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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    The rain is sooo isolated we missed it altogether!

    And we go on with life while the weather makes up itsa mind as to as cyclone or not…….

    Wwoofers are to leave today and we will prob do some ‘tourist’ stuff with my bro and his kids

    Will also have to call high school as my DS#1 has decided he would like to complete high school at school after 3 1/2 yrs of homeschooling. It will be a big change for him as he has been working 25 hrs + each week for the last 20 mths or so – school is dif to work – but we will see what happens

    everyone is slow to ris ehere as we had a late night chatting and playing games with the wwoofers and kids – and eating mulberry pie;)


    This morn DS#1 has resumed school Yr 11 so we were up early to check creek. It is over a bit so he has gone with spare clothes etc in case he has to stay elsewhere. I keep DS#2 home just in case it gets deeper.:p

    There was a snake in the chook enclosure today:@:@:@ – DH had put a victimized chook in a coop by herself – I told him that the snakes could get in there no they won’t he says! SO early morn he had to relocate said snake with bump out across the flowing causeway! While away I check rain tank (thinking it will be full) and find a water fall – looks good – sign of full tank:tup: BUT NO:jawdrop: after DS and DH both checking gutters and tank filter about 2 weeks ago:@ – I decided to look for myself – in the rain in my nightie still – as you do!:lol: The filter was full of compacted decomposing leaf litter!!! so I removed filter etc and hosed it off and replaced it.:tup:

    Have been trying to dry washing and must get the load of the line outside – it has been there for 3 days and is now starting to smell:rip: – will rinse thru with eucalyptus.

    Off to get something out of freezer for dinner and take a car across creek and leave it on high ground for in case creek gets to high and we get out by other means – we still have transport on other side – also allows DH to go to work when creek is up a bit but can still walk it safely (otherwise no income:uhoh:)

    keeping an eye on the weather still cos exTC Olga may reform yet……..


    rain and rain. Love it except when a snake decided to take up residences in the car engine bay, then move into the side panel, where i cannot get it out. Hope i left it a the major shopping centre.:tup: It is only a water python, i hope?


    I removed the old grout from around the base of the tiles and bench top in the bathroom and cleaned it all up. Then I applied new white bathroom silicone sealant all the way around. Looks much better. [Thumbs Up]

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    DH has laid a few pavers to finish off a path down the side of the house and also set up a few recycled bricks around the edge to keep the mulch in! Nice job and looks good.

    I spread the mulch. Now we are both done in!

    Going to a Greek restaurant for lunch to celebrate a friends 30th birthday.


    Oh your places look so green – here in Western Vic, we are dry – very dry – and brown. Have had only 10mm rain since 1st Jan – and that was in the first 2 weeks of the month. Have started re-designing the way we use water around here. Hubby built me two vegie patches (is patch is 15mtrs by 7mtrs & has 9 beds – the second is about 10 mtrs by 10mtrs with 4 beds), which should be producing enough vegies and then some. But with no rain (and the tanks nearly empty), nearly everything has failed. So today, I have bought 2 15mtr weeper hoses from the reject shop and am seeing if these will work. If they do, then will gradually buy enough for all the beds.


    Recovering after nearly three weeks in Jakarta on business. Very relieved to be back in my little piece of the mountain – the pace of life is all a bit too much in The Big Durian. And I’m grateful for something as simple as being able to drink the water directly from my tap.


    Has anybody heard from Gothic Mumma ?


    water water and what water:jawdrop:


    After doing the washing – made some real ice cream and found my recipe for Friands to use up the egg whites. Now going to have a cuppa and a couple of friands, then probably do some gardening as it’s a bit cooler now – 28.5


    Actually we had 30mm of rain last night that’s how I could wash all the sheets and towels at home instead of at the laundromat. The tanks are overflowing again. 😀


    i’m feeling very virtuous, having sanded and oiled all of the wooden tool handles.

    my sister has been to the f&v market in flemington this morning and we’re going to preserve some fruit and make jam.

    i am the simple living pinup girl.

    later, we’re going to burn tyres… 😉


    waiting, waiting – for the creek to recede in time for tomorrow as we have important stuff to do in town tomorrow

    other than that – we have walked to the creek already – pulling out sensitive weed from the edges as we went and came back, chookies etc are done, weeded along one side of shed and fed to geese, house work done, sooo will have brekky now and then

    will finish reading my book, prob catch a movie or have a nanny nap before walking again to creek in arvo then locking poultry up and calling it a day

    slow compared to most of the rest of the yr;)


    we are still on holidays

    Have been swimming most days,

    looking after my vegie patch and picking lots of fresh food

    Have applied for jobs and got interviews but no job

    getting my teen ready for school next week

    Upgraded our net so I can be here more often as well


    Celebrating!!! DH2b finally has a job, 4 days a week! :metal: :metal: :metal: We have been relying on my income (casual, 3-4 days a week) since we moved here at the start of September! Cant wait to see the (relatively small) credit card debt paid off. Only problem is now I need to pay to get my car fixed coz he wont be around to drive me to work every day.

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