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What are you doing today? (part eleventy billion)

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    Wet wet wet. Stay safe everyone.


    Daily round of weeding, Im sanding down and treating planter boxes with linseed oil, potting up sale plants for Herb Day next month, also potting 50 casurinas I got which are surplus Landcare plants given to me for revegetation. Too late to plant them this year, so they can have a summer holiday in pots and go out a bit bigger next year.

    Kids back to school for term 4, Jess only has one more week of distance ed and then will start normal primary school next week. She needs to pot some things up for Callington show competition entries too. Hopefully I will be able to have a market stall at the show and sell some stuff there too.

    sunny clear weather at the moment, more rain is predicted later in the week, tho.

    Some rockmelons and watermelons to plant out, but need to top up beds with compost first, so quite a lot of getting down and getting dirty today!


    Cant do much of anything as it wont stop raining!!

    Little Bella pupped on Tues she ended up with 5 puppies during the day

    I had to wait till I got home today to see them mum and pups doing well


    Doing a few loads of washing, some mowing later in the afternoon. Going to CRT for chook food, lucerne and potting mix. Planting out seedlings and weeding.


    washing, then going out for lunch, steak sandwich and chips today :tup::)

Viewing 5 posts - 496 through 500 (of 500 total)
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