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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Bluezbandit, we are still awash here and watching the grass grow before our eyes.

    Is it just me, I looked at the image of the seals and thought “I’d love to have some of that seaweed for the compost bin.”



    I hope your DD will be ok and rember its ok to cry, have you got someone you can talk to and just have a good cry on?


    Just said goodbye to my boys who have been here for 5 days .Drove them mad hugging and kissing them at every opportunity as may be a while before i get to see them again .had some doubts this morning whether they would get out after all the rain and another 64mls overnight but Dh went down and checked the creek crossings and they were good to go.Maybe just in the nick of time as looks like we might be in for more rain over the next week .

    House seems very quiet without them .now the cleanup starts guess that will take my mind off missing them.:(


    Muster: Im with you wanting the seaweed in the compost, This bull kelp takes an age to breakdown though!



    Thanks Guys,

    GM4L I have a couple of great girlfriends that are good for that, only problem they away until after the new year. DH is great but he is just as worried as me. I’ve talked to my Mum and Dad and they are great but my family are unfortunately not the huggy type. My biggest thing is that I am terrible at dealing with uncertainty and waiting. Can’t wait until the girlfriends are back and I can catch up for a cuppa and a chat. Meantime I’m just keeping busy.

    Muster I’ve trained my kids to put a bit of seaweed in their buckets when we come home from the beach but it takes forever to break down. I just throw it under the trees figuring nature will take care of it sooner or later. It does seem to have fixed up the mineral defiencys the lemon was showing.

    It’s hot here today so I took the kids for a swim early, might go back after tea tonight for another one.

    Dyed my hair this morning unfortunately it is a bit darker shade of brown than planned. I think the 10min dye might have ended up on for 15min. So be warned. Oh well my hair never holds dye well it should fade in a week or two. It was meant to be done before Christmas but never happened. Now I just need to get to a hairdresser to get it cut.

    The kids and I pulled out the iceream maker and made sorbet with a cantalope that needed using. Mango icecream for once I didn’t curdle the custard base. Left with egg whites I decided I’d make up a batch of icecream christmas pudding in case of unexpected out of town visitors. Living near the beach they are common this time of year, never see anyone just drop in all winter. It’s nice to have something special to serve up in the freezer.


    Today I planted more lettuce, carrots and chilli and harvested some potatoes

    Eira Clapton

    Today I have had a walk on the beach, and lots of lovely prezzies! DH is planning a birthday bash for me tonight, so I am just going to keep on sewing today.


    We have been sooooo busy the last couple of weeks and now all the wwoofers have gone it seems so quiet:confused:…………………..not sure f i can handle all this peace and quiet:lol::metal:

    Most of the repairs from the floods of February are just about completed and even got a start on the outside painting………..gonna look weird half painted now the wet has decided to arrive……………but the rain is welcome:tup:

    Will be back next year…………………….:D;)


    enjoy the quite r t b:wave: we intend to they will be back before we know it,:tup: happy new year to all:hug:


    Looks like I’m having a busy night. I thought it was just us at home BBQ tea and a few cocktails. But I’m now up to 8 visitors coming. Hope everyone has a nice evening and HAPPY NEW YEAR :D:D:D. I need a smiley of a raised glass.



    Today its been drizzling here (so guess there will be a lot of slugs out tonight!) so have been reading my new gardening books I got for Christmas 😀


    Im held up in a bedroom with an aircon +computer to hot elsewhere:rip:


    :hug: Massive hugs kerrieb. :kiss:

    I can only imagine how stressful that must be for all of you.

    Thinking of you and your dd and I hope everything is ok.



    I am surfing the net – YAY – have broadband at last!!!!!:tup::tup::clap::clap::metal:

    activate installer rang on mobile late yesterday arvo and arrived at 8.15 this morn and we have action!!:tup:

    I am soooo pleased as our ph line went off again New years eve and they will not be out to look at it till about Wed. Our mobile is not reliable esp in cloudy weather. I use internet to keep eye on weather forecasts at this time of yr as we do not get TV either

    Ooh I feel connected now!

    Have done basic housework and administered sev lots of first aid to little DS. I thick he has cracked a front tooth nearly off but he won’t let me look – but I know where he sleeps;) and while still crying about that he stands on a chair next to me in laundry and proceeds to jam his fingers in the washing machine lids -poor kid. We have also cleaned the loo twice and emptied it of several soggy rolls of loo paper – DS quite happily tries to use the loo now and…………..well………….he’s very independent about all this now…….sooo………….the walls and the floor and the mat and the pedastal have all been washed thoroughly now:rip:

    Must be time for a/c and nanny nap:lol:


    Cleaned paddocks of horses poo – loaded the compost tumblers with a lot of it. 2 hours on ride-on and an hour pushing hand mower. Still 2 paddocks to do – so tomorrow a similar outing required. Also a trip to the tip with branches that have come down in recent weeks – turned out to be a horse-float load:o:o:o Now the tennis in the air con.

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