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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    sewing ladysewing lady

    The Dr. has decided to instal a portacath in Hubbies vein to deliver the Chemo as he had such a rough time with it last time, but his blood is too thin and they couldn’t so it lat Monday. He is going into hospital today to have his blood thickened (?) so that they can have another go at puttin in the port on Monday. He will be in hospital for about 5 days. He has blood clots in his legs and he has to be under medical supervision while this is all going on.

    Luckily, the hospital is only 5 minutes from home.



    For you and Hubby….


    have moved our clothes up to our ‘new’ room but little DS’s are still on the way.

    Found ants nest in owner builder mags:@

    Have to move up DS’s clothes and a chest of drawers (which serves as a dressing table), the rocking chair and some pics from wall.

    The antique cabinet on wall can wait for another day;)

    Have to move all the boxes and ports from hallway and spare room down then and fix up the room a bit as DD and BF are coming up tonight to go to DS#2 presentation/break up nite tonit and the break up day tomoro and the FREE Xmas bash party in the park on Sat. So have to fix up room as there is standing room only and it is filthy (as happens when moving furniture)

    Night off from cooking dinner tho (more $$tho:uhoh:)

    got to run – another hotee here again today:rip:

    love and :hug:’s to all


    well I have used up my sleeping time to be on the ASL web site have work again around 3pm oh well I’ve enjoed myself.I have a week off soon and the I will be looking at as much as I can I keep getting side tracked with all the various articles etc.

    Well I better go hubby just home from shopping -yes he does that sort of thing- and very good at it too better than me when it was my job shh dont tell him I said that.

    How do I put a picture on my profile tried twice but dont know where it went bye


    Has anyone else noticed since Hillbilly Girl left us, there hasn’t been as much conversation in this thread? We used to go through nearly 2 pages a day and here we are taking 2 days to fill a page. Am I the only one who misses her input and contribution as I believe she was a catalyst for a lot of the conversation here? Hope she is happy doing her reno but I’d sure like to see her back here!



    The whole forum seems a bit empty, I would like to see peace break out and see HBG back.


    Sure do miss her input:noapprove:

    Today i went out and bought a bloody great chest freezer as i cant stand the thought of most of these mangoes going to waste…………….at least i will be able to fit a cow in this one when the time comes instead of using the nighbours freezer to store in. So have been cutting up mangoes to freeze:D……………oow and i noticed how shiney my gold jewelry has become,,,,,,,,,,,,,must be something in the mango juice:tup:


    I miss HBG too!:(


    Roundthebend- i wouldnt mind taking some mangoes off you- pity we live a long way from you. My kids LOVE mango and inhale it. I wish i could buy enough so that some made it to the freezer. We did a couple of years ago and one day in winter i found a stray bag of mango and we had mango smoothies- bliss!

    I am sweltering away here in SE QLD. Trying to work out how i am going to keep four kids entertained AND finish off the wedding preparations. DS is having an ASD spack attack today and is being a right pain! Have to keep checking the chickies every hour or so to make sure they are in the shade and that mumma hasnt escaped AGAIN! She is making short work of the already dry and parched gardens and our back yard is starting to resemble a lunar landscape!

    My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your husband Sewing Lady- my Dad went through what you are going through now a few years back with his lovely wife. When the nurses were doing something with her portacath, my dad (in his infinite wisdom) thought he would distract her from the pain by standing on her foot!:jawdrop: His heart was in the right place but i couldnt believe he did it! She never let him live it down either:confused:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Oh well, I guess we all have our ways of helping our loved ones!!


    :hug::hug: SewingLady :hug::hug:

    I hope the best for you both :hug:

    Girlfriday, hows the wedding stuff comming?

    You nervious?

    Also i hear you on the ASD “issues”, my son as he gets older its getting harder (his abilitty to hurt me gets better and better which sucks for me but what can you do:shrug: )

    :hug::hug: Rember to breathe and even if you need to put him in his room so you have time out and you know he is safe :hug::hug:

    Sorry not many personals, DH at work and ive got a messy house to clean, i swear it never ends 😆


    yup GMFL- agree that it never ends! If i get upstairs cleaned up and then go down to work in the yard by the time i have finished down there upstairs is wrecked again:mad:

    Wedding stuff is slowly falling into place. Not nervous as such but trying to keep a lid on my ever present anxiety and repeating to myself ‘ do not stress!’

    I agree about the ASD being more able to hurt you as they get bigger. I thought he was going to do the youngest son some grevious damage yesterday the way he was raging! I couldnt walk fast enough to intervene and didnt want to risk him pushing me over and hurting my foot more. I am yet to discover what the trigger was yesterday. It doesnt help when the little brother wont leave him alone and seems to gain a peverse sense of pleasure from aggravating the situation! ARGH!:noapprove:

    today i am cleaning the silver for the wedding (my parent’s wedding chalices from when they were married:D), sewing some trousers for DS and trying out my new shredder/mulcher we bought off ebay- used twice for half the price of a new one:tup: It does up to 40mm branches so i am keen to give it a go.

    Just waiting for the pain relieving drugs to start working so i can get around on this foot. Its overcast here today so i am hoping (in vain i think but…) for some rain- lots of rain would be nice but even just a little will help the plants through.

    hope everyone has a great weekend;)

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Thinking of all of you with so much to cope with today.

    It is going to be hot (39) in Perth so I have watered and now will stay inside as much as possible. DH needs to do the Christmas cards and I need to sew.

    DS went on a trip to Singapore this week with his youth orchestra, and DD is enjoying being the ‘only child’ for two weeks. It is quieter around here for sure!;)


    Have just come home from riding my tricycle to the shop… took my terrier for a run in the process. Good for both of us. Overcast and humid here.


    Looks like one of those hot days may be on the way.

    So I guess I will be……………….inert;)

Viewing 15 posts - 466 through 480 (of 760 total)
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