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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Yes I too have been wondering whats happening, i miss her adventures too

    today i made 2 of the 4 bags i am making as part of xmas pressies. Went to visit flicker too and came home with some java apples (or as I call them rose apples) hope to get some seed from them. Also 3 barbados cherry seeds. Yummy! Thanks flicker – so refreshing to see others of us striving in this area to live well and in solitude:wave:

    Picked mulberries, cherry toms, and passionfruits

    Dh took DS into town to friends earlier today and he went to a work party tonight for which he had to take a plate of cup cakes so he made choc ones and we iced and decorated them (laterr I will load the photos of our creative day – my arms are full of little DS)



    I SAW the rat – his days are numbered – also saw that it is making a nest in the bottom of the wall between the upstairs and downstairs, the dog is on to him now so he will go hungry tonite anyway:lol:. Have shifted a cupboard (as you do at this time of the nite;)) so I can show DH when he gets back from picking up DS

    Still hoping to swap bedrooms this w/e so can have a/c again……..

    sewing ladysewing lady

    I have not been around for a wile as my Darling Husband has been diagnosed with bone cancer.

    I willonly check in occasionally, but want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. We will be doing our best to make everything as normal as posssible.

    I will be thinking of you – please keep us i your hearts.


    so sorry to hear that sewing lady. What tough news for you all. I will keep you both in my prayers.



    Sewing Lady: I thought I hadn’t see you on for awhile. All the best for you and your husband during this battle. Take care and will be thinking of you both.



    Dear Sewing Lady

    My thoughts and best wishes go out to you both. I hope your Christmas is as full of joy and lightness as is possible. Take the time to enjoy each other.

    fond regards


    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    SL I have lived through a diagnosis of cancer and so has my DH. Take time to enjoy every moment with each other as they are so precious. Praying for a sense of calm and hope for you both.


    Sewing Lady lots of hugs and love for you,cherish every day:hug::hug:

    my dad is terminal with cancer,he has only time left,i wish i could be with him,but such is life

    my beautiful cat mintie (8yrs) is slowly passing away in front of my eyes,waiting for vet to turn up


    love n hugs to support you both sw :hug::hug:

    I will keep my thoughts with you and others in similar situations this christmas

    We have been working hard.

    DH has taken over the mowing mowing for now. He has mowed alot of the couch grass we tried to burn a couple of weeks back, and alot of the stuff I had been over once. Will get out there soon a rake some of it up so we can neaten it up now.

    I finished the bags I am giving as part of the Chrissie pressies

    see below for pic

    I have finished with DD’s stuff – it’s all packed and contained (prob ot how she would do it but she aint here;)) So today I will pull apart her bed and remove furniture and clean the room – then put our furniture from our room in there and move our stuff up into the cupboard. (Our wardrobe will be just that – a wardrobe – not just our clothes amongst the stored stuff;):tup:) Have a single bed with rails for little DS to go into too so lots of change for us 3.

    I have already done laundry; peeled bananas and put 3 bags in freezer; feed the meal worms and the worm farm (got that free from school as they were giving away 2 that the kids made this yr:tup:), I have put another container of mango in freezer and another small container of mulberries. I have chopped up (between eating them) and stewed some of the rose (java) apples from flicker and froze a small container of stewed ones for later.

    DH & DS went to work. DS#2 off to school, later I will pick DS from school and then DS from work cos DH is late today cos he is working out of town.

    Have to make gingerbread shapes today too for DS to give to the staff at school (we do all staff cos it is such a small school)

    Well i’d best get off here and get all this done then!:lol:


    here are the cakes that DS did on Sat.


    S Lady==So sorry to hear that news. Strength & best wishes to come through it well:hug::hug:


    Have to find the hole in the fence that the goats got out of, the naughty devils have been into the pumpkin patch across the road. Lucky for me the farmer rang, he knows my girls will come when called, he filled his freezer when another (more feral) herd came calling earlier in the year.


    Check in when you can sewing lady …………….. you will need all the support you can get:hug:.

    Well done Narelle:tup:…………….i have not done one christmasy thing so far as i’m dissappearing under a mountain of mangoes. We have a lovely clean crop of buetifull mangoes and the market is glutted………….yet they are still charging $2 $3 for them in the supermarkets:shrug:. So My wwoofers are sitting on the side of the road watching Australia go by and selling buckets full…………..I get to stay home and wash and polish them……………my hands are going “pruney” and when i finish that i get to cut up/dry/freeze mangoes………………..and do quality control ( good thing i like mango:D)

    Have a wonderfull day everyone:hug:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Darling husband starts Chemo tomorrow. They are hoping that it will help the pain. I hope that it helps the pain.

    aHe is then going to be admitted to hospital on thursday morning to be put on a heprin drip as he is on warfrin, and cant have the op to have a protacath inserted in his chest for the chemo as his blood is too thin.

    This is all maintance, as there is nothing they can do really and it is just a matter of time.

    We have been inundated with services to help and support us in theis time, and the people involved are just wonderful. I am already so tired and worn, anything that is available is good.

    We would both like to thank you for your ind thoughts and wishes for us. You will be in our hearts this christmas and hope that you and your famlies find joy, and peace and happiness.

    Love you all lots


    oh SW, hugs for you. My mother has fought tooth and nail not to have drugs for her condition because of longterm side affects but now she has come to a point where long term isn’t really in the picture – it’s all about some quality of life and time now – and so it is with you and your DH. Take advantage of all services etc you can so that you are able to be with him more and not sweat the small stuff – enjoy each other while there is time:hug:

    The last 2 days I feel I have not achieved much at all even tho I have gone flat tack!

    I have managed to move all DS stuff out of the room and most of our stuff in (only clothes left – so we are living in 2 rooms at the mo:shrug:). The raking is only 1/2 done……..and the gingerbread shapes are still not done:o

    But i have spent 1/2 the day at school again today doing Christmas activities.

    SO much to do and so little time here at home to do it all in!



    Having a day of from the mango crop today………………..the cold room is full and cant fit any more in so the parrots are having a real feast out in the paddock.

    So doing some cooking instead:)……….bottling beetroot, pot roast on and making a beef casserole……………may even get around to some baking.

Viewing 15 posts - 451 through 465 (of 760 total)
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