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    Beautiful children :hug:


    I am taking hubby in to have his passport application interview. I sent my application off last week as I have a NZ passport and I had to get it renewed. We are hoping to go to Canada in Sept this year for my cousins wedding and see the rellies for what could be the last time as they are getting older on me.:(


    Sorting stuff out around the houes this morning, washing, seedlings, chooks, go to libary, make tea for tonight, take youngest to speech therapy, back home pick kids up from school and then off to work, come home, collapse into bed.


    Just packed up a heap of leftovers into the freezer for lunches, using up left over roast chicken and making some cream of chicken soup, and making some garlic bread from a marked down french stick i had in the freezer. Another next to nothing costing meal :D:D

    Apart from that, washing (its sheets, towels and pillowcases day), folding, cleaning up, removing some choice plants from the garden before we move, and of course looking after the brat.


    Cleaning out the fridges if I can get off my bum. :p


    Stocking up on molassis for the stock…………means doing several runs to the sugar mill over the next couple of days and filling drums with the stuff and then transfering it to a large tank.

    Have been waiting for the new ute:metal:


    Day off work today!!!!


    Retrieved DH from Laura hospital, apparently he has some sort of stomach ulcer, and a heart murmer. He has 3 appointments with spe*xxxx*ts n Port next week. Is good to have him home.

    Thanks for all well wishes:)


    All the best phoenixxinOz and Hubby :hug:

    Hey I just played a game of Cludo! with DD8!!:metal: She won πŸ˜†


    Had car serviced (and rebooked for timing belt and tune up $$!)

    But since we were stranded in town we went to help a friend get some stuff ready for a market she is going to on w/e.

    I labelled and priced honey bottles.

    Wrapped home made soap.

    Made some keychains and mob ph dangly things (with beads etc)

    I will return there later in week to help bottle and label more honey.

    DD came home today from staying with friends


    sewing lady

    I am going to be taking 2 groups of school children on a walk through the local showground to show them some of the history of the area.

    P.S. I am not a teacher just a volunteer


    Spent the day in rain,hail and gales, whilst 100 12/13 year old learnt about gypsy traveller life in the past and how they live now. Great day but very cold and wet at the end of it. I will add that I volunteer at our local rural life museum.(


    taking some preserved waterbugs to school to show the kids who are studying insects, doctors appointment to talk about the first day blahs, grocery shopping, haircut and bank…. I think that’s it

    I might get time to plant out most of the free cuttings and stuff I was given yesty :tup:


    Take DS7 to school on his bike πŸ™‚ (sorry for the earthquakes everyone, false alarm, just me running to keep up!) Cuppa with a friend thismorning, get the washing done, make some more washing solution, get dinner organised, collect the boy on his bike, then get ready for another night shift! Oh the joys of being alive today! (all I wanna do is sleep!) Water the garden in there too somewhere, actually, think I’d better go and do that now! oops! should have done it thismorning. :confused:


    Finished filling the tank with molassis before DH heads back to PNG

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 1,105 total)
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