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    Rob – can you come and process our veggies when you’re done? Once again this year – so much produce, so little time! We set up a stall in front of our house (near main road) the other day, and let the kids help sell our excess produce. Made about $45! Must do it again if I don’t get around to processing the rest…..


    I have a botany exam at 3 today :p I’m skipping my morning lecture so I can do some extra study for it…and yet somehow I found myself on here :shy: 😆


    Just finished with the home schooling, now ‘me’ time so thought I would check out this fantastic site..:D

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Writing to local paper stirring as usual;)


    worked , came home to do the folding, rehaeat leatovers, feed animals, made the boys some wooden beaded necklaces. Now cruising the net.


    I’m crafting up a storm to put forward some things to apply for space in a handmade storefront 😀


    Bottling, Have defrosted all the frozen veggies, in the deep freezer, Have bottled about 1/4, of them already. Today, its the tomatoes turn from last year.

    Makes more room for the meat thats coming


    Today im making gluten free crackers and homemade hommus dip to go with them, YUM :tup: Also must do some housework before we head to the beach 😀


    It’s been a tense few days here with cyclone Ului crossing the coast this morn – I have spent alot of time checking on rellies before hand and also this morning since. So far no significant damage – not too sure re neice at Proserpine tho as she was at her in laws and had not been home to see when i contacted her.

    I have had a baking day and prepared a triple quanity fruit cake and then realized I had no eggs:jawdrop: so I have this morning made up the cakes (I did shopping yesterday.

    Today will be more pushing mower thru grass hip high

    May even get those seeds planted!:lol:

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    just ordered lots more native bushes + small native gum ,dragged myself out the back + started getting ready another wicking bed I wont give up .


    Narellah, I hope your are surviving the weather and am glad to see that the cyclone has been down graded to a severe storm, but even that can pack a punch. My eldest brother lives in SEQ so have been thinking about his fortunes.

    Being sunday I have a bit of a house clean and planning (dreaming) about a house purchase & reno I may do if the price is right and can raise the funds. Its an old seventies 2 bedroom shoebox full of asbestos cement sheet, aluminium windows, creeky rotten deck, crappy carpet, ugly laminex, etc etc and faces the wrong way being jammed up against the North fence on a slopping corner block. It does, however, have great views being elevated, good bones and is a bit of a blank canvas garden wise. Hope you are all having a good day. Cheers porgey


    today has been one of the most cheerful weather wise that we have had in a long time – some cloud coming over just now…..

    Off to do washing – so it will rain for sure 😉


    I planted garlic! happy equinox everyone! 😀


    Recently I won an extension lopper for $10.50 – it is the most amazing thing, slices through sucklings and branches without effort by me. So today I have filled the horsefloat with clippings for the second time in a week. My trees and shrubs are looking neat and tidy for winter.

    Dragged out my sausage making machine and made 2 lots of beautiful sausages out of a small pork shoulder. They look a treat, one lot has herbs and the other has chilli and herbs.

    All in all a productive day for me and it is time for a bit of tapestry.


    I’ll be over for some snags in 5 mins Muster 😉

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