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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Long story Luvin. The parents rarely appear out of doors, and I suspect, reading between the lines of recent public appearances, that all is not harmony and light in that household at present.

    sue esue e

    spent the day testing our ESL kids to measure their progress for the year. my Wednesday(ESL) boss spent the day telling me why i can’t resign until she’s ready to go in AUGUST 2011!talk about pressure!:(:(:(:(


    her problems are not your problems Sue. She is being unfair to you.

    sue esue e

    trouble is we have become really good friends over the years.and she has supported me through some difficult personal issues.(family type stuff) that’s partly why i’m taking so much long service- i will just resign while i’m on leave and not come back . taking the cowards way out.


    I had a lovely loyal boss when I worked in Queensland. We became great friends and have subsequently frequently holidayed together. But when she had a chance at a great job, she took it and left me holding the baby and facing what turned into 2 years of living hell. In the workplace, you takes your chances, and personal loyalties, while valuable are not something that should inform decisions about workplace matters. Sounds hard, I know, but she will understand that, no matter how hard she is trying to persuade you to stay.:hug:


    We had a misty day today – so perfect – me inside all day because of the light rain and a lovely follow up to Monday’s rain. Confined to the house meant I got to finish a tapestry and put my mind to ordering wool for another one that is underway and another that is ready to be set up.

    Lovely, lovely day.

    Judi BJudi B

    Today was a bit better for me nothing bad happened.

    I did the usual walk around the garden the wicking box I made looks to be working except for all the ants in it, checked on the citrus and they are looking happy nice shiny leaves, check the car as there seemed to be a lot of dirt and fine grass on it looked at the roof and it was all over the tailgate, roof, windscreen, bonnet and one door :confused: get the hose and clean it off :jawdrop: the car croaked at me 😆 I knew the frogs would find the car but it has taken them 8 weeks.

    Anyway I keep going around checking on the Hippies and the Jacob lilly and they have flowers on them now :tup: check on the rest of the garden and get down to the old apricot tree and some of the bags are a bit odd looking go to fix them and there are ripe apricots :clap: they are a bit small but so sweet and juicy:D

    OK so we went to town today but before we could leave we had to de-frog the car we found 3 medium sized green tree frogs moved them to the other side of the house and put them in the Honeysuckle which is in flower and smells delightful at night wafting in through the bedroom window. Get into town and DH goes to the hardware to try and find some wheels for my laundry trolley :jawdrop: yeah $15 a pop no way will have to try in Kingaroy. I did the shopping and got back to the car and DH noticed the car next to us had a near flat rear tyre so we thought we knew who owned it so DH goes back into Foodworks and tracked down the owner and they didn’t know so DH offered to put a bit of air into it ….. so DH did his good deed for the day.

    Now I’m getting everything done tonight that I can as the power is going off tomorrow.:@

    Shangri LaShangri La

    muster.where is Wonglepong??? bet everybody asks that!


    Have had some really full days:tup: so have not time to stay and read on here:(

    Every October the Rotary club in Ingham holds the Maraka Festival. Our school has a float in the street procession. SO we have been spending this week working out what to fill the back of a semi trailer with. The theme of the Maraka this yr Gold cos it is hteir 50 yr celebrations. We are doing an overveiw of the past yrs and diff aspects of the festival. (Stupidly we believed the teacher when she said she was doing it with the kids – when on Mon it was very apparent the kids had no idea and nothing had been done – we apporached teacher and was told we’ll see what happens on Fri before we take a more formal approach – the procession is Sat:jawdrop::jawdrop: – so we parents have taken over – what we should have done in the first place a few weeks back) but all is good and we have the kids doing banners and decors and costumes – but we still have lots to do and so we are at the school all day tomorrow and prob most of Fri before the dress rehearsal. Then Sat it will be set up the truck display altogether and the EVENT:clap::clap:

    I am supposed to finish up my recipes but I don’t see that happening on time sorry:shrug:

    We have had a little rain here at home but in town they had a couple of inches today. Our tank seems to be taking sooooo long to fill that last little bit………….

    Went to playgroup this morn and most of the kids just ran in the rain:lol: my little fellow’s skin was nearly see thru he was so cold:lol:

    Prob won’t ‘see’ u all again till SUn as will be too busy to go on comp (am presently downloading itunes of ballroom dancing music for the float)

    so be safe and keep busy but take some time to smell the roses (my tea roses have beautiful pure white bunches of beauty on at the mo – divine:p)

    luv n hugs

    sewing ladysewing lady

    I am going to start spring cleaning today.

    I have given up on quilting classes for the rest of the year as the teacher seems not to be able to cope with the class numbers. Every one is complaining of not getting the help they need. I am doing the hand quilting no so it is going to take a while to get it finished and I don’t fance spending $15 a class to sit and sew when I can do it at home for free.


    Fair enough too Sewing Lady. Mine is only $4.00 but while we have no formal instructor we each help one another with our projects – everyone seems to have some area of expertise where they can add to the final product. We are lucky enough to have sufficient space to be able to hold up our work so that others can critique it for us and so learn from each other.

    I will be spending the day rolling rocks and clearing the worksite in anticipation of starting on the slab in a week or so.


    Wonglepong is in the Gold Coast Hinterland near Canungra and on the side of Mt Tamborine. Very nice a quiet but in striking distance of the Coast.

    Gardenia bushes are loaded with flowers so I have big bunches everywhere – I feel sorry for people who have problems with scented plants. Jacaranda are also in flower and the flowerhead on the ponytail plant is enormous but not opened yet.

    Lovely day coming up – a few clouds around.


    blue skies with the sun shining,rain clouds abound

    it is a beautiful day indeed,no matter what you do,take time for yourself :hug::hug::hug:

    me i have already started yelling at dh to sit and rest oh what a day it shall be:lol:


    Rocks are rolled. At least those that can be moved by one person and a bag trolley. Two very large ones there that I think I will leave for the digger when it arrives. Have started tidying up the yard, but stopped for a cuppa. Weather very strange as it seems likely to rain any minute, but the clouds are very high (which suggests not). All very confusing.


    I am feeling down today the biggest and stongest chicken died last night sometime.:(

    It looked very unwell yesterday just sitting on the ground, the day before it was just standing but moved in and out of the coop for the night, anyway we put it in the freight kennel, but couldnt find anything particularly wrong except it pooped all over hubby and the smell was terrible, it was also very thin.:(

    We had been getting broken eggs also so perhaps it was that bird. I just feel I have failed somehow we only had it 6 weeks yet it had survived 22 months at the farm. The other two seem ok and today got two beautiful eggs.:clap:

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