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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Well we did it! We got the float done on time – in the pouring rain too and it was all awash for the parade as was everyone elses but we all had fun and that was the main thing. The real BOUNS was that we came runner up for the primary school section:jawdrop: we have no idea what we won but the fact we did in and we only organized it last week means that we should be able to do better next yr with some forward planning (strike all water based paints and crepe from the materials to use for the float tho – add more roof structures to protect from rain and sun -last yr we nearly died from heat:confused:)

    I have to refresh my memory re how to load a pic for you to see.

    We have wwoofers at the mo – collected them on Sat and they helped with the float etc. They have been moving soil and finishing of the rest of the garden out the back that we have been moving for 2 yrs – it’s done!:tup: Have planted pawpaws in it will add some tree peas soon. Just trying to get quick growing things in it to make shade for the summer and we have an abundance of these come up after the rain so…..

    We have mowed (for the first time in months) and tidied up the garden a bit. We have fixed the weight bench with a newly upholstered seat (been broken for over 4 yrs) and fixed the seat to the stool and fixed Little Ds’s rocking horses head back on (thought better do it before he gets too much bigger):lol:

    Started tidying the shed too – oooh big job that!

    Been making CD’s of the photos from the float and emailing them as well.

    Trying to catch up on my emails as it is clogged up from lack of time to read them since Wed I think.

    off to find out how to do the pic

    Watch this space……………..



    The theme of the Festival was That’s Gold – Maraka ove rthe yrs – it was celebrating 50yrs. We have tried to recreate different facets from the festival. From the back of the truck we have a car with the Maraka Queen from 1989 on the bonnet (like the procession used to do) then we have fence painting comp, wheel barrow race competitors, pet parade entries, clown and other participants in a street parade, Maraka princesses on some chairs then the ball room with the girls and guys dressed up.

    Just look past the rain and brollies:lol:

    BTW Maraka means – happy gathering, it is an aboriginal word


    a rear view


    The ball room


    it really does look like the after math of a party :lol::lol:


    they seem so large – sorry:shrug:

    I will step from the soap box and give others a turn to tell of their busy and interesting lives too;)



    Wow, what a great day Narellah and fantastic result. The kids all look as if they are having a ball as well. It is good to get young ones involved in the community like that.

    I had a day which started out with certain things in mind and ended up with quite a different set of things getting done (thought I managed to squeeze in the critical bits).

    went into town to see the doctor, do the laundry and exchange the library books. On the way to the doctor I spotted someone who I wanted to talk to about hedging. She referred me to someone else who was organising that and that person started talking about the farmers market. I expressed interest in becoming involved in the market and outlined my plans for food production here, including bees whereupon she announced that someone who had been approached about honey products for the market was actually selling up his hives. She directed me to the bloke’s mother, who was not at home, so I called at the historical society and spoke to Vera who told me another person was the local DPI hive inspector (retired as of last week) so went to see him. He was not at home so I squeezed the laundry in (having already seen the doctor and exchanged the books) and called back. He was about to come out to my place to talk bees as Vera had already filled him in. Don’t you just love a small community.

    Anyway he came out, explained the hive rules, my neighbour is also interested and between us we can have four hives. We picked a spot for them to go and he will come with me to inspect the hives (he knows the bees already), and so it’s all happening. How exciting is that!!!

    We also discussed the Parattah Progress association’s plans for the town and so forth and so I am more than half way towards becoming involved in that as well. I am quite chuffed to have that opportunity so soon after moving into the community!! Oh, and also about interviewing some of the older residents and picking their brains about the town’s past, any images they have etc.

    So a good, but exhausting day and here am I with no dinner yet. Think sardines on toast will be the go tonight …:lol::lol:


    I too visited the Dr today.

    Needed to adjust my medication.

    Hens are in overdrive at the moment so took a dozen eggs for the Dr

    She was extatic so I was happy,

    I got rid of some eggs and it gave her a lift too.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Fabulous float!

    I am wracking my brain to try to guess who my recipee swap buddy is.

    Goint to teach a class on bag making, looking after hubby whis is still not well and have DS staying with us while he recovers from surgery. He is in good spirits, but I am concerned for him/

    Have to go or I will be late.


    How exciting is the honey project – I’ll be looking out for reports on that one. There are a lot of hives nearby to us and I often wish I knew how honey production works – not that it is something I would try myself – but it will be good to follow your experiences.

    I did my paddocks yesterday and have finished housework and watering already. I’ll cook the ham impossible pie that’s in this month’s Recipes+ for the Cup. I love to watch the Spring Carnival even though I don’t bet at all.

    So a nice day today. A bit of rain would be nice – but that’s not on the cards according to BoM.


    Yes, it is exciting, but don’t get too excited yet. I have to install a fence (to avoid doing it after the bees are installed) and build a platform for the hives before I can collect them. I will start off with two, but as my neighbour is keen and she has even less money than me, I will be getting two extra empty hives and then when I catch a swarm I will have room to expand into, which is always good news. Bees swarm with depressing regularity in Spring unless you manage the hive in a way to avoid it (ie reducing replacement queen cells).


    Took Tiki to the vets for another bllod testing day.

    We took her to see the older vet, last night and she has sight at the back of her eyes but can’t see because of the caterax at the front. We asked about having thwm removed and are looking at $5000 for both. I have my Super coming back so I thought I might just get one done so at least she can get around.

    I know its a lot of money but she is a big part of our family and is too old for the insurance you can get.

    I remembered something my Mum was told to do, for her dog, back in the 1930s, it was to blow some sugar, into her eyes and it breaks up the caterax. I should of asked him, if he has every heard of it. In that day and age, vets dealt with farm animals only. I would feel like grit, in the eyes but mum did try it and her dog was fine after.

    There’s a lot of old remendies that work and a lot that didn’t/:shrug:


    It’d give it a try. Be cheaper than $5000 if it works and if it doesn’t there will be no harm done. The sugar will liquidise almost immediately so no grit to scratch the lenses.

    I had a Melbourne Cup day at quilting today (the Tuesday group, not my normal group and I have to say I prefer my normal group). Came home with more food than I took (but not my wine, lol) and have a scruptious curry for dinner tonight as well.

    Why did I not like the other group? One asked after a pattern I have and I told her I would photocopy it for her. She said she had a photocopier and could do it herself. I told her I don’t lend my books which sent her and the rest into a real huff. The most ridiculous aspect is that me photocopying tomorrow will get it to her more quickly than if she waits till next week to borrow the book!! That sort of attitude I can live without.


    We are going on hols to the Otways next week so spent today getting the dogs used to trotting alongside the bikes on leads – rather more successful than I expected TBH!

    Great float Narelleh, looks like a lot of work went into that!

    HG – What great news on the hive, I can’t wait to see how you go! I so want a hive here! Also, HG, I agree with the loaning of books! Can’t believe they are huffy!!!!

    Now we’re just chilling in front of the teev and deciding what’s for tea. Yesterday put a heap of veggies in the patch, today DH is fencing off more of the yard to put in more veg. I really should get out and plant the flower seedlings!

    sue esue e

    HBG read an article on “warre” beekeeping yesterday. it is an alternative method of housing them -apparently lees stressful for the bees and easier in honey collection. just googled it. here is the link if you are interested. :D:D

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