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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    thats great news on the job

    my hubbby has work and our small hire business keeps him busy on weekends so I have thought if I don’t find work I’ll do all the home things which means I have heaps to learn on that front but sure we’ll be okay like you it will work out in time


    well sunday wasn’t so slow after all – ended up mowing around the house – grass so thick was having to do it 2 times at dif heights and it was only 10 days since it was done!

    I went right thru the house yesterday cos the sun shone and the wind blew – so good to have the house full of fresh air again.

    DS#1 returned home after a w/e flooded out from us and staying with friends. He was not needed at work yesterday after school cos the stock was sitting in Mackay not able to come further….

    Today have tidied up some loose ends of paper work and sending resumes to lots of companies and prospective employers, also finishing paperwork for guardianship for my sis.

    Rather hot too so just off to make a cool banana smoothie with a dash of something extra;)


    Quite pleased with our little dog. SHes 12 tommorrow.:metal::kiss1:

    I stopped listening to the vet on feeding her and in 1 week, she has gone from 3.8kilos to 4.5 kilos.:metal: I feed her a mixed meat diet and lots of veggies as well as chicken from the supermarket,pre cooked, to rabbit, to kangaroo, to fish, and lamb and she is doing really well . All they wanted her to have was boiled chicken.:|

    The other dog [puppy] hit her in her eye with his tail and it caused a break in the eye, at the top. So she is on, oitment to clear it up.

    I did stop listening to them last year, but it didn’t do a lot for her but with the new feeding it is working.:D


    Wednesday was playgroup, centrelink then visit a friend – copied some yummy bread recipes that are as easy as :tup:

    DH has been sick off and on – but he has gotten worse during the night now – currently he is lying on floor in lounge sleeping. He fainted in hallway earlier in the night and has knocked out a tooth – but refuses to go to hosp and let me call an ambo:@ – but I will take him (regardless of his fighting) when the 2 boys are off to school. And after cleaning up and washing half the floor of the main living area and hallway – there is no point in returning to be to lie awake for another hr or so……

    He is supposed to have an appointment with job search people today – but will have to change that one – also to do a quote for another person but we can change that easily too -he will just have to shut up and be a patient to get to the bottom of this tiredness and fainting all the time.

    Apart from all that of course the usual stuff involved with raising a family and having animals happens too:wave:


    I hope you get to the bottom of it to Narelle:hug:…………..must be quite frightening!

    So quiet here, first time with no one in the house for……………well since i first became a wwoof host. Very different to this time last year when everything was underwater in the floods.

    Now to go an get all the outside work done before the day heats up.


    thats no good for your DH hope they work out what is going on for you both

    today we have rain so it will be a crafting day for me , ran out to the garden and picked heaps will share a photo in other thread

    teenager still in bed he is making the most of the last 3 days of holidays he starts next Tuesday


    DH is feeling a little better – amazing what dehydration can do to the body and how much better you feel with fluids. They have no idea what is wrong – have sucked out heaps of blood – I have never seen such large sample bottles before:jawdrop: – they are testing for bacterial infection as well as virus (ross river etc) and for connective tissue disorders as well……….They seemed very thorough.

    Took a biopsy from one of the lesions he has developed as well so now he has stitches.

    I was very angry with him for not telling me how sick he was and to not allow me to help him before this all happened. It pains me that he does not let me help him – he likes to be so independent – he had to do for himself so much as a kid and it is just ‘in’ him now not to share how sick he really is and to deal with it himself – when he doesn;t need to. I am his wife and I want/need to help him.

    Sorry but need to vent somewhere as he is too sick to try to talk to about it.

    Apart from the basics to survive and get thru the day – I picked macadamia’s (for therapy;))

    I am so tired and I just wanna lie down and cry but I am a mother and wife and at this point i need to sort some financial stuff and deal with illness and appointments and basic needs and keeping the 2 boys on a even keel for school.

    Just one foot after the other until we get thru this…….


    Spending the next four days in Sydney involved with th Edinburgh Military Tattoo (down-under version).

    If you are able to watch it on telly, bare in mind we only had a couple of days practice.. then they went and changed the routine on us.

    Anyway.. no excuses..

    Lots of excellent band displays. Having seen it up front and personal, it was exhilarating.:metal:


    Geez RBT was the flood only a year ago… Seems longer… 😀

    Narelle :hug::hug::hug::hug: Hope the results come back ok…. :kiss:

    Andre, I love watching the Military Tattoos…. Definitley try and catch it!!! :tup:


    :hug::hug::hug:z for Narelle. Let yourself have a yelling screaming howl Narelle when no-one else is around. It’s not good to bottle your feelings up and if you get crook you can’t look after anyone. :kiss1: :hug::hug::hug: I do so hope it all works out ok. :tup::tup:

    Andre and Chezza I love watching the Edinborough Military Tattoo also. Bet it’s terrific as always Andre. :tup::tup::tup:


    Eira Clapton

    Hugs to Narelle and DH

    Not much happening here. Woke up late (rare for me) so missed the opportunity for a walk on the beach.

    Thinking about going tho the movies to see Bran Nue Day.

    AND lots of sewing to do on a new quilt top.


    Just shipped out a litter of Pigs to a new home in South Aussie…..Think I will miss em!


    I just emptied and replaced the oil in the ride on mower.. Yay me… :tup:


    HEavy rain yesterday so the tanks are full and I dont have to water anything today :metal: . Water means wildlife is on the move. Looked out the kitchen window to see one of the dogs poking a ‘strange rock’ with her nose and bouncing back in surprise. Went out to investigate and it was a turtle. Was on his back but not damaged and looked a very heathy specimen. Not sure how he got there. We are at the top of the hill and well away from water so with no way of knowing which way he was heading we went for a little ride in the truck down to the dam in the back paddock about a mile away. turtle sat beside me on the seat and poked his head out to take a good look around. Seemed to be enjoying the ride 😆 He now has a home with all the frogs and seemed happy with his new surounds.

    After that we took our monthly load of rubbish and recycling to the tip. On the way back we stopped on the side of the road to collect some rocks for a garden we are building as we are running short of ‘home grown’ ones. We joke that we are adding ‘new blood’ to strengthen the ‘home herd’.

    This afternoon once I stop procrastinating and get off the computer is house cleaning as it seems we have people coming tomorrow for lunch (thanks for the notice sweetie :geek: )


    Can anyone explain the meaning of “Rain”?

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