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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Funny thing… I call my new mower Jane (instead of John Deere) so I guess it’s a womans perogative to mow or not to mow… I went to put her away and tried her one more time…. Away we went!!! I have no idea what her problem was…. How like a woman!!!

    Jeanie. I thought that stuff only hapoppened to me… LOL!!

    Fluffy, well done!! :tup: Go into the op shop… you know you want to… :metal:

    Noice one, EMW!! :tup:


    fluffy chook wrote:

    :hug:GM4L – I fully understand where you’re coming from! You are doing a great job with your darling boy. :hug:

    ASD and family gatherings at Christmas are not a good combination ….after what my DD has been through with GD, next time, she just wants to cancel Christmas

    EMW – the wall hanging is beautiful:tup:

    Jeanie -:lol::lol: hope you catch the little blighters….

    A fresh start to the new year …I’ve been doing the end of year decluttering. Got 3 boxes so far for St. Vinnies – now when I drop them off, I MUST NOT go into the shop:D

    Stay away from any buyable ting unless you need it and in a week if you think you still need it then look for it 😆

    We have been decluttering/sorting things too. Its been good in away 🙂

    If you buy something come confess :lol

    I loath gatherings/outings:shy: Its just so hard so i agree with your DD, We have told EVERYONE we will not go ANYWHERE (we normally travel 3 or so hours each way so 6hrs or so on chrissy day to both our familys) and we have had enough. So my dad has said if he is still alive he will come here for lunch and DH parents will come stay for dinner and sleep in their bus overnight :tup:

    My dad was so understanding it was nice to have him agree cos my brothers wont travel for anything. We do all the traveling (have done so with kids, preg for the last 5 years cos most of them are up there) but we are fed up to be honest so we are doing chrissy day our way and what will make our children enjoy the day :tup:

    Chezza, yay for things working!

    Hope everyones day gose well 🙂

    I have to get DS1 to some appts and fix the tv to the wall (he climbs on wall units ect DS1 is like a flipping monkey 😆 ) which means trip to bunnings for suplys and dh getting up in the roof to redo the antena and wireing:tup:


    Have attacked the veg garden in the cool time of the day and removed big heaps of weeds/grass.

    DH transplanted banana trees and tree peas from in there on SUn so now I can get in there. Will look at what I can plant that will live over the summer with the heat and humidity.

    Have dropped DS at work this morning and little DS is in a ‘fine mood’ – NOT:@

    DH left for work in big smoke this morning before dawn. He will stay there this week.

    Am wanting to organoze a trip to Big smoke for self and kids tomorow after DS finishes work and will stay till Wed evening – will see DD and do some bank paperwork (power of attorney for my Mum)

    :hug::hug::hug::hug:’z for all needing them

    I know that my boys drive me to distraction and can be very destructive to themselves and each other (apparently they do not exhibit enough charateristics of any one particular prob but the experts say there is a prob just don’t know what or it’s not bad enough to properly diagnose (????)):shrug::shrug:Maybe it is better that way…………..dunno

    Oh not sure if I mentioned this but little DS lost a front tooth while playing with brothers and he bumped his face on end of bed – it bled alot and looked a little loose but seemed to settle then later in day while he was eating I noticed the tooth missing :jawdrop: he will be 3 yrs at least before he gets another:|


    More mowing today – grass is growing before our eyes – at least the horses are happy. Decided to make pizza for dinner – the dough was busily being kneaded while I was cutting up the olives etc. Cloud of smoke poured from the Kenwood. Poor old Kenwood it has worked away for about 30 years so can’t complain about the quality. Now trawling ebay for a replacement.


    Washing floors and cleaning bathrooms today. I have happy kids today my sons friend next door is back so they have had a play and checked out each others Christmas stuff. DD is happy she started nagging me at 7 to ring her friends mum so they could catch up. Before I had a chance to ring she rang me to ask if I could have her friend for the whole day she has been housebound for days because her little brother has chicken pox (she’s had it earlier). You should have seen the grin on DD 😀 face. They had been rather bored of each others company and were looking for a change.

    To GM4L and anyone else dealing with ongoing carers duties you have my best wishes. I watch my SIL with her daughter who has an aquired head injury with multiple disabilites and I don’t know how she does it year in, year out even with support.

    I’m still settling my 2 down after Christmas. I don’t have behavorial problems with them but even so I severely cut back on the Christmas day travel after last year, after seeing how miserable the kids were doing 3 visits in a day. GM4L you are lucky to have an understanding father my DH is still in the bad books with his Mum she ca sulk for months, becuase we didn’t do Christmas with his family this year. Instead choosing to spend a couple of days at the farm with my folks who hadn’t done Christmas for about 6 years.

    Muster I dread the day my old Kenwood finally dies. The equivalent quality replacements seem awfully expensive.

    Pulled up my shallots and contemplating what to put in there as a filler crop for the next couple of months. Any ideas for the toughest salad greens for the hot dry part of Summer? I can arrange shade over it. But I can’t have anything too tall or it will put too much shade on some things nearby.

    I was getting the evil eye doing my groceries today as I took all three kids with me as they were being a little silly and noisy but not doing any harm.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.



    The pumpkin in my pumpkin patch should be ready by… oh about 8.31 tomorow morning.

    This afternoon I’m going to my new job at ‘Cactus Jacks’. should be great. If you live in Cairns, they’re opening to the public on wednesday. You should come by. It’s mexican food and great cocktails 😀


    Good Luck with your new job Pasqualina it is always exciting to start a new place as well. :tup:

    Today I am minding my 9 month old grandaughter, which is the start of my new job lol. probably 3 days a week. Mum is still feeding her morn and night and I get a bottle :lol::lol:

    As they have just moved on to an acre recently I can have an allotment :clap::clap:so some days will be here and some days there depends if I get the two older girls as well now and then. Should be an interesting day.


    today DS goes to work and we will do the housework when we return. We are heading to the Big smoke for an over nighter so will do all animals into the night time snake proof shelters before I pick DS up from work this arvo and we head off.

    Am doing laundry as we speak.

    Have set mouse traps and put out other baits cos I saw 2 furry running things:@:@:@ in the laundry this morn when I went to check the barking dog.

    There are 3 holes eaten in the screen:@ around the door handle so will need to close door this arvo and each night until I get to be able to fix it.

    Looking forward to seeing DD tonight:kiss1:


    Putting ceiling insulation batts in and then finishing the plastering in the bathroom reno.



    still trying to aviod all work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got a good book, anyone?????


    Dropped DS off at daycare as they are open again and he has been missing his mates and couldn’t wait to be in the kinder room.

    Ordered 3m of leaf mulch to be delivered on Thursday sick of waiting for DH to get around to picking it up. Haircuts for me and DD. Planting a few seeds is the bare spot in the garden decided to go for wombok, pack choi and a small amount of meslun mix. Just picked a couple of kg of tomatoes, bunch of rhubarb, lettuce, silverbeet, cucumber, 4 eggs and a couple of mini capsicum. That along with a chicken breast in the fridge will make a meal for tea.

    Need to paint the bathroom wall DH has patched the hole where the kids pulled the towel rail off so when its painted I get rid of the towels lying on the floor. Yeah. couldn’t even comtemplate this with DS around I’d probably end up with little white foot prints down the hall.


    Well the wall didn’t get painted as I found I had no white paint in the house.

    While I was at the hairdressers I got the phone call I ahd been dreading/waiting for from DD ped. He had spoken to the neurosurgeon at RCH and she had seen DD MRI. She wants to investigate further, more tests and I have to go up to Melbourne later today to see her as it was the only appointment she has in the near future. I’m not sure if I’m relieved we are going to see her so soon or worried because she doesn’t want to wait too long.

    So yesterday was a bit of a scramble to find someone to pick up DS after daycare today. He is staying at my best friends for the night. He’s happy as he is having a sleepover. At least I don’t have to worry about that.


    kerrieb:hug::hug: Best of luck :hug::hug:


    :hug: Thinking of you and DD….


    Swearing at my overlocker.

Viewing 15 posts - 631 through 645 (of 760 total)
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