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    Today I finished tilling the veg patch for carrots ,cauli,and broc,

    dug up and replanted a bush,,Made another styro worm farm and gave the carrot seeds some extra worm castings to help them along.

    Feed a heap of dogs,did washing, sold a ferret. watched landline had a nap read some gardening books.

    Looking into solar power sites need to ask som ALSers some questions on it also.

    Where has the day gone now off to feed the pups.


    We have the mower going!

    We can see it needs a bit more than us to keep it good for longer tho so will take it off next time we go into town. But DH is zooming about out there:tup::tup:Thanks RTB:kiss1:

    I have sorted the dreaded toy boxes:rip:

    I small bag of rubbish, 2 bags for playgroup and another for 2nd hand shop

    It is much better now (for how long??)

    Have finished off some paper work

    Marinated chicken nearly done in slow cooker

    Am going to sort my seeds and maybe get some planted into mix before dinner needs attention:D


    Painting the back bedroom After son left I found all the marks the furniture and feet made on the walls. Bubs wants the room as its bigger than hers. I painted the wardrobe for her so that can come back in.

    Washing all my material the mice got into while it was stored in the shed in those plastic containers.


    Hunting a mouse I saw on the door just as I turned on the light this morning:@

    Going to playgroup and doing town errands.

    Have sorted seeds and yesterday cleaned up the veg garden abit – will get some composty stuff to add to raised bath beds as they need ‘something’

    Hopefully will remove piles of vegetation today so can put cane mulch over the top of the yummy soil created by the layers of poo etc put down before the wet came.

    Off to do the brekky/schoolbus thing then playgroup

    Have a good one:wave:


    Last day at work! YEH! I decided I needed a break from working until DS starts school next year.

    I just need to get this day out of the way so I can then concentrate on other things in my life for a while. My kids, DH, my health, my garden, my friends and doing some work on the house. Probably in about that order too.


    Another absolutely stunning day here after what seems like months of rain .Itching to get back out to the gardens .Think I will attack the vege patch dig everything out and prepare the soil for the winter crops .Have spent the last two days weeding and whippersnipping .Like everywhere after the rain massive invasions of everything that creeps hops crawls and flies .The place is so alive with life even tho they are mostly pests its a joy to sit in the garden .:D


    How’s the “army worms” over there Kathy?

    They’re taking out huge ares of pasture in the area.


    They are everywhere Bullseye hoping they have a time limit on them as I am not keen on poison.Everywhere I dug yesterday they were in the weeds .everyone has lost their lawns.They were even in my boots when I took them off and left them outside for a few hours .cant say I’m too worried about lawns but guess they would be a disaster if you had pastures for stock.


    kerrieb – enjoy your time with the little one now:tup:

    Yesterday we worked like trojans – we were supposed to have the power off so we had planned a day of outside work only. We had ‘found’ the veg garden and had piles sitting waiting to be removed. We weeded most of the gardens and removed the jungle of yam growing over the passionfruit and the pawpaws. We found the pineapples and removed the piper beetel that was taking over the front garden. We chopped of a creeper (that attracts green ants badly and hence sooty mould) that had taken over the gardenias, removed green ants nest from the granadilla (we then left the rest of the garden trimming for another day;))

    The chooks and geese have dissappeared under mountains of green stuff.

    We have to spread the cane mulch yet but we ran our of time to make the trellis for the self sown passionfruits that have come up in the middle of the veg garden and need to be hooked on a trellis before we can mulch.

    Have mowed around the veg garden pen now so we can at least see the joe blakes coming hopefully

    Neighbour called and she had a large floor mat to give me (she getting room carpeted) so went there and got curtains too:jawdrop:

    Lovely solar protected ones – a couple of alterations and we had them up in DH#3’s room – had been needing new ones for his room – he is stoked:tup::tup:

    She asked me if I knew anyone who would use some screening as she was gonna throw it out:jawdrop: – yes ME! Our screens are so old that when I cleaned them the other day they split in places (not good for keeping out snakes and mices or bugs:|) SO Thank you very much but throw the screening this way:metal:

    Home made pizza for dinner:tup:

    Today we are going to take advantage of the IGA market day, buy another gas bottle (gotta put cage on trailer and load up empty bottle)

    Have cleaned up the BBQ too (Thanks RTB) and will give that a run this pm with some snags for the kids:clap:

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Just about to head into the veggie patch to harvest pumpkins, potatoes, beetroot, cucumbers, zuchinni, silverbeet and celery and when I say harvest I really mean remove the spent plants, keep anything that is edible/preservable and give the rest to the girls. Mind you the skies are fairly dark here at the moment and it is quite humid so I hoping it will rain. We have had total of 22mm since December:p:( Mind you as I type this the sun is coming out:( bummer!!!!


    Good to hear you got the ride on going Narelle:tup:…………hope the BBQ doesn’t give you any problems ………….it hasn’t been used for aaaaggggeeeess so check the jets are not blocked by hornets nests!!!

    Been busy in the veggie garden digging in lots of compost ready for the main planting season here and starting off a lot of seeds. Also dispatched 2 of the older roosters as have had poor hatchings over the last year………….think they may have been a tad ove weight:confused:


    Used the BBQ on Fri has tidied up a treat but the wheels broke as soon as we had it looking smart:jawdrop:

    Today we have packed the trailer and are heading off to Mackay to be with my family – my heart is heavy yet still there is some good – I get to see my2 new grandnephews and my new grandneice :hug:

    I also go with the strength of you guys with me:kiss1:Thanks so much


    Weee exciting! :tongue: We’ve had 3 frogs visit us on our inner city apartment balcony. One has taken up residency in our watering can and i was afraid i’d displaced him when he jumped out as i was watering at the front of the block (i didn’t know he was in there, the little ninja). 😮

    Thankfully I saw him again today, looking indignantly out at me from the safety of the watering can. Obviously he’d found his way home, no thanks to me 😆

    i’ve also had 3 keen neighbours convert to No Junk Mail stickers and signed up the Body Corporate whether they like it or not 😉 Oh and helped one neighbour start sending her food scraps to the wormfarm at the community garden. :metal:

    Ah the things that make me happy 🙂 it’s kinda sad 😆

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Off to get some chicken/sheep manure mixture which I will add to my compost to make it go further when I start spreading it on the veggie beds over Easter. The plan is to spend most of the Easter break working in the veggie and berry patches as I sadly neglected these over the last month or so and they need a freshen/tidy up ready for winter.

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