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    Started a new thread for this coz the last one was 33 pages long:jawdrop:

    I’ve had the bestest day. I’ve made honey joys, anzac biscuits, fruit leather and ice-cream. I’ve got all the washing completely done (except the ironing pile, but it’s not going anywhere:lol: ), I’ve played with DS#10 and with the chickies and chooks. I have tidied up heaps around the house. I’ve even trimmed the wool around the sheeps pizzles and trimmed their hooves. I am of course out of favour with them now:confused: Amongst all of that I’ve made a good lunch and tea too.:clap: Oh, I can’t forget pulling up the carrots and preparing a heap of food ready for sanga’s next week. DH has been just as busy getting the bathroom done. He’s had a 5 month break from working on the house but now he’s getting full on into it. WAHOO:clap::clap::clap: I’m gunna shower in a house instead of a shed soon. Soooo excited. I’m gunna have a really really long bath when it’s done. Doo doo di doo doo (excited little jig around the loungeroom:lol: )

    Edited ‘coz I did a jig around the loungeroom, not a jug:jawdrop:


    My day has been a little less constructive – have been going around the house with a garbage bag collecting all those things you keep ‘in case’ which are actually rubbish – sorting through all those piles of papers you sweep up in a heap and don’t sort through because you want the place tidy, not organised, and filling up endless recycling bags that are gradually engulfing the front lawn so I don’t forget to put them out on the day. Doing loads of washing so that everything is clean (pet bedding gets done next weekend once they are gone) entertaining all those lovely people who want to come and say their farewells but don’t realise you have a million things to do, sorting cables to throw out those that belong to the computer whose motherboard died and therefore no longer need to be kept – putting things into bags I am taking with me, boxes I am marking to collect once they arrive before the rest goes into storage … and this will be my life for the next two weeks ….. feeling a little like a squirrel in a wheel at the moment …


    Saw DH off again… least i had him home for valantines:D………………then spent 4 hours on the guerny, so now my green slimy verandah rails are blue again and the cement steps are no longer growing fungi:rip: + scrubbed out one room downstairs and sanitized it

    Then took a spare wheelie bin over to my old nieghbour as one of hers has gone missing………….probably floating somewhere in the hinchinbrook channel


    I should have a good day today. In November my place was in the path of the big storms and today the Council engineers come to cut and stack the 3 enormous trees that are the last of the damage. They will be using an excavator to get the root mass out and pile the timber. This afternoon the fire warden will come to discuss its burning. So I’m hoping that this week I will see just a huge black patch.


    Muster, I love the name of your town :lol::clap:

    Yesterday was “cleaning out the fridge and being creative with the leftovers” day. Leftovers pizza, mini quiches, rice salad, ham and pea soup, and spinach and ricotta puffs πŸ˜€

    Today I buy some wood and start making a replacement for the kitchen cabinet that I took to with a hammer :jawdrop: Well, where else was I going to put the dishwasher? πŸ˜† The place will look really nice once I finish with it … it’s a shame we’ll probably be selling it πŸ™


    Today I am going to flood releif centre – got the guts up to do – see how we go.

    DS#2 goes to school again today – it is his second day this yr (at LAST!!)

    DH returns to work

    DS#1 goes to work later as well

    I will only have DS#3 aged 2 – wow nearly a day off:jawdrop:


    let me see hubby has physio today,then hoping to get some stitching done on niece’s quilt,basically a boring day at least i might stay sane


    we have to go to wilmington to check mail, and then boolooroo to go to the butcher…..all up, about 120 km lol

    good luck with the sanity luvin:lol: i’ve given up on that:tongue:


    So far today, I got up and made Kasey lunch for school, finally going 2 full days a week, walked her up to the school, came home and cleaned, once the mince defrosts, will be making meatballs ready for cooking for tea, doing lots of washing, may have my grandma over for a coffee, and have a goss:lol:

    Not too bad today.


    I’m just slopping around doing what needs to be done before the move. Mostly that means filling the skip with embarrassing quantities of clutter. I’m getting pretty stressed as we’re moving next week and we’re still not unconditional! Gaah – the bank now wants a valuation on the property – who knows how long that will take? And I know it’s unlikely the vendors won’t give us an extension, but it’s a worry I don’t need right now – it’s making my IBS flare up, and then my productivity goes down, and then I get more stressed … :p I can’t wait until this is over and we’re safely settled in our new place!


    :hug::hug::hug: Kiwimama :hug::hug::hug: It will work out!!


    Thank you salli! I know logically it will almost certainly be fine, I just wish the bank wasn’t taking so long. It seems we applied just as a nil establishment fee offer was expiring, so they had a rush of applications. I snapped at my poor Mum when she called the other night and started going all doom and gloom on me – “what will you do if it falls through?” etc – I was like, “do you think I haven’t been worrying about that?!!!” πŸ˜† Poor woman.

    Judi B

    Well today I haven’t done much really DH had a bad night again so…. the ever thoughtful hubby shared with me again:@ so I’m a bit braindead today he got cramps then had a coughing fit then couldn’t settle as he had chest pains again.

    So I’ve been sorting through stuff I’ve collected over the years and have decided to give it to the RAK.


    :hug: Oh Judi B, I’m sorry :hug:


    well we almost didn’t go anywhere…the troopy didn’t want to start( some sort of battery problems i think), so we ended up going to wilmington(eventually), the to Orroroo instead of boolooroo and had the mechanic check out francine( that’s the troopy’s name lol…..don’t ask me, i don’t name ’em, they name themselves:tongue:)


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