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    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Continues from

    Thread was getting very slow to load after 38 pages, so time to start a new one.


    trying to make undies for j 6,he has demanded big boy jocks he is tired of wearing girlie undies :lol:,so he says

    then cookie day sometime this arvo

    have already done laundry making use of this good dry weather

    have a good day all



    Tidied up the veg patch uprooted the squash and 2 cuccumber plants,one still has a cucc on it will pick it in a couple of days,the zucc’s will go on the weekend as they arent doing well guess it must be the 28 spot lady bug and her babies.:@

    Washed the dogs and ferrets bedding gave them clean blankets.

    Potted up some white cedar tree seedlings that have come up with all the rain plus 2 kurrajong tree seedlings these I can sell at the local craft shop 6 seedlings to a pot.

    Need to get through a mountain of ironing :(have a quick nap before work this arvo,and have lunch :jawdrop:

    So better get going.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Lady B wrote:

    (part eleventy billion)

    😆 😆 😆


    Bought all the timber to construct the composting toilet Im making on Friday and took some rubbish to the tip now going to relax and what SYTYCD:tup:


    almost finished my mobile chook coop, which due to extravagant over engineering and LOTS of bolts, is fox, termite, cyclone, and probably climate change proof! 😀

    asked a dear old retired friend to help me build one from a photo…it’s been an amazing learning curve, heaps of fun…and a lot more time consuming than planned! I doubt we would ever make any money building these things comercially!!! 😆


    lol bmd6125- that sounds like a wonderful chook coop.

    To be honest today i am doing as little as possible. Its been a big few weeks. I have done the finances this morning and done some more embroidery on DDs quilt, some washing (gusty here today)…

    Later i am going to mosey around the garden and perhaps do a spot of sewing.

    I am enjoying the cool change the weather has taken and the sunshine.:D


    As little as possible as I have a rotton cold. Only thing I have to do is clean out my car for my neat freak of a DH so I can swap with him tomorrow as I have a long drive to make and his on gas costs heaps less to drive. It looks like it might be a nice day so I might just sit outside.

    I have one of my best friends 40th birthdays tonight to go to I need to organize her “present”. She has more than enough stuff and after spending heap of time decluttering over Christmas, has instead requested we give money to a charity on her behalf.

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Fed up with the hot weather. Want to garden, but no energy whilst it is so hot in Perth.

    Instead will go to an Indian tailor with my husband. I have the idea of having a Nehru jacket made for him to wear to our son’s wedding in September. Hoping for silk -black on outside with a blue lining, which he can wear with black pants. We think this will be a good lightweight jacket for him for posh events after the wedding, and a bit different from the ordinary.

    With a bit of luck will get some more sewing in on the next quilt top, later.

    Judi BJudi B

    I’m just wasting time on the computer 😆

    Finally I can use it without cringing at the horrible noise, we didn’t know exactly where the noise was coming from took it down to brisvegas and he found the fan on the video card was the problem it was sending me deaf so we got brisvegas to fix it along with some upgrades we’d planned to do.

    Brisvegas is a good boy :hug: does care about his Mum 😆 only because it is easier to fix the computer than to listen to me complain:lol:


    Judi B lol

    At 1am this morn I was in the chook pen removing a water pythinb from the chicken coop – the chooks have scratched up the ground and there was a gap under the netting:@ – have very sore finger from torch falling on it while I was doing this (there’s nothing like suddenly loosing sight of the slithering thing and sudden pain to the finger:p – I could feel him snapping at my ankles – lol) when I picked up the torch he had not even moved – thankfully:lol:

    I went to help run the cake stall this morning – and we sold over $1000 worth of cakes and jams and chutneys and toffees etc. I think that was a brill effort for our little school of 34 kids (about 18 families):tup::tup:

    We have an extra tonight (well he will stay the night if the creek doesn;t start to come up too fast in which case we will have to take him home…) he came home from the cake stall with us.

    Before I too DS to work, he and I carried a log and backfilled over the wire in the chook coop to prevent snakes entering – the recent snake events have made DH get out there and get a move on with the new shelter which we are gonna cement the bottom in.

    Took DS to work, have been net surfing since (but hurts my sore finger:uhoh:)

    Will have dinner and then go pick up DS and make sure creek is not too high after the rain storms.

    Looks like rain for a few days what with these cyclones off to the east………


    This is the first time I have written on this thread!

    This morning I help set up our table, posters, plans and thingies in our local shopping centre, to get local support and submissions for Verdan Vista Community in Ellenbrook. I’m on the committee, we go to counsil in a few weeks for final approval (fingers crossed). Th


    after 3 days of deweeding and cleaning up the greenhouse,it is now usable,for 3 years it only got used by a donkey for shelter

    made the males chop the weeds down low to make sure nothing sinster in there,then the grandies and me pulled out weeds or at least they tried,we raked out the gravel,cleaned up under it,regravelled it now it is good to use

    so cant wait


    Just resting here for a bit before I finish;

    Processing tomatoes, bottling them, making pizza sauce etc. Making a batch of Damson plum chutney, (it smells so good!) then FV bottle it. Pickling and bottling the last of the beetroot. Pickling the small onions and digging up the bigger ones to dry and then store. Gazing and smiling at the eggplants, the okra and the (mild) chillies and capsicum. Soon it will be time to make Moussaka (Oh yum!) and freeze it in 2-person serves. Then Pirri pirri sauce and bottle it. And do some roast capsicum in oil. And make some gumbo. Then pick the (dried) beans for winter soups and stews (Cassoulet…) and for Minestrone with the last of the proscuitto bones and this year’s dried beans.


    Cor…Rob6014…I’d sure like to be part of your household…those jars of goodies sound devine!!!!

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