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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Have declared that the battle with the pesky stars for my advent quilt is now over. Quite happy with these simplified ones, but they took hours to do.


    They look great EMW – stars are nasty things to do to get the points all pointy. I have found the only way I can get it done is by hand as the machine moves too fast for me to get things lined up. And when you do it by hand you can see it from all angles as you approach the critical bits.


    Back into the office & city today, after working at Carnarvon Gorge for a week. What an amazing place that is! We walked up the gorge with one of the elders & interviewed him about how people related to the place in past times. I saw a platypus!

    There was some lovely rain while I was away. My tank is full again & the grass has gone crazy. Was mowing away industriously when one of the blades broke off. No damage done, but I shudder to think what might have happened. Ugh!

    I think I may have finches nesting in my front garden.


    I will be cowering from the heat after spending the morning finishing off the demolition work. Not sure I can cope with much more of this solar exposure, my skin is quite unaccustomed to being this brown.

    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    Ah a beautiful sunny warm Monday morning. Great early morning walk on the trail. Was meant to take the van up to town for a service but have put that off as I really did not what to spend a 30 degree day trapped in the city. Will have a cuppa on the deck then might do some late spring cleaning of the shed and put together some stuff for a trip to the coast starting Wednesday. Perhaps even some D absortion to help get rid of my white winter socks. Unlike some who have recently migrated from the northern hemisphere I like brown skin it helps cover the dirt:lol:


    Lol, me too, but it contrasts rather strongly with the white legs resulting from necessary snake-proof clothing. Still, it’s a good thing I remembered to stuff a sarong in the suitcase as it has been given a bit of an airing in the evenings.

    Inside, cool breeze down the hallway – now all I need is a Pimms and lemonade (wth a couple of slices of cucumber) and I will be a happy woman:lol:


    Debbie thanks DS1 is on the mend.

    EMW that is a fab peice youve done there :tup:

    The rain has now gone, its sunny so im leaveing my beds open to ctach some sun and ill close them back up tomorrow (put the shade back over).

    DH has to go do and install something for someone and then hopefully help with the kids cos im buggerd, lastnight no joke one after the other woke up and i lost it at mid night cos not one of them had a day sleep yesterday so i had no chance of a nap and of course all of them are sick:tdown: I dont do well cos im also sick.

    So hopefully rest is on the agenda and if DH deals with the children some more housework.

    Have a good one everyone!:hug:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Have not been here for a while. Too sick with flu. and have two sick people to cope with.

    hope to be on deck again soon.


    Sorry to hear you have been ill SL – make sure you look after yourself:hug:


    2 inches of rain at least (the gauge overflows at 2) – it bucketed down last night – the dam is full and both creeks are running fast – oh happy days. So an inside day today – starting with a deep bath (seeing our tank is also overflowing) then a long spell of tapestry.

    Did anyone watch that Maggie Smith movie last night (My house in Umbria) the fabulous garden was a bonus – I’m inspired to get some annuals in – but I don’t think the chooks will co-operate.


    Have decided today i will start the spring cleaning………………..where to begin:|, the worst cluttered area i suppose, the kitchen cupboards and i will be ruthless with “stuff” that i haven’t used for some time and donate it to St vinnies.

    Getting started is the worst bit:rol::lol:

    fluffy chookfluffy chook

    :hug:GM4L and Sewing Lady …hope you’re all feeling better soon:hug:

    Kippen – Gee that could have been nasty with the mower blade!.:|Carnarvon Gorge sounds beautiful..that’s one on our list when we get our camper trailer. Revisit some of the places from when we were kids out there on the cattle properties. What sort of finches are they that are nesting? We’ve got a pair of double bars that visit all the time and there were 3 yesterday so dn’t know if the other one was their friend or baby.:D


    RTB once you start you can’t stop so get moving girl!

    The temp for today has been revised. Upwards 😮

    Will finish off demolishing the dunny shed then call it a day I think.


    Well it hasnt rained all morning so far although it is very overcast.:p We talk in feet rather than inches of rain over here 😆

    So with everyone out for the day have had a good go at the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, washing, and now emptying another cupboard to put it in another area as part of my major cleanup so I can get a sewing room lol it never stops.

    Feeling good though as SUPER CLEANER TA DA:metal:


    Theoretically the concreter will be arriving today. I have spent the last few days sorting out the yard so he can start work, and only just managed to get (most of) it done due to the sudden and unexpectedly rapid rise in temperature around here. The tank stand is still in situ, but the tank is empty with the tap removed and sharp edges bashed in for safe rolling. Will get him to give me a hand when he gets here. The stand itself I can dismember and stack alongside the side fence out of everyone’s way until I have space to get the chain saw out and reduce it to burnable logs (it is mainly comprised of partially deteriorated railway sleepers). In the mean time i have a stack of wood with nails in it and have set myself up a work area handy to their work area so I can get on with de-nailing wood as they work and will be to hand in the event a cuppa is urgently required.

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 760 total)
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