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What are you doing today? (Part 4)

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    Lady Bee

    Continues from here!


    Hi Angelpuss. good idea about the tulle, but I’m not sure I want to use it for something so mundane …

    The problem you are facing at the moment is the typical problem of the ‘reliable one’ in the family faces when they finally get sick of being relied on. When you put your foot down people are so unable to process the information that, they come up with more obvious reasons like you are sad, sick, having a bad mood whatever and it just never does get through that it is they who are being unreasonable. Especially since i suspect the person in question may be your relative with the mental illness. Bipolar disorder can often be paired with (or even confused with) narcissistic disorder which makes the person so utterly self-obsessed that they are unable to recognise the impact of their behaviour on others. I am afraid that in the end I stopped bothering and just left the country as it was all a bit too hard. So you have my deepest sympathy :hug::hug:


    Angelpuss – Well done for being assertive :clap: It is hard for family to understand that you are not going to be doing their will all the time anymore and that you are going to say ‘no’. Hopefully they get used to it. Am there with ya – just learning to be assertive myself and I also get the ‘are you sad’ thing. Hang in there :hug:


    After a weekend of watching clouds to the left and right of us and skipping overhead – last night we finally got rain and it is cloudy today. Despite electricity blacking out a few times last night, it was lovely to listen to the rain pelting on the iron roof. Heaven.

    Nothing planned for today – but will spend some time on the verandah appreciating the damp view.


    AP – good on you for being assertive :hug: I know the type your talking about so you got my sympathys.

    Sometimes they need a good kick up the keyster:@

    HBG But atleast the tulle will be fun fashionable at the supermarket 😆

    Herbman :hug: Sorry your in the same boat as AP 🙁

    Muster, hope you have a good day and the rain continues for you :tup:

    Its been raining here for 2? days so its been challengeing 😆


    Finish cleaning out salvagable items from my mums house (started yesterday but had such a tight schedule only had a hour to do it so not much left cos not much was saved although her books mostly were ok:jawdrop: Just sooted:rip:

    Have to go see mum for a little while.

    Take DD to doctor.

    Pick up stuff for my mum from my sisters house on the way back from mums (was home)(1hr away)

    Give friend a pressent for her bubby.

    Go see TP.

    Find umbrella to see my veggies.

    Thats all i can think of on my to do list 😆


    Thanks guys. I am feeling much better and got up at 6am to get the garden watered and animals fed early.

    Off to a bigger town today to run some errands.

    Gothic Mumma, are there any books your Mum needs replaced? I would be happy to keep an eye out when shopping, I am a frequent bookshop browser!!:)


    That’s alot to do in a day, GM4L! 😆

    Today, I gotta do a few:

    – make decision re the broodies and the chicks.

    – make an appt with dr for my little man.

    – take DD to Scouts for the halloween party.

    – clean up my study.

    – take dogs for many walks.

    – cook dinner and any snacks I can be bothered to make.

    – Do some washings – it might stop raining today

    – write up the planting/sowing program.

    – get some sleep! 😆

    Have a fab day!

    Cheers! :hug:


    i am taking my little munchkins to playgroup

    i see the bunnies have left me another impressive hole to fill in

    maybe think about wiring the bottom of the rabbit run 🙁

    we recieved some giant pumpkin seeds in the mail from junior landcare so we should plant them

    lots of washing to do while its not raining

    call my nanna in nsw who is recovering from a mastectomy


    The normal feed and water animals, water the garden, cleaning today and doing some cooking:D


    Well it is gorgeous weather here today and no work, so I am off to the hardware store to buy a lawnmower (darn spring weather making the grass grow a foot a week!) and then home to play in the garden, plant out some peas, whipper snip etc.

    I need to vacuum inside as well but..meh, it can wait 😆


    Hi Faerie, we always had chicken wire (bird wire, whatever you call it – the one cm holes) on the bottom of our rabbit hutch. The grass still pokes through, but the bunnies don’t


    thanks hilllbillly girl you think they wont mind too much ? i might have to do it ! the burrows are getting ridiculous

    :/ cheeky girls i think they want to have babies the lady in the pet shop suggested getting a boy bunny to distract them !


    Nope, ours coped with it. But then they had it from the outset. Mind you, ours were wild rabbits who we caught as youngsters with the help of a dog. A boy bunny will keep them distracted but won’t stop them digging (they will start digging nesting burrows). You do need to make sure they have plenty of wood and stuff to chew on though for their teeth which keep on growing all the time.

    Judi B

    Well we finally got rain :clap: but at a cost the only tank we had just couldn’t take it we knew there was a bit of rust but there was more rust than we thought :jawdrop: tank is now leaking so we will end up with nothing from last nights rain:(

    So my big task for today is to redo the “budget” so we pay off the car loan ASAP and get another loan to buy more tanks.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oh Judi, what a terrible disappointment for you. Can you transfer some of it into other containers? I’m sure you are already doing this as I speak. At least try to direct the loss onto the garden in some way … buckets under the drips maybe?

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