them around tomorrow.

    So I did end up doing more than wander and ponder. 🙂

    And still one day of the weekend left! Who knows what amazing feats I will accomplish tomorrow! 😀


    I managed some retail therapy and planting out some seedlings.

    The only problem is when I got home my darling husband had dug out the banana tree to make way for ANOTHER pond, grrrrrr!

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